Success Strategies for College Students

Success Strategies for College Students

The time that you spend in your college for obtaining your bachelors degree is very precious, indeed! These days, there are hundreds of colleges and universities that one can choose from for getting college degrees. With the advent of the Internet, a large number of online colleges have also opened up vast opportunities for young and old students to get their bachelors degrees. Also please refer to 10 Online Degrees with Good Career Opportunities

Whichever way you look at it and whatever choice you make for pursuing your studies for your college degree, you just cannot afford to waste your time as a college student since your future life almost completely depends on the success that your achieve while in college. This primarily concerns your academic achievements but essentially also includes your achievements in other extra-curricular activities; different pursuits and vocations that you may learn while in college and how you allow your total personality to develop and mature as you spend your time in college.

Success strategies for College Students

The time that a student spends in a college or university studying for his bachelors degree or any other college degree is cherished by him for a lifetime, if he has made a productive use of it. Modern online colleges too leave enough time for students to make a judicious use of their time. However, as a student pursuing his college degree, you must develop a composite success strategy for yourself. Any time that you spend thinking about and planning your success strategy will be time ‘well-spent’. To help you formulate your success plan as a college student, here are some proven strategies which you can choose from:

1. Get to Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

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Any time is good time to get to know your strengths and weaknesses. However, college time or the time you study for your bachelors degree is undoubtedly the best time to get acquainted with both, your strengths as well as your weaknesses.

No human being is endowed with only strengths. Similarly, it’s never a case of weaknesses alone that a person may possess. It is always a combination of the two. Successful people invariably work on their strengths in order to capitalize on them. Simultaneously, they also work on their weaknesses to reduce, and if possible, eliminate at least some of them. They can also operate in a way that their weaknesses no more become a hurdle in their journey towards success. They allow their weaknesses to lie dormant and be harmless.

You can look at attributes such as creativity, computer aptitude, ethics and communication skills as your probable strengths. On the other hand, improper time management, lack of team-sense and too much rigidity could be your weaknesses which may hinder your progress. Work diligently to maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.

2. Set your Academic Goals

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Set your academic goals at the start of every semester, as you pursue your bachelors degree  course. It could be a certain grade point that you have in mind. It may even be the Spanish class which you always tend to avoid. Make a conscious effort to overcome as many of your mental blockades or reservations as possible while you are striving for your college degree. That will be a good use of the time available to you.

The goal that you set for yourself should be such that you are forced to ‘stretch yourself’ for achieving it. It should not be so unrealistic that you give up mid-way, nor should it be so easy that you achieve it without making any extra efforts. Setting a realistic goal will help you in ensuring that there are no missed classes or missed assignments as well.

3. Set a Study Routine

Fixing a study routine is a very good strategy for success. You must set aside time for studying your text books, looking at your notes and for finishing various homework assignments. Leave some flexibility in the daily routine to account for last minute adjustments. If you so like, you can also make a routine to study for certain fixed hours every day in the library. You will find that fixing a study routine and following it on an everyday basis would leave you with more time in hand for pursuing other activities. If you have joined an online college, then also, this strategy will work extremely well for you.

4. Manage Your Time

High achievers in colleges and universities and those pursuing their bachelors degree s through online colleges invariably have a common strategy on effective time management. You can devise your own system, may be by hit-and-trial, but you must make the best use of the time available to you as a student. You will, in the process, also learn the art of saying ‘No’ and of setting proper priorities in life. You will soon be able to segregate the ‘urgent and important’ from the rest of the relatively less important tasks.

5. Never Miss an Assignment

Remember that your parents are not by your side to remind and push you to finish your assignments in time. Never put off assignments till tomorrow. You may miss the deadline. Professors have little sympathy for students who submit the assignments late. In order to achieve success while you pursue your college degree, submit all assignments by the due date.

6. Find Your Study Partner

Have a buddy who can help you and who you can help in academic matters like sharing of class notes, working jointly on home or lab assignments, studying together etc. It will be a ‘Win-Win’ situation for both of you. Even if your buddy is not the best student in your class, it will be a mutually beneficial association for both of you.

7. Make the best use of Campus Resources

If you are pursuing your bachelors degree  as a day scholar in a college or university, make the best use of the campus resources at your disposal. Tutoring labs, academic resource centers and libraries are all designed to help you in your pursuit of studies for your college degree. The counselling center and career services are two other resources that you can use as a part of your strategies for success.

8. Reward Yourself

Schedule your studies in such a way that you have short breaks of say 10 minutes or so after every hour or 90 minutes of study. Such breaks are known to aid better retention of what you have studied. You may engage yourself in a light physical activity or simply try some deep breathing to rejuvenate you. You can also reward yourself with an ice cream or chocolate after a strenuous round of studying.


After talking about some of the tips that you can use for developing your success strategies as a college student, it can be said with reasonable certainty that colleges and universities give you an opportunity to independently take charge of your studies and how you wish to utilize your time. While you pursue your college degree, you may grow from a teen to an adult. While pursuing an online course for your bachelors degree, you get a chance to establish your love for making learning a truly lifelong activity. With your success strategies in place, success too will knock at your doorstep all through.

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