Marriage Bio Data Writing

Marriage Bio Data Writing

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Why you need a special Bio data for Matrimonial Match Making?

The parents would like to find the best marriage match for their son or daughter. The person would like to find the most ideal life partner to get married to. Even if it means searching the whole world to find one single individual, it is an exercise worth doing.
Fortunately in the modern world we live in, there is no need to travel around searching for the right matrimonial alliance. Just sit with your computer and put the marriage CV on the matrimonial portals. You can also send the marriage resume crafted by us to your friends, relatives and acquaintances.

Why pay special attention to Matrimonial Bio data Writing?

May be writing a cv for a job seems easy and you have done it at some point of your life, but writing a marriage biodata is a tricky job. You may keep postponing it, not sure if you have written a really good marriage resume to convey everything you want to.

In the part of the world we like in and in most communities where arranged marriage are still in vogue, a matrimony bio data is like a resume used for matrimonial match making purposes.

This helps the members of other family to get an overview of the boy / girl and an initial idea of whether the person is compatible with him / her.

Why select us to for Matrimonial CV Writing?

In matrimonial biodata the profile of the boy or girl is of course important but of equal significance are the particulars of the family.
We have the right experience, skill and expertise to create a matrimonial resume which has:

  • A great presentation – elegant and sophisticated
  • Content writing which represents the boy / girl and the family in the best possible manner
  • Careful attention paid to important details like family particulars, personal information, professional details, horoscope details, hobbies and other things.
  • Qualities you hope your partner will have.

USP of Team

  • A team of professional and experienced Resume writers who know the human psychology and how people search online.
  • The team is headed by a well-known Corporate Advisor and Management Consultant Mr. Sundeep Kataria. He is MBA, Post Grad in International Trade (Indian Institute of Foreign Trade). He is also an author of well known books and an Astrologer Counsellor.
  • Established in 1997 –  with 17 years of experience – we are the first and still the best in the business.

Pick up the phone and talk to us now or you can e mail to us at.

Contact Details

Call us: +91- 11 – 43022692, 43022693 or +91-9873372726 to talk to us and discuss your requirements.
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Our Working Hours

Monday through Saturday, 10.00 am to 6.00 pm

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