High Growth Careers in Finance and Investment

High growth careers in finance and investmentThe moment somebody reads the topic “High growth careers in finance and investment”, he is quite likely to think of investments in stocks, stock trading and buying stocks for making a quick buck. Well, that is how things are! There is indeed evidence to show how in the last decade or two, some people have made a fortune by stock trading, buying stocks at rock bottom prices to sell them at phenomenally high rates and by stock trading. But can one really make some easy money by being a stock broker or by buying stocks online to sell them at a higher price later? We shall examine this question and try to find a logical answer as we progress with this article. Please refer to: How to Earn More Money in Career or Business

High Growth Careers in Finance and Investment

It is an open secret that financial sector is full of career opportunities that offer excellent salaries. It has some truly lucrative high growth career options which are equally challenging as well. The roles that you can find in an organization in the finance and investment sectors are very many. You can work in the finance department of a multinational corporation or work in the banking sector. You may, alternatively, decide to work in the investment banking sector or in the financial markets where you may be buying and selling stocks or could be advising your clients on investing in stocks or giving out tips for stock trading.

Peculiar characteristics of high growth and high-paying jobs in finance and investment sectors

They say, “There’s nothing like a free lunch.” Essentially, everything likable comes with strings attached. It being so, high growth and high-paying jobs in the finance and investment sectors too come with two peculiar and challenging characteristics. They are ‘responsibility’ and ‘serious consequences in case of mistakes’. The job responsibilities are clearly defined for every role. If you fail on any front, you could be shown the door. You may also like: High Growth Careers in Accounting

What are some of the lucrative jobs in finance and investment sectors?

While some jobs in the finance and investment sectors offer above average salaries, some others offer very attractive pays. Even at the entry level, certain jobs such as that of a financial analyst offer very high salaries. Generally, jobs in managerial roles offer higher pays. Let us look at some of the high growth jobs and careers in the finance and investment sectors:

1. Financial Analyst

A financial analyst provides financial analysis to help internal and external clients take sound investment decisions. A sales job in this position would entail selling of financial products and services to clients. These careers can be taken up with a bank, securities firm or an insurance company. The salaries for financial analysts vary in a wide range. Opportunities for higher salaries increase manifold as one rises up the hierarchy in a corporate house. Salaries largely depend on the level of responsibility and accountability that the job demands and the extent of consequences that one may have to face for mistakes committed in the course of performing one’s duties.

We may look at the example of an insurance company. Here, a realistic estimate is required of the risk that the firm is taking while providing an insurance cover. The premium to be charged for covering the risk is directly linked to the risk assessment. Salary levels are pretty high here. Any vast difference or error in risk assessment can lead to big losses to the insurer and may cost dearly to the individual concerned who is at fault.

2. Chief Financial Officer

The job of a Chief Financial Officer in a large corporation is amongst the best paid financial jobs. A Chief Financial Officer in a company is responsible for all the financial aspects and implications of the business including bookkeeping, financial risk management, planning and financial reporting to the shareholders and the government.

3. Risk Management

A Risk Manager in a bank or financial institution is responsible for managing the multiple risks being faced by different business units within the organization. A bank or financial institution faces the under noted key risks:

  • Market risk
  • Credit risk
  • Liquidity risk and
  • Operational risks.

With rapid technological advancements, the risks that the banks and financial institutions face have also increased manifold. Accordingly, these banks and financial institutions have also deployed vast resources and sophisticated technology with suitable manpower to help them assess, manage and reduce these risks to the extent possible.

4. Accounts Manager

An Accounts Manager is responsible for the overall management of the accounting function within an organization. He is required to ensure adherence to all the internal accounting processes. Timely and proper completion of accounts books and financial statements also fall within his job responsibilities.

5. Financial Adviser

A Financial Adviser is required to advise and assist the clients in planning and managing their finances. He should be well conversant with and must have a thorough knowledgeable of taxation, financial products, investment options, pension, insurance and real estate. Equipped with all this knowledge, he would be required to assess the risk appetite of each client. He would then have to help the clients set their financial targets, devise their investment strategies and manage their taxes.

6. Treasurers

Treasurers are expected to direct an organization’s financial objectives, goals and budgets. They are required to oversee the investments of funds and execute fund raising strategies.

7. Budget Analysts

Budget Analysts provide assistance to organizations in developing and monitoring their annual budgets with proper analysis. They render assistance in deciding as to how the current resources are to be allocated and in estimating the financial requirements in future.

8. Career as a Stock Broker

If buying stocks, investing in stocks or stock trading has been of interest to you or has been your passion, you can look for a high growth career as a stock broker. You may have to work long hours as a stock broker but the rewards can indeed be enormous. There is no easy money which a stock broker can make by buying stocks online to sell them at a higher price in future. Accumulating a large customer base of clients also often takes a few years. But once you embark on this journey, there is often no looking back. You can advise and guide your clients on buying stocks based on your assessment and analysis. Opportunities have increased manifold in the last decade or so in the field of stock brokering.

9. Insurance

If you have a degree in finance or accounting, you may be interested to learn more about different types of finance jobs in the insurance industry. Generally finance degrees holders do not prefer much making a career in the insurance industry at the outset, but this is a booming and multi-billion dollar industry that offers growing careers for finance graduates.

After initial training and the opportunities offered by the insurance company, one may grow to become:

  • Risk Manager
  • Underwriter
  • Actuary
  • Corporate Finance Officer

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