Soft Skills which can help you move ahead in career

Soft Skills which can help you move ahead in career

Soft Skills which can help you move ahead in career

  • Would like to take charge of your career development?
  • Are you keen to carve out for yourself a great career path that makes you and your family proud of you?
  • Do you want to leave nothing to chance or on auto mode and would like to set the speed of your career growth?

If your answer to these and such question is a definite YES, then I am going to share certain Soft Skills which can help you move ahead in career.

Communication Skills

Soft Skills which can help you move ahead in career

The need for the ability to communicate well and effectively is directly in proportion to the importance of the role and the level of the position. The higher you go, the less is the need to work with your own hands. Instead you are called upon to lead a team, guide them, motivate them, and counsel the men and women.

Good business communications is one of the most crucial and valued skills on the job market. Often the job profiles posted on the job sites describe the ideal candidate who has the “people skills”. This is nothing but the ability to relate with others, build a rapport, negotiate well with vendors and workers unions etc.

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Good communication includes both verbal as well as non verbal skills. While verbal communication skills include good spoken communication as well as written communication skills such as writing emails, writing good letters, presentation for seminars, conference material, MIS reports etc.

The non verbal skills are equally important, perhaps more. This comprises of your body language, dress sense, eye contact, hand shake, which is so essential for regularly communicating messages of various kinds such as confidence, building rapport, disapproval, and selling yourself as the most suitable candidate during a job interview.

Good communication is an indispensable tool in skilfully interacting with others who matter to get them do or behave in a desired manner.

Global Travel

Soft Skills which can help you move ahead in career

The world has shrunk to a global village for the purpose of conducting business. With the increasing competition on the companies to spread their geographical presence, there is a need for the executives who have good exposure of international markets. No more it is just past experience or hard skills which help you excel in your job. It now also involves your knowledge (or at least exposure to) different cultures, traditions, customs and most preferably an international language.

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Therefore, good travel is actually one of the best things you can do to boost your career growth and you develop not only as a professional but also as a person. When you travel with an open and receptive mind you tend to improve your personality by adding vastly to your experiences and exposure to life. Interacting with people from different countries of the world will definitely make you a better listener, more empathetic, more willing to understand different cultures, and better at communicating.

Time Management

Time Management Skills

Time Management Skills

The corporate job is always demanding. Executives can be seen sitting till late in the office, working long hours, multi tasking and still they have a lot of piled work to catch up with when they reach the office the day. Despite the availability of instant communication tools such as E mail, Mobile, Computer, Printer, Photocopiers, Scanners etc. the situation still remains uncontrollable. Under such given situation and accepted working conditions, imagine if someone says that he is a great time manager and is able to deliver within the deadline, the complete all the project activities as per the time line and within the time frame, arrives everyday at the office in time and is never late then sure he is going to be darling of his bosses, top management, peers and subordinates.

Who would not like to employ such a human resource in his organisation – such an executive is an invaluable asset for the organisation. So if you have this quality then flaunt it and if you don’t then acquire it somehow and practice it regularly.

Good Leadership Skills

When we mention leadership skills or leadership quality, it is a collecting representation of many other wonderful qualities and personality traits. For example, if you are a good listener and keep observer, you will develop your learning skills. This helps you to listen more and speak less. In turn, this leads to another quality of good judgement in you.

The ability to see and understand things is the first part of good judgement. This helps you to select right team mates, colleagues, pick up right vendors and buyers to work with. Ultimately this leads to Good Decision Making which is the most promising skill to take your ahead in your career pursuit.

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To sum up

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Here is a quick recap of the points discussed above, in brief. Having following skills will help you move ahead in career

Communication Skills
Any situation, any place, any organisation – Communication is the most essential and valued skills on the job market. Effective communication, rich vocabulary, good expressions and rapport building are the soft skills and qualities which will take you places.

Global Travel
To achieve economies of scale or to expand the business coverage, the organisations will give first preference to the internal resource who is familiar with the business culture, style of conducting business and language etc. as he is trained and educated in the country.

Hence consider your international travelling experience and knowledge of a foreign language as an asset which will take you one step closer to bagging your coveted job.

Time Management
If you are applying for a job or are being considered for a higher position in the current organisation, make sure that if you have this soft skill of being a good time manager then you must flaunt it. The Human Resource Department places high importance to time management skills.

Good Leadership Skills
Leadership skills is culmination of many other essential qualities and personality traits – such as good listening, power of observation, learning skills, flexibility and good judgement in you.
This helps you to take correct or good decisions regularly or better than others. You are more competent to guide and motivate others.


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I do hope that you have perfectly understood the importance of having these skills and qualities in abundance. Having these soft skills not only enhances your market value but it also helps in finding that perfect job.

Also honing skills, polishing these qualities regularly is indispensable not only in improving your work but it also helps you become an invaluable asset in the eyes of your employers. This will ensure a faster career growth through increments, a smoother success path through promotions and also in improving all other aspects of your life.

Having these invaluable yet useful soft skills will surely set you apart from those who have never understood their importance.

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