How to get your boss to like you

How to get your boss to like you

How to get your boss to like you

There was a bright Chartered Accountant sitting in front of me as a part of the Executive Coaching Program with me. He was already the General Manger – Finance in the company and was aspiring for the role of CFO. But his boss – the Finance Director of the company was not willing to give him this position. My client was quite convinced that he is the best the company can ever find then how his boss can stall his progress. I told him that he needs to make his boss like him too and rest of my answer was somewhat on the following lines.

It was a A boss is a boss. He is always there in any organisation – whether you have just joined a new job, or you’ve been in your current job for a while. In the organisation you are employed, your boss is a naturally more powerful person than you.

Importance of the boss

What kind of work he allocates to you, when you would be transferred, what kind of promotion and increment amount shall be given to you, are largely decided on the basis of inputs given by your boss in the confidential performance appraisal report.
Not only it is the power and the promotion decisions which rest with the boss but your boss can be instrumental in shaping and developing your career. A good boos is a mentor, teacher, motivator and perhaps much more who give direction and push to your career. A good boss is also a counsellor who corrects you when you make a mistake or helps you take a decision when you are unable to do so independently.
Therefore, it is of utmost importance that your boss likes you.

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How to get your boss to like you

Here are some sure ways that will get your boss to like you, even if you suspect you may be on your boss’s good books:

1. Do your job well

This means that you take care of your Key Responsibility Areas, performing not just your duties well but be willing to do something extra – even if not told implicitly. You should be doing it fast, and doing it better than everyone around you.
Okay just doing it all and fast does not mean that the errors shall be overlooked and mistakes are permitted. Do ensure that your final output has been double checked for errors and omissions. You work in an organized fashion and your reports are presentable.

Send timely notes to your boss that he can easily understand.

How to get your boss to like you

How to get your boss to like you

2. Use Good Communication

Your communication with your boss, whether written or verbal should be in a manner that meets and beats his expectations. In other words, be clear, concise and crisp.

A good subordinate always keeps his boss well informed.

3.  Be flexible

If your boss changes the priorities and hands over a different assignment while you were in the midst of the some other project given earlier, then don’t complain, Rather accept it happily. Make new assignment your priority, don’t complain – maybe there is reason which you are not aware of.

4. Be a good deputy

Every team leader needs and loves a good second in command. Sync your thinking, priorities with the boss’s style and wavelength. What your boss tells you to do, should be your biggest priority at all times.

5. Keep your boss well informed

Make sure that your boss is first person to hear from you – whether you completed the project successfully or are running behind the schedule. Even if you screw up, admit your mistakes right away, and go to your boss for advice, and preferably with a positive possible solution to salvage the situation now. This will help your boss trust you and also show your boss that you are a problem solver.

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A boss loves the team member who always keeps him updated.

6. Don’t complain or argue with your boss

If you don’t like your work or hate extra load of responsibilities or have to put in extra hours to complete your routine work then you should not complain. Take it positively and see it as a chance to take extra learn something extra, which will add value to your bio – data.

Even if it means, reduction of your personal time, it will show that you want to take some load off your boss’s shoulders, that you are a responsible executive, a team player and you have a good work ethic.

7.  Respect your boss

If you in the meetings, you acknowledge the inputs of the boss and give credit for he has been, this will look make him look good, especially before his bosses. Say good things about your boss rather than being caught talking bad behind his / her back.
Remember, being a part of his team you represent him. Therefore, dress well, show up in meetings on time and well prepared.

Overall, be a positive presence around the office, you will be noticed and appreciated for it!


Do your best, even if you don’t like some aspects of your job. By adopting a few simple tips given above will work most of the times, bringing you welcome benefits in your career. After all, who doesn’t like someone that by his side if he has to head a department successfully?

Of course, no matter what you do, some bosses will forever be horrible. If you’re in that situation, we feel your pain, and recommend that you read How to deal with Difficult Mental Boss.

Your views and Feedback please

Hope you liked this article.

Do share your tips, suggestions and experiences in the box below. This may benefit other readers too.

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