How To Turn Weaknesses Into Strengths

How To Turn Weaknesses Into StrengthsQuite often I am asked, “I have less strengths and more weaknesses. I want to be successful. Give me tips how to turn weaknesses into strengths.”

Human beings all over the world share some common traits and attributes. Perhaps, they all want to have multiple talents and skills in addition to the confidence that they can achieve whatever they want to, with the help of their positive thinking and a positive attitude. Taking this statement to be true, can you really say that all human beings are endowed with the same strengths and weaknesses? You will probably agree that it is quite the other way round when we look at the people around us. The levels of talents, skills and confidence vastly vary in individuals.

Strengths and Weaknesses

If you closely observe the people around you over a period of time, you will find that they all indeed have different skills and talents. Some of these may be directly related to the work that they do for living while some others may just be parts of their personalities.

Accordingly, people do have inherently different sets of strengths and weaknesses. A person who has more strengths, will have more confidence too. Please read: Leadership Qualities You Must Have

It would be quite interesting to observe that some people around you have some so called ‘weaknesses’. Their lives are adversely impacted by these ‘weaknesses’ and as a natural instinct, majority of such people would be striving to overcome these weaknesses. Now, if you closely observe the other people around you, it is likely that you will find someone who has some of those attributes that we just referred to as ‘weaknesses’ and this smart individual could be using these qualities to his advantage. In simple words, what was seen as a ‘weakness’ a short while back is now being seen by you as a definite strength. Don’t you find it rather ironical?

With a little bit of confidence and tact, the lack of certain skills and talents is not allowed by a smart person to hinder his progress in life. Please refer to: Personality Development Tips to Overcome Shyness and Gain Self Confidence

Can you turn weaknesses into your strengths?

Indeed, you can!

Even if you are not proficient in certain talents and skills, you can prevent them from becoming your weaknesses. As we proceed further, we shall look at some of the ways in which you can turn your weaknesses into your strengths. Let us first look at two illustrations as to how an adverse attribute can be turned into a positive quality with little effort and some positive attitude and confidence.  Also please read: Effective Personality Development Tips

Examples of how a weakness can be turned into strength

A person who has honed up his skills and talents and who has the requisite confidence can indeed turn the tables for the better. With positive thinking and a positive attitude, he can convert his ‘weakness’ of being ‘indecisive’ into his strength of being ‘patient and persevering’. Similarly, someone who has a weakness of being ‘irresponsible’ can turn this into his strength of being ‘adventurous’ with minimal effort. A change in the overall perspective and approach is all that is required. Lack of skills and talents required for being ‘decisive’ and ‘responsible’ get covered thus.

How To Turn Weaknesses Into Strengths

From the above discussion, it would only be logical to infer that the terms ‘weaknesses’ and ‘strengths’ are only relative. What may be your weakness today could well be your strength tomorrow. If you find yourself lacking in certain skills or talents or even overall confidence for that matter, you may find after a short period of time that those very skills and talents are what you excel in. It goes without saying that with this change, your confidence level too will be at a near peak level.

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At the outset, you will need to accept that there are certain things that you are very good at; in respect of some attributes, you are moderately good, while could be really bad in a few other fields. Similarly, everybody else too in this world is imperfect. Just nobody possesses every talent and skill under the sun. As a result, everybody does not also possess the same amount of confidence.

There are numerous ways in which you can turn your weaknesses into strengths. However, we shall talk here about some simple and easy to follow strategies only:

1. Recognize your shortcomings or weaknesses and accept them

You cannot, as a reasonably prudent man, expect that you can continue to deny your weaknesses and still turn them into your strengths. Essentially, the very first step is that you identify your weaknesses and accept them as such. Next step is to face your weaknesses; ‘look them in the eye’ and take your weaknesses ‘head-on’. Believe me, the moment you do this with a positive attitude with total confidence and without for a moment thinking that you lack those skills or talents even one bit, the remarkable change and outcome will leave you dumbstruck.

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2. Seek help from a well-wisher you trust

If you have identified your particular weakness and you are not able to help matters on your own, you must seek help from some well-wisher whom you can trust. Talk to him or her about the skills and talents where you find yourself lacking. Take a case where you have an undesirable habit of not confronting people for fear of a conflict even if they are being dishonest with you and are cheating on you behind your back. Whatever be your level of talent or skill otherwise, your lack of confidence or too much of positive thinking may have a role to play in this approach which you are following. If you seek help, a trusted friend may advise you to bring out everything into the open. Once you are able to do it, believe me, the crooks will definitely tend to mend their ways for fear of an ‘open-confrontation’ with you where they may have to lose face. What was your weakness for a long time now becomes your strength in an instant.

3. Overcome your weaknesses by using technology

Explore the possibility of technology coming to your rescue if you lack a particular skill or talent. For instance, if your sense of direction is not very good, you can depend on Internet for GPS and Maps. You may even use paper maps. Similarly, if you are not very good with spellings, you may like to use the auto-correct option while writing on your laptop or mobile phone. Boosting your confidence thus will yield other positive results as well. Let your imagination run wild and do wonders for you!

4. Outsource where you lack the skills and talents

You can’t possibly have all the skills and talents that are there in the world. If you lack any particular skill or talent, tap the Internet to look for reasonable resources available. They would work out to be far cheaper and better than you ever thought. You may, in the process, also develop the skill of hiring talent at short notice for just as much time duration as you actually need them for.

In conclusion, it would be fair to say that every individual lacks some skill or talent which may become his weakness over a period of time. With positive thinking and a positive attitude towards life, he can gradually turn his weaknesses into strengths by trying out one of the simple ‘do-it-yourself’ techniques given above and raising his confidence levels or by devising his own strategies.

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