Sales Jobs Interview Questions and Answers

Sales Jobs Interview Questions and Answers

If you want to land a great sales job, you’ll have to learn how to perform well in the sales interview. It’s a way for the potential employer to get to know you and also test your selling skills. To help you prepare in advance and perform better in your next interview, we bring a good number of Sales Jobs Interview Questions and Answers. Of course, there are tips, explanations and videos with specific questions.

This blog is divided into two sections as follows:

Also at the end of each section or answer is a video.

Sales Jobs Interview Questions

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The hiring manager will want to check your capability to generate sales, such as ability to persuade, presentation skills, motivation, persistence, and others. You will be asked questions based on the experience which you have gained, skills you have acquired and the knowledge of your domain and industry.

After reading these tricky Sales Job Interview Questions, prepare as much as you can and learn from our tips, explanation and model answers which are given in Section 2.  This should make your performance in the interview much better.

  1. What Do You Like The Best About Being A Sales Manager  – Model Answer with Tips and Video
  2. What are the most important Sales Skills?
  3. Have you consistently met your sales targets? –  Model Answer with Tips and Video
  4. What are your selling techniques?
  5. Sell me this pen – Model Answer with Tips and Video
  6. How do you handle rejections? What’s your approach to handling customer objections?
  7. What motivates you? – Model Answer with Tips and Video
  8. How do you train and motivate your juniors?
  9. What makes you a good salesperson? –  Model Answer with Tips and Video
  10. What do you like the best about being a Sales Manager?
  11. How important is money to you?
  12. What made you make a career into sales?
  13. What are your goals in term of professional development and advancement?
  14. Describe some success stories and some difficulties. How did you handle the difficulties?
  15. What have you found to be the most important skills in negotiating and succeeding in sales?
  16. What do you think it takes to be a good leader?
  17. Have you consistently met your sales goals?
  18. How do you keep up to date on your target market?
  19. What are your long term career goals?

  20. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  21. How would your colleagues describe you?

  22. How would your boss describe you?

You can also watch the interviewer asking quite a few of above mentioned questions with some tips in the following video.

Short Video: Sales Jobs Interview Questions

Sales Jobs Interview Questions and Answers

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Please keep in mind that the interviewer will be asking questions to learn more about your sales track record and professional accomplishments to know more about your selling techniques and selling abilities. At the same time, the interviewer will be carefully observing your communication skills.

Q. #1 What Do You Like The Best About Being A Sales Manager

Also they can be similar questions, if not exactly on the same line. For example, it could be:

  • Why did you choose sales as your career?
  • What factors influenced you to choose sales as your career path?
  • Why does the profile of a sales manager excite you?

Understanding the question

Let us try to go deeper into the question first. The interviewer is trying to understand your primary motivation for selecting the career in the field of of sales.

It is also a good question to learn that how much research, planning and thought went into your career selection. Are you there by random acts? Or by chance? Or is this a part of well designed career plan?

Sample Answer

Let us now see how best to answer this question for junior to middle level positions


There are quite a few things which I love about my sales career. To begin with, it is very rewarding to help the customer make the right choice when he is buying a product or a service.

Secondly, when the customer comes to us for after Sales Service we provide him the best possible service. This helps us to build a great relationship which is important in getting repeat orders and ensuring that the customer will come to us for after Sales Service also.

To see the smile on the face of the satisfied customer is a great reward both professionally and personally.

Q. #2 Have you consistently met your sales targets?

This is yet another video in the series “sales job interview questions and answers”. In this video we shall take up the question “Have you consistently met your sales targets”.

Understanding the question

During the interview, very common for the interviewer to ask you something about meeting your sales targets or method of achieving sales goals.

Also there could be questions on the similar lines and if not exactly the same:

  • Have you consistently met your sales targets?
  • Do you always achieve your sales goals.
  • What is your methodology to regularly achieve your sales targets ?

Tips to answer the question

Here I would like to give three important tips.

1. Quantify your answer

We are talking of sales and not emotions or art objects like paintings. Therefore, whenever possible, use numbers to quantify your success. You might mention by how much you exceeded a sales goal, how many times you exceeded a sales goal, or even how much money you made for a company. These kinds of answers show the employer how you will add value to their company.

