Top Tips For Successful Career

Top Tips For Successful CareerAll human beings have a natural urge ‘to find growth’ in whatever they do. People seek better education and higher degrees in order to have a successful career to earn more money, get respect and better position in life. The purpose of this blog is to share Top Tips for Successful Career by an expert career coach.

It is not uncommon to find even a grown up person joining a practical class or online classes for achieving this by getting a degree or Diploma. After carefully considering various factors and options, individuals decide on whether they want to make a career in a job, business, vocation or profession. The career decision may be directly linked to an individual’s intrinsic liking, aptitude, family background and circumstances etc.

Need for further education

Based on this decision, people proceed with higher education and training, as the need be. With the advent of the Internet, opportunities for online classes have also opened up. Online colleges have come up in a big way offering various types of online courses and the number is increasing with every passing day. However, despite getting reasonably good education, enough degrees and knowledge enhancement through online classes, only a few people are able to make successful careers while a large number of people have to struggle to make things work for them. Why is it so?

Why do only a few people have successful careers?

Well, it is not possible to make any general statements and say as to what are the exact reasons for only some people making the cut in any discipline, be it a job, business, profession or vocation that they may be pursuing as a career. The reasons will essentially be different in each individual case and may even be beyond the control of the concerned person. Nonetheless, you can safely say that some people are indeed smart and they ‘work’ their way towards successful careers by having a two pronged approach as under:

  • They are always looking for ‘new’ online colleges on the Internet. They also browse through the existing online colleges for finding suitable new online classes which the particular online college might have added recently to its list of courses.
  • They use their spare time to join free and paid online classes which may add value to their current job or help them in career progression.

Whatever careers such enterprising individuals pursue, they draw their ‘career plan’, pick up certain tips and work their way up with the help of such tips. They, for sure, know their long term and short term goals.

Top Tips for Successful Career

1. Know your priorities

In today’s highly competitive world, if you want to make a successful career, you must clearly know your priorities and work on them diligently. List down your priorities with the most urgent and important ones right at the top. Start working on them in the order in which they appear in your list. Periodically, you should review and revise the list, if necessary. Let the priority list be your companion all through as you progress in your career.

2. Draw your career plan

Have your career plan in place. Have a vision for your future. Determine your short-term and long-term goals. Periodically review your career plan.

3. Maintain your focus

Learn to live in the present moment, both physically and mentally. Block out all distractions and focus on the tasks in hand and your career goals. Put the time that you ‘save’ by blocking out distractions to good use by joining some online classes or online colleges. Even a practical class will do you enough good.

4. Pick up new skills

The requirements of your job, profession, business or vocation also keep changing with time just as you evolve in life. Update your skills and knowledge in line with the needs of the hour. Adding a degree by higher education, trainings, conferences and reading books could be some useful tips here. Online classes offered by a multitude of online colleges also open completely new frontiers for you.

5. Know your strengths

Know your strengths and constantly work on your weaknesses. Use online classes and tools to add to your strengths. If you objectively feel that you deserve a promotion, assert yourself in a polite way.

6. Be social

Be an extrovert and socialize openly. Make new acquaintances and take part in all social functions. Be conspicuously warm towards people. Be an active listener and learn in the process.

7. Lead a structured work-life

Observe discipline and lead a structured work-life. In addition to tangible results, the much sought after ‘work-life balance’ is a natural off-shoot of a structured work-life.

8. Have a mentor to constantly monitor and guide you

Having a trusted mentor can go a long way in ensuring a successful career. The mentor will not only guide you but will also monitor you on a regular basis for your career progression. He may even tell you of some online classes or online colleges for adding value to your traits.

9. Accept challenges

Accepting challenges is invariably good education. By willingly accepting challenges, you discover the unexplored areas of your personality. Do step out of your comfort zone. Remember, playing safe all the time by not moving out of your comfort zone is a sure-shot way to stagnate in your career. If you continue to do only that which you have been doing, rest assured that you will continue to get what you have been getting all along.

10. Communicate effectively

Not many people realize that any communication is complete only when the other person understands what is intended to by conveyed. These days, there are plenty of online classes for you to improve your communication skills. You must use some to learn to communicate ‘effectively’. Listen to others as well. Constructive feedback should be a two-way process. Always keep both the channels open and operational. Seek and extend help in mutual interest. These simple steps will go a long way in helping you have a successful career.

11. Avoid gossip

Take utmost care and avoid all office gossip, be it about your colleagues or the boss. Have genuine respect for all your colleagues. Always keep the interests of the organization upper most in your mind.

12. Relax

Make ‘relaxing’ an integral part of your life and personality. Do something different on holidays and weekends. Engage in your favorite hobby. Use online learning opportunities to find out new ways to relax and rejuvenate your mind. Find some ‘me-time’ for yourself. This will essentially boost your productivity at the workplace during the week days.

13. Seek and find satisfaction

If you are not happy with what you are doing, make conscious efforts to transform it into something that you really love doing. It is definitely easier said than done. But it would be worthwhile to make an honest attempt. If you still do not succeed, it may be a good idea to find and do something different.

14. Find your motivation

If you wish to make a successful career in whatever you may be doing, there must be sufficient motivation for you. At times, the external motivation factors may be missing for some time. Try and find your own motivation to excel in what you are doing. That may also give a boost to your career.

Dear Readers,

It is hoped that you found the above information useful to help you take your career to bigger heights.

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