How To Crack Competitive Exams Without Coaching Classes

How To Crack Competitive Exams Without Coaching ClassesDo you want a Government job? Are you preparing for the competitive exams? Are you planning to join coaching classes to crack exams for a Government job? As you know, especially these days how difficult it is to crack the exam and get a Government job. This is because these tests are very difficult to crack and millions of people appearing for the competitive exams make the competition even tougher. It is due to this competition, people take the help of coaching classes so that they can get good marks to secure a Government job. Ironically, most of the aspirants don’t know first how to prepare for competitive exams and then How to Crack Competitive Exams without Coaching Classes.

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How To Crack Competitive Exams Without Coaching Classes

Most of the students join coaching classes to prepare for competitive exams. However, a large number of students are not able to join coaching classes due to one reason or the other. This blog is about how to crack competitive exams without coaching classes. Also there is an interesting video on this subject.

How To Prepare For Competitive Exams Without Coaching Classes

A large number of people aspire to get a Government job. In India and neighboring countries, Civil Services, Bank Exams, Clerical Grade Exams are some of the very popular and important job recruitment tests conducted every year and hundreds of thousands of job aspirants take these exams.

In this article, we are going to share some important tips to crack competitive exams and get good grades without having to take coaching for these exams. You can be successful in competitive exams with your hard work, knowledge and confidence.

So let’s see what the tips are:

1. Understand the examination pattern

Before preparing for any competitive exam, you should know the syllabus. This will help you to prepare for those subjects, topics and sub topics only. That way you will not waste time on studying and preparing for what is outside the syllabus.

Next, you must check the test papers of the previous years. This will help you get familiar with all types of questions that have been asked. Try to understand the examination pattern thoroughly. If you study the questions papers carefully, you would become aware of what is the course is, what is the exam pattern and what type of questions have the high probability of being asked again.

For this, you can also get the help of competitive exam books and understand the entire syllabus and course.

2. Putting together the right study material

Once you know the syllabus, the type of questions that can be asked and most importantly the questions for which you must prepare, you need the study material.

The study materials should consist of books which have the necessary content, the help books or the guides which are helpful in preparing the answers and for revision and thirdly your own notes.

3. Work on improving Self Development and Self Confidence

It is very important for you to have high level of Self Confidence to crack competitive exams. You need to be convinced yourself that as the contestant you are fully prepared to succeed in the exam.

Make a promise to yourself that you will be studying hard and sincerely so that you get through the exam with good numbers.

High level of confidence will fill you with motivation, energy and dedication. With thorough studies and smart preparation, you can concentrate fully on the exam and you’ll find all the questions very easy. But if there is insufficient confidence, you can become weak in preparing for the exams.

To bring in sufficient self confidence and strengthen your intentions, you can read motivational books and inspirational material. Share with your guru and parents about your specific weaknesses so that they can guide you and keep you motivated.

4. Do a thorough planning

Preparing for success in competitive exams should be taken as an important project. Hence start with a thorough planning first. For example, know how subjects or papers there shall be in the test. Evaluate your depth of knowledge and check how good you are in your subject. This will give you an idea that how much study is required to learn the subject properly and crack the competitive exam.

To prepare for all the exam subjects, you have to allocate proper time for all subjects. For this, you can create a time table. You should consult your family members, friends, etc. for preparing the subject in which you are weak. If you prepare well in your weak subjects then you can easily write proper answers to all the questions in the examination.

5. Get right environment to study properly

It is also very important to have good atmosphere to study. If you have good environment around you, you will be able to prepare better, faster and more easily for the exam. On the contrary, if there is a lot of noise around your study area, people are joking about and laughing around you or you are preparing by sitting near the TV, then all this can distract your attention or cause mental disturbance. Therefore, it is necessary that you choose a place where you are not disturbed and you can study peacefully.

6. Make Effective Study Notes

Preparing for competitive exams and to cover a vast syllabus can be quite stressful!  No matter what subjects you study, you have to learn from scratch and cover every single topic if you want to score high marks. Then there is need to revise what you have studied.

