Job Interview Questions and Answers for Airline Pilots

Job Interview Questions and Answers for Airline PilotsSo you have dream to become an Airline Pilot? You have already acquired the basic educational and professional qualifications. You have also got the necessary training and now want wings to fly for the airlines? If you have already applied for the job of pilot with an airline, it is essential to go through their selection procedure which would include personal interview too. If you are ready to fly high, do take a look at these common Job Interview Questions and Answers for Airline Pilots.

Why should you prepare for non-technical Job Interview Questions?

You might ask that you are a trained pilot and what is the need for these behavioral or non technical questions. Well these questions serve may purposes. They help the prospective employer know you a little better as a person, as a professional and as a leader of the team in the skies.

Thanks to the increasing competition and fast changing practices in the airline industry, employers now want to hire pilots with additional skill sets.

There can be many types of questions which can be broadly grouped under behavioral interview questions, competency based interview questions, situational interview questions, management and leadership skills related questions and training or experience related interview questions.

Some of the questions given below also check if you have the ability to think on your feet.

Job Interview Questions and Answers for Airline Pilots

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To help you prepare well, it is recommended that you may these questions and then research the answers. Of course, we have also given some model answers to guide you. It is better you write down your own answers. This should be practiced by speaking them out aloud repeatedly till they sound like a natural response.

To start your research, here are some of the common non-technical questions which may be asked when interviewing someone for the job of an airline pilot.

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Question 1. Tell me something about yourself?

Model Answer: My name is Sunny Singh, I was born in New Delhi but I grew up in the cities of Mumbai, Delhi and Dubai. I am 23 years old

I am going to share with you about my academic and professional qualifications besides my wonderful family. I am also tell you about my passions and interests.

I did my schooling from ABCD School and I passed out in the year of 2014 and after which I did my flight training from Dean International Flight School, Florida, Miami, USA and obtained my Commercial Pilot License in the year 2017. I also obtained my type rating on a 320 next year. In the meanwhile, I appeared for my Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) exams and have cleared the same.

We are a family of 4 and I come from and aviation background as my father is Captain and my brother is a helicopter pilot and my mother is a medical doctor.

I am very hardworking, determined person and team player. Flying is my passion which started with the hobby of aeromodelling.

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Question 2. What are your goals in life?

Model Answer: Over the period of next 3 years I would like to learn and gaining experience to see myself as a senior first officer. In the next 5 to 7 years, I aim to reach the position of the captain.

Going further, in the next 10 years I would prepare myself to work as a trainer by enhancing my knowledge and skills to the next level to so that I can help others in doing the same. Alternatively, depending on the opportunities available at that time, I would also be interested in the management of the flight operations department.

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Question 3. What are your hobbies and interest?

Model Answer: My hobbies include playing guitar, cricket as well as horse riding. On the technical side I love to do aeromodelling.

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Question 4. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Model Answer: Please allow me to start with my strengths first. I am hardworking and sincere, I like to work hard with focus and determination. Further, I am a good listener and a quick learner.

I do not like jump to conclusions and first like to analyse the situation and keep myself situationally aware at all times.

As regards my weaknesses, I am inquisitive and like to know the technical know how of the things and may ask too many questions, at times.

I am also straight forward and point out anything which can be unusual and this can be negative, at times

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Question 5. What are your motivations for pursuing this job?

Model Answer: To begin with, I am passionate and motivated for flying. With regards to the career in the aviation industry, I feel that doing a good job and achieving the desired results is my primary motivation. I am motivated when I am working in a team and also while doing my type rating every time I applied power for takeoff or flared for landing. I feeel joy and excitement which is my motivation for this job.

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Question 6. What makes a good Captain? OR What qualities and skills do you expect to see in a good Captain?

Model Answer : A good captain is someone who is knowledgeable, solid experience and thorough piloting skills. In addition, he has to have certain personality traits and skills like decisive, safety conscious, superior communication skills, good leader who can manage stressful situations and avoid confrontation.

As a professional he should be open to continuous training and skills up gradation, besides having a quality to adhere to procedure and be very systematic in all approaches.

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Question 7. What qualities do you think are required in this job?

Model Answer: I believe key qualities of a first officer is having the knowledge of the Aircraft , positive attitude towards learning and assisting the captain for the safe conduct of the flight , monitor flight instruments being vigilant and having good exam handling capabilities and clear understanding of task sharing and SOP’s and exhibiting good CRM skills .

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Question 8. What Is CRM? When is CRM used?

Model Answer : Crew Resource Management (CRM) is defined by the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority as:

“A management system which makes optimum use of all available resources (equipment, procedures and people) to promote safety and enhance the efficiency of flight operations”.

In other words, CRM is a system to make systematic and effective use of all available resources while focusing on procedures, interpersonal communication, team work, task allocation, decision-making and situational awareness etc. to promote safety and enhance efficiency in operations.

CRM is used from the moment the crew enter the crew room all the way through to checkout at the end of the day and constantly in between.

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Question 9. Are you open to relocate to another city?

Model Answer: My preferred base would be Mumbai as my family is based in Mumbai. However, I would be open to taking any base as per the airline’s requirements

Short Video: Are you open to relocate to another city?


Question 10. Describe healthy work culture?

Model Answer: To me a healthy work culture is an environment at a place where everyone one is treated equally and every individual respects the other. It is a place where the first officer is eager to learn and the captain is more than willing to teach and where everyone works as team towards achieving a common goal and this is how I would define a healthy work culture.

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Question 11. Why should we hire you?

Question 12. What will you do after this interview

Question 13. Have you travelled overseas

Question 14. How do you define success

Question 15. What kind of career you want to be in?

Question 16. What do you think about aviation industry

Question 17. What did you do last night?

Question 18. What do you know about our company?

Question 19. Tell me about a time when you FAILED

Question 20. How do you Resolve Conflict?

Question 21. Tell me about a situation when your work was criticized.

Question 22. How could you have improved your career progress?

Tips to Fly High with the Best Answers to Personal Questions or Non Technical Questions

While airlines do want to check your knowledge of flying, security and engineering etc., they also want to get a good idea of your personality, behaviour patterns and what motivation you have to become a pilot.

When it comes to important tips for answering these questions, always remember that honesty, integrity, team work and thoughtfulness are powerful qualities which attract the attention and praise of the interview board or the selection committee.

It is also important to be confident yet polite and pleasant. Good eye contact and occasional smile will do the trick here.

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