2. Explain your achievement

If you did something extraordinary, then explain how you exceeded your sales targets. Maybe you developed a new sales strategy, or worked particularly well with your sales team etc. Explain how you achieved success so the employer can better understand your skills.

3. Don’t blame anyone

If you have not been able to meet the sales targets, then definitely do not blame others. Such as your employer or your colleagues – for and under achievement. Simply code the numbers you have achieved and briefly describe the circumstances or the events which posed  a challenge.

Sample Answer


During the course of my career I’ve achieved sales targets most of the times.

Specifically in the last 3 years, when many of my sales colleagues were leaving my industry because of the recession, I managed to increase my sales by at least 10 percent over the previous year by developing new sales strategies and techniques to help increase my success.

Also I have been in the top 10 percent of my company’s sales staff for the past five years.

However, I could not achieve my target in 2 quarters only but I immediately took action, such as making changes to my sales strategy. As a result, I was able to achieve target in the next quarter.

Q. #3  Sell me this pen

Similar questions could be:

  • Demonstrate your selling skills
  • Sell me this pencil / mobile phone / laptop

Understanding the question

If not the pen, you might be asked to sell the interviewer a pencil, a stapler, an apple, or any other object.  This is a hypothetical question, hands there is no right or wrong answer, but the interviewer is interested to see the sales process that you follow, your verbal communication skills, and your enthusiasm and creativity.

Tips to answer the question

Now that you have understood the reason this question has been asked it would be easy to appreciate the tips which I am going to give you now.

  1. Be Positive and Enthusiastic
  2. Be Ready to Sell
  3. Emphasize the Features of the product or service that the buyer will Value
  4. Try to close the sale

Sample Answer

I am so excited to show you this unique pen manufactured by our company. This pen can help you to write in a legible and efficient manner. The ink of the pen dries very fast, so you do not have to worry about smudging of the ink. This pen is also leak proof, so you can carry it in the pocket of your shirt or trousers. The flow of the nib is so good that you can even make sketches and diagrams effortlessly.

I would love to be your preferred supplier to your company for the high quality pens.  I will work hard to justify the confidence that you would place in me and our product and I will make sure you are always satisfied. Can we move forward with your first order?

Q. # 4  What motivates you?

Similar question could be:

  • What motivates you to sell?

Understanding the question

Your prospective employee is interested to make sure that if hired, you can become a productive, motivated and money-making member of the team.

When it comes to sales jobs, the need to give results and show your enthusiasm.

Tips to answer the question

It is important to tie your motivation to sales goals. The prospective employer wants to hire a person who is self-directed, enthusiastic and is highly charged up to achieve sales targets.

Sample Answer

I am motivated by a challenge. I love going past my last sales record. My goal is always to make bigger deals and the commission money I make give me a lot of happiness and motivation

Besides, I also I enjoy meeting new clients and giving demo companies very innovative products.

Q. # 5  What makes you a good salesperson?

Similar questions which the prospective employer might ask:

  • What makes you good at sales?
  • Why you are good at sales?

Understanding the question

This is one of the favorite questions of the interviewers. They want to understand that what techniques and methods you use to clock is sale. Do you use soft skills like persuasion or technology to win the client and close the deal.

Depending on the quality and nature of your answer, immediately you may become a more attractive candidate.

Tips to answer the question

There cannot be a generalized or one line answer to this question. Therefore, the best approach would be to tell the interviewer about your skills in combination with your experience which have made you an achiever so far.

It would be a good idea to make a list of some of your soft skills that have helped you to develop your successful sales style.

Sample Answer

I am constantly motivated by the challenge of the sale. The success of landing a new client is a thrill, and building a well-thought out pitch that will explain the product is very satisfying.

I work hard to learn from rejection and continuously improve my sales techniques.

I am also very detail oriented, and that helps me in sales in many ways. I also like to know my territory in and out, and I like to find out about my customers personally, so I can better serve them. Buy this combination of skills and style help me get an order of 100 refrigerators from a large client which is into manufacture and distribution chocolates and candies.


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