How to Prepare for Job Interview – Top Tips

How to Prepare for Job Interview – Top Tips

How to Prepare for Job Interview – Top Tips

Why to Prepare for Job Interview?

The answer is so simple – Well begun is half done. If you could learn beforehand about the interview process, what the interviewer is looking for and what questions he is expected to ask then one third of the job is done, the other 33% is preparing well and the balance is actually performing in the interview.

Does everyone need to prepare for the job interview?

As the pace of modern life in grows faster and faster, we seem to need a quick reminder on how to prepare well for the forthcoming job interview.

But you may protest by saying that “I am so well experienced already” or “I am a very smart communicator” or “I am a fresher, they’ll just check my academic records”. Well the facts are that the competition is too tough and the interviewers want to have serious one to one interaction discussion for an in depth analysis of your profile. This is done to ensure that the recruiter select the best person and not make any costly mistakes.

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How to Prepare for Job Interview – Top Tips

Tip 1   Research the Company

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You need to know what exactly the company does, its activities, strengths and other important details. This is the most important requirement as it serves two purposes. One it helps you to know about your prospective employer. Secondly, know about the company will help you prepare better for any kind of discussion about the company which might come up during the job interview.

The best source these days is to go on the internet and study the website of the company. Do not just confine yourself to the “About Us” section. It would be very helpful if you learn about the products of the company, its competitors and its geographical locations.\

In case it is a very large company with several product divisions, then it would be helpful to study more about the division for which you have been called for the interview.

If you are going for a senior level position where the size of responsibilities is large then it might come in handy if you researched further to know of customers’ experience and comments or the technology they use – as the per your line of specialisation.

Tip 2  Know about the Job

Though it is a simple and logical tip, but there is a large percentage of job seekers who show up for interview without even knowing the exact title or the position for which they had applied.

It is like going for a debating contest without properly knowing the topic, the other speakers and the audience.

The interview board very much expects you to know what exactly is the job profile, job specifications, the ideal candidate’s profile and if there are any special skills required. All you have to do is to dig out the advertisement to which you responded by applying for the position. In case you have been head hunted by a placement consultant, then he must have sent to you a detailed job profile. You may like to refer to that.

The objective of your study should be to match your profile comprising of skills, experience and academic qualifications with the prospective employer’s requirements. If you do your home work well, you have won half the battle.

Tip 3  Prepare your answers to the most commonly asked interview questions

Just knowing your subject well is not sufficient to let you get selected for the new job. You need to sound convincing – assuring your interviewer that you are the guy they have been looking for. Thus there is a role of good verbal language, selection of right examples and proper body language.
Thus you should well rehearse a few commonly asked interview questions which could be easy, preliminary, tough or difficult questions.

Tip 4   Be ready with details of your achievements and success stories

This tip is actually an extension of the previous tip. You need to demonstrate to the interviewer that you are a person who has a consistent track record of delivering successfully month after month, year after year. The recruiter would show better interest and would also remember what you said ( for a later recall) if you could quote specific examples with facts and figures.

Tip 5  Ask interviewers some questions

A job interview is a designed and formal two way interaction between the candidate and the interviewers. Therefore, towards the end of the interview, if you are asked “ would you like to ask us anything” then don’t be in a hurry to leave the interview room and say “ no thank you”. Nor should be stupid to ask “what is the salary you will offer”.

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This is a great opportunity being offered to you to show that you have prepared well before hand for this interview.

Ask some intelligent questions which will show that you are intelligent, well prepared, keen and enthusiastic for the job. Your smart question will not only help you learn something about the company and the position you are applying for but will also help to create a good impression.

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