How to get self confidence instantly for job interview

How to get self confidence instantly for job interview

How to get self confidence instantly for job interview

You may be the best suited person for that job. But when you face the interview the tables turn against you. Why? The answer lies within you. It is because you tend to lose Self Confidence to talk confidently during the job interview or the important meeting. Due to this you find it difficult to present your grand credentials.

How to get self confidence instantly for job interview

Self Confidence is the state of mind. The good news is that now you can train your mind to instantly give that much needed Self Confidence and almost instantly.

While there are many methods, processes and techniques to increase the self confidence, here are a few killing tips which can help you self confidence on demand

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1. Re-live your past achievements

Think about some of the difficult or challenging situations you faced in the past and came out a successful person. Was it clearing the entrance exam of your college or achieving high grades in your graduation or scoring a distinction in Maths in high school, especially when you always found this subject so difficult.

If you are already employed then perhaps clearing the tough interview in the face of stiff completion was no mean achievement.

Make a list of 5 such achievements. Now sit aside quietly and close your eyes. Take a deep breath, recall those moments when you got the news of your achievement. Try to remember how you felt at that time, re-live every moment through your five senses, recreate the same body language, breathing pattern, bring that confident attitude and smile back. Stay with each of these experiences for 3 to 5 minutes at least.

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2. Correct your body language

Try to recall in your mind the job interview or a meeting you had last and it was not a good performance by you. Pay attention to the body language you had at that time. Perhaps you were sitting hunched in the chair. May be you were shaking one of your legs or hands were clasped tightly together.

As it outside, same will be inside. Such or a similar pose can worsen the level of confidence or rather creating more room for nervousness. But the good news is you can correct it almost instantly. The trick is to fake it to make it. Practice walking, standing and sitting in one of those “power poses” which can raise your self confidence level and intensify it. In addition, mentally visualize yourself taller and confident. This would also help make you be stress free.

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In brief, it would mean keeping your spine straight, hands and feet uncrossed and you are doing deep breathing. This would keep you relaxed yet confident throughout the job interview or the meeting.

3. Dress appropriately and Groom yourself.

Remember I told you “Fake it till you make it”?

Depending on the corporate culture, industry standards, norms of the place you live and the weather – be dressed for the interview appropriately. For example, suppose you are a MBA and going for an interview for an important position of a Banker  in a global bank. In such as case, a white or blue shirt, two piece suit with a matching tie and black shoes is almost mandatory.

On the contrary, if you are going for an interview as a fashion designer for a label which is known for jeans and casual wear, you would be out of place and a misfit if you were to go in a banker’s dress code.

Along with clothes, how you comb your hair, have you shaved, applied a nice after shave or a deodorant will add to your self confidence immensely and you are likely to make a favorable first impression on your interviewers.

So go ahead combine good dressing, grooming with other techniques and see your self confidence level rocketing.

4.  Do Affirmations

Your mind will carry out the commands obediently if given through proper techniques. Doing Affirmations repeatedly is one of such proven techniques. Click here How to get self confidence instantly for job interview.

5. Visualize for instant self confidence

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Remember I told you that Self Confidence is a state of mind. Practice as follows:

  1. Sit in a comfortable position
  2. Take a few deep breaths – inhale and exhale
  3. Relax yourself
  4. Imagine a scene with emotions and feelings that your confidence level is going up, up and up
  5. Stay with that feeling for a few moments

Come out more confident


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Most important

The brain learns in a number of ways and one of them is through repetition. Therefore, try out these tips now and do them regularly so that your brain can develop new neural pathways.

This will come handy whenever and wherever you need self confidence instantly.

All the best in your next one to one meeting!

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