Where Can You Study Abroad And get Financial Aid

Where Can You Study Abroad and get Financial AidWhen you talk of education, an education degree or a bachelor’s degree with people, you will often find that most people consider investment in education or higher education such as an MBA degree as a wise investment which will pay you rich dividends all through your life. Your investment in education or higher education may be in terms of time spent in acquiring your bachelor’s degree or your MBA degree or any other education degree. It will also include the money spent on tuition fees, hostel expenses, boarding and lodging expenses etc. If you are lucky, you may be able to get a scholarship as well. If you do not get a scholarship, you may have to shell out all the money from your own pocket or through some study or education loan. Hence this blog attempts to answer questions like: Can You go abroad for studies? Can you get scholarship? Or Where Can You Study Abroad and get Financial Aid?

Importance of Education

Education or higher education is rightly believed to broaden your horizon as you move on in life, while a bachelor’s degree is generally considered as the basic degree or education that puts you in a position to seek a job commensurate with your qualifications and work experience.

Why should you consider studying abroad for your education degree or bachelor’s degree?

Though no fixed or rigid answer may really be available for the question posed above, it is generally believed that the time you spend in your college pursuing your bachelor’s degree course or even your MBA degree course is the time when your personality grows and develops at both personal and professional levels. Studying abroad in a completely new environment gives you an opportunity to look at things with a global perspective. In addition to getting education and technical proficiency in your chosen field, you also acquire various soft skills like cultural adaptability, creativity and independent thinking. Various colleges and universities in different countries have devised their education curriculum for bachelor’s degree courses and other education degrees including MBA degrees keeping the above mentioned requirements of students in mind.

Can you get financial aid for studying abroad?

Yes, you can indeed get financial aid for studying abroad. If you are keen to get your bachelor’s degree, MBA degree or any other education degree by studying abroad, there are various types of scholarships available for students coming for education from other countries. While many states give scholarships based on merit, many colleges and universities offer multiple types of scholarships to students who wish to get education in their institutions.

It would be pertinent to mention here that while you may be planning to study abroad for your education degree, in addition to low or even zero tuition fees, you would need to consider student visa fees, travelling expenses and other living expenses such as boarding and lodging before you actually decide to go abroad for your bachelor’s degree or MBA degree or for some other education.

Do you have any other options as well?

If you wish to get your education degree abroad on a budget, then in addition to scholarships, you can also explore the option of studying in a country where you can get your bachelor’s degree or any other education degree without paying any tuition fees to the college or university. Many countries provide free education up to certain levels while many others have very economical and realistic tuition fee structures for students including those who come from other countries.

Where Can You Study Abroad and get Financial Aid?

We shall briefly look here at some of the countries where students come from other countries in large numbers for obtaining their bachelor’s degrees, MBA degrees and many other education degrees:

1. Germany

In the last decade or so, Germany has indeed become a hot favorite of students from the world over for education purposes. This is largely due to the fact that at public universities in Germany, no tuition fee is charged for undergraduate studies. This benefit is extended to all students irrespective of their nationality. Only a nominal university fee in the range of U.S.$ 160 to 270 per year is charged from students to cover administration expenses.

Low study costs and good education system make Germany an ideal choice for many students. Talking of the quality of education, Germany is believed to be among the top five countries in the world providing quality education to students. However, there are informal indications that Germany may not provide such free education for too long.

Majority of undergraduate education programs are taught in Germany in the native language, though there are many programs in the English language as well.

2. France

Students from any country in the world can study at the undergraduate level without paying any tuition fees at public universities in France by paying only the course administration expenses of around U.S.$200 per year.

Like Germany, majority of undergraduate education programs are taught in France also in the native language only, though there are many programs in the English language as well.

3. Nordic Countries – Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland and Sweden

Nordic countries have high education standards and offer options to study free or at low costs. However, the cost of living is relatively high in these Northern European nations. Brief details for different countries are as under:

Denmark and Sweden

Free higher education perquisites apply only to students from the EU/ EEA and Switzerland. Students from other countries have to pay tuition fees for their bachelor’s degree or master’s degree programs. However, PhD programs are fully funded for all students;


Finland intends to introduce tuition fees for non-EU students from autumn 2017 in the region of close to U.S.$1,600 per year;


University level education is free for all students from any country. Majority of undergraduate programs are taught in Norwegian language and international students have to prove proficiency in the Norwegian language. English language programs are common at the Master’s and Ph D levels with zero tuition fees.


No tuition fees at the country’s four public universities and only registration charges around U.S.$425 are to be paid by all students.

4. Other Countries in Europe (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Greece, Italy and Spain)

Other countries in Europe where you can get your bachelor’s degree or any other education degree including an MBA degree either at zero or low tuition fees are briefly discussed below:


Like Austrians, students from EU/EEA countries can study free at the degree level for two semesters. Thereafter, they have to pay U.S.$385 per semester. Students from outside EU/EEA pay around U.S.$770 per semester.


EU students pay a maximum of U.S.$890 per year. Other students pay in the range of U.S.$940 to 4,500 per year.

Czech Republic

Students who speak Czech study free in any public university. For studying in English, you need to pay around U.S.$4,300 per year.


Students from within the EU/EEA study free at public universities but for a few master’s programs. Even text books are free. Other students pay close to U.S.$1,600 per year.


Both private and public universities in Italy charge tuition fees from their students, though the latter charge a bit less at around U.S.$900 to 1,100 per year for undergraduate programs.


Tuition fees are charged in Spain on per-credit basis and international students have to pay between U.S.$700 to 1,500 per year.

5. Other Countries where you can get undergraduate education at low costs (Argentina, India and Taiwan)

Argentina, India and Taiwan are the other countries where students from other countries prefer to go for their education and for getting their bachelor’s degrees and other degrees including MBA degrees at low costs as far as tuition fees and other expenses are concerned. Actual tuition fee structure varies in different colleges and universities and with the courses selected by the students for their higher education.


The purpose of this blog is to draw attention of potential students about various avenues for studies for bachelor’s, master’s and PhD programs. But in no way this should be taken as final or up to date information. Reader must contact the college and university directly and get first hand information.

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