Therefore, there is need for a smart approach! For an effective study, you must focus on the important topics and summarize key points in writing to cover the mass amount of information. These notes can be very helpful in doing quick revisions in short time before the examination.

Making notes is a smart strategy, as you can get everything at a single place and find what cannot be found immediately from the books many a times.

7. Solve past exam question papers

If you can study well the questions asked in the past examination, you will get a better understanding of the patterns of the paper.

This helps you to tune with the exam trends and also orient your thinking in the right direction. This will increase your confidence for the forthcoming competitive exam. You will also be able to know well your strong and weak areas.

When you solve those old question papers, you will also know how much time you take to write answers in the exam. Overall it is an indispensable tip to prepare well to crack competitive exams.

8. Take care of your physical and mental health

While preparing for the exam or test, it is a usual practice of the students not to pay attention to their physical and mental health. As a result, they may end up experiencing physical weakness or mental exhaustion. If the body does not have sufficient energy then how will the brain work properly and if the mind does not work properly then the student will not be able to put his 100% to his studies.

Therefore, it is important to pay good attention to your food and water intake and also to have sufficient amount of sound sleep.

Take a nutritious diet for the energetic body and sharp mind, exercise regularly, so that the body gets agile and meditation and affirmations to keep the brain stress-free and concentrated. A well balanced diet includes plenty of fruits and vegetables. If possible include super foods like almonds.

Avoid consuming too much sugary or fatty snacks or push yourself to study late into the night.

Next part of the tip is to drink plenty of water. Drink a minimum of eight to 10 glasses of water daily. Staying hydrated can benefit your body and memory.

Thirdly, you must get a good night’s sleep. This is because your brain also needs time to digest all the information you have fed it with. Good sleep is helpful in refreshing your body and mind.

You can do better in your studies if you’re taking care of yourself.

9. Don’t Cram, Use Memory Techniques

The syllabus of competitive exams is usually vast and there is a lot to study. Naturally it will require you to have very good memory to be able to recall in the exam – all that you have studied.

To have a better memory and to help you remember what you have studied, there are memory methods and memory techniques. Some of them are:

  1. Break things into chunks. Let us say you have 100 General Knowledge questions to remember. Instead of thinking about all of the questions at one go, try breaking them down into chunks of 10 questions and work on one or two different chunks each day.
  2. Speak Out Loud Instead of Simply Reading. You will be surprised how much more you can remember when you read out aloud to yourself
  3. Repetitions: It is not possible to remember everything after just one reading. Read the text book and your notes couple of times over a few days. The more number of times you revise something, the more likely it is to stick in your brain.
  4. Use mnemonic: It is a simple yet effective trick. When you are trying to memorize a list of things, make up a sentence that uses the first letter of each item. For example, when trying to learn the eight planets and their order from the Sun, say: My Very Excellent Mother Just Served Us Nachos to remember Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.
  5. Create Mental Association: Let us say that you want to remember the date of birth of famous person Albert Einstein which is March 14. It will become much easier if you can connect it with your mother’s birthday which is also March 14.
  6. Visualize: If you can associate the matter being learnt with pictures in your mind, you’ll be able to retain and recall better with the help of pictures.

10. Take Regular Breaks

While preparing for the competitive exams, you suddenly put your brain to more than normal use. This can overload your brain. Therefore, to relax your mind it is important to take regular breaks while you are studying. Feeling tired or frustrated are again the signals that you need a break. Studying long hours can actually decrease your performance.

When you take a break, make sure you go away from your study table. Try a bit of physical activity – even a walk around the block can sometimes help you to refresh. You may be able to look at a problem in a different way and could even help you to solve it.

Taking regular study breaks improves overall productivity and enhances concentration

During your break, stay away from using your laptop or mobile or computer, because these devices prevent your mind from fully relaxing.

Video: How To Crack Competitive Exams Without Coaching Classes – 6 Dynamic Tips

Dear Students and Job Aspirants,

We do hope that these suggestions will definitely help you to study properly and prepare smartly for your forthcoming competitive exams.

It is requested that for the benefit of you friends and classmates, you may also share these tips with them by clicking on the Social Media Buttons below.

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Study Tips For Exams To Score High Grades

Study Tips For Exams To Score High Grades

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