Useful Phone Interview Tips

Useful Phone Interview TipsWhy Phone Interview?

We live in the technology era. Everyone has his or her phone and any professional applying for the job may also have a good and reliable internet connection. Hence a telephonic interview is becoming popular to save cost by doing preliminary round at least. This saves time, money and efforts of both the candidate and the HR Department of the hiring organisation.

The other conditions which warrant the telephonic interviewer could be that you are located at quite a distance from each other (may be in different cities or countries); the interviewer is in a hurry; you are not being allowed a day off by your present employers and so on.

Useful Phone Interview Tips to take you to next level

Do it like you are doing a real one to one interview. Therefore, you may find that some of the tips are quite common to a regular job interview. However, there are many more important tips which are specifically for your next telephone Interview.

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Take your Telephone Interview Seriously

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This is the fundamental career related suggestion. Do not make the mistake of taking phone interview lightly. If you are talking to interviewer with half seriousness only of if you are not well prepared or are lying while talking be assured that the interviewer at the other end of telephone line is experienced enough to know about your state of mind. The interview will rightfully conclude that you are not serious about your career move.

Before the Phone Interview Tips

1. Be Prepared Mentally and Physically

This means that you should be in room or in a space where there is no disturbance and external noise to distract you. Also this would help your interviewer or interviewers to hear you clearly and receive your response in the best possible manner.

It would be good idea to select a proper chair and table rather than couch or floor or the edge of the bed. The idea is that you sit straight, have your pad and pen along with your laptop in front of you.
This would let you present yourself as a good professional and let you concentrate fully on the job interview.

Overall, make sure that you are going to be comfortable for 10 or 15 or maybe 30 to 45 minutes.

2. Ensure that your hardware is in top shape

There can be a variety of points which the interviewer can raise on different subject matters about your career, education and skills. You may keep in mind that the number of questions and the diversity of subjects or topics to be discussed may increase in case there are more than one interviewers online and / or it is an in depth interview ( rather than a preliminary interview) scheduled with you.

Therefore, you need to ensure that:

  • You have a good quality phone. If it is a cordless phone or a mobile phone then the battery should be fully charged. This will save you from the embarrassment of running for the charger when you are in the middle of the interview, discussing a crucial point going in your favour.
  • Your laptop is fully charged or desktop is in ready condition, with the company profile, your LinkedIn profile on the browser tabs.
  • There is a notebook or pad and a pen

3. Research the company and study the job description

In fact this exercise should be done much before the interview. You should study thoroughly study the company website for its core business, the top management, manufacturing facilities, range of products or services. Go deeper and beyond the website to know about the division for which you are being considered. Do this along with the job description you have received from the company or the recruitment consultant. It would also be a good idea to know about the main competitors of the company.

4. Keep your main points and notes in front of you

Keep a copy of your resume for reference in front of you. In case you are asked ‘walk me through your resume’, your resume copy will come very handy. Also the notes made by you while researching about the company and the main points of the job profile should be noted down neatly and kept on the table.

5. Prepare Answers To Few Questions Which Can Be Asked

Depending on your area of expertise, years of experience and position applied for, you can anticipate a few questions. Therefore, you should pre rehearse well the answers to these questions also.

In this regard, we have already uploaded many blog posts full of questions & answers and videos. Some of the links are given below:

6. Prepare a few questions to be asked by you

Towards the end of the interview, in case you are given an opportunity to ask questions then you need not frame your questions hurriedly there and then. Think of a few important questions to be asked by you after the interview and jot them down. You may also take this opportunity to get any clarification for yourself – which you think is not provided to you by your recruitment consultant.

However, during the first round it is not advisable to ask about Salary, Benefits, Leaves allowed etc. Of course, these are also important in your career but wait for appropriate opportunity in the subsequent rounds.

During the Phone Interview Tips

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1. Greetings and Introductions

Just like the face to face regular job interview, there will be introductions. Make sure that you greet each and every interviewer by his or her proper name. Therefore, please do make conscious efforts to note down the name, title and if possible the department of the interviewer. This will be helpful during and after the interview.

2. Tone and clarity of your voice

You will appreciate that during the telephonic interview your voice has an additional role. It is to convey your body language, personality and emotions to the interviewer. The interviewer has to depend on tone, pitch and volume of your voice to learn about your levels of confidence, interest and involvement.

Therefore, if you think you need to do something about your voice then should try to practice a few times before the day of interview. You should sound enthusiastic and keen for the job being discussed.

3. Keep your accent clear and speak in one language only

We live in a global village. The probabilities are always very high that the person interviewing you is from some other cultural background. Hence speak very clearly and don’t let your native pronunciation play with your accent.

In any case it is advisable to speak clearly and audibly.

4. Focus on the interview only

Do not be tempted to chat with a friend on face book or whatsapp – just because you are invisible to the interviewer. Be warned, this could spoil your interview. Also keep taking the notes of important points.

After the Phone Interview Tips

Send a note of thanks to the interviewers. Don’t have their contact details? Well remember that you had taken down their names and titles during the introductions? (During the interview – Tip #1).

Armed with these useful tips, I am sure you will be able to crack your job interview better. Best of Luck for your Career Success.

Video: Useful Phone Interview Tips


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