Give Up These Habits If You Want To Be Successful

Give Up These Habits If You Want To Be Successful

Unknowingly, we are doing things in certain ways which keep us away from success.  Hence it would be helpful to omit those habits from our daily routines to make us more successful and productive. In this article, we share quite a few such common habits which should be replaced with a more helpful habit or style of working. Simply give up these habits if you want to be successful.

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Give Up These Habits If You Want To Be Successful

The definition of success may differ from one individual to another, but it certainly means achieving something which would give us pleasure, satisfaction and happiness.

Let us begin

#1 Multi tasking

Contrary to the popular beliefs that multi-tasking is a smart idea and it will get them better chances of success, the fact is that multi tasking goes against the fundamental principles of focus and concentration.

Human mind is not designed for multi tasking. Therefore, with a better focus on one task at a time, you’ll be able to do it better, faster and more efficiently.

Whether it is a making notes for a business meeting or preparing a presentation or working out in the gym – you need to do one thing at a time and do it well.

This is the first key to success.

#2. Beware of the fixed mindset

Do not let yourself believe that there is only one best way of doing something and it will always be so. This is very detrimental thinking in the modern age where technology is fast changing and human capabilities are always being challenged.

Know that your intelligence and talent need to be improved and you can do so by learning from others or keeping yourself open to better and faster of accomplishing tasks.

Successful people are always open on improving their talent, perceptions, learning new methods and developing a progressive mindset.

If you want to be successful, don’t be the same person today as you were yesterday. Grow and improve yourself daily.

#3. Don’t make excuses

Never forget that only you are the responsible for the progress and growth of your own life.

On your path to success, remaining in the comfort zone and making excuses are the biggest road blocks.

If you want to be successful kick your butt, take the matter in their own hands and act according to a definite plan.

Successful people are those who know that they are the only ones who are responsible for their life’s choices – you can choose either successes or failures.

It may sound frightening at first, but it should also excite you, once you realize that the power to be successful is within you.

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#4 Don’t be a perfectionist

It is not possible to achieve the extreme perfection. Let us take an example. First car was built in 1885 and look at the fantastic progress man has made in building the cars now. But have the engineers stopped introducing improvements even after 135 years.

So if the inventor of the car were to wait for the perfection, we would have been perhaps travelling by horse carts.

Know that nothing will ever be perfect regardless of how much we try.

Therefore, instead of striving for ultimate perfection, go out and take action. Let your fear of not being good enough not take away the best of you.

If you are always waiting for the “perfect” time, “perfect” product, “perfect” idea or “perfect” circumstances, you will probably lose great opportunities.

Let the fear of failure not overwhelm you. You can keep improving as you go along.

#5 Always Finding Fault in others or in things

It’s good to be quality conscious. It is smart to catch a fault, but if you want to be successful, don’t get stuck there.

Rather than complaining about what is wrong with something or with a person, find out how it can be made right or better.

In other words, be a part of the group that gives solutions and not merely point to the problem.

Successful people are smart problem solvers. If you want to be successful in business or the start up, identify the problem, they invent a good solution and make money selling the solution.

#6 Short Temper

Do you flare up when you are having a hard day at work? Anger is a normal and healthy emotion, but if you often lose temper it can cause serious issues in your life.

If you want success, you must try to remain cool under all circumstances. You have to work on yourself to give up the short-termed mindset.

While facing an adversity or under pressure, if you can keep you are successful at keeping your mind cool, it can come up with better solutions and strategies to come out of that situation.

Some of the easy techniques for anger control are meditation, deep breathing, counting from 1 to 10 before saying, practicing responding than reacting.

However, if your anger level goes to extreme even at smallest trigger, you may require professional help.

To sum up

Successful people try to avoid such damaging habits. They have replaced these negative habits with more constructive, helpful and positive habits.

Also they like to work on short term, medium term and long term plans with specific strategies.

These habits become a part of who they are. For example, there is a difference when someone reads to gain knowledge about a particular subject, as opposed to most of the successful people who read daily because it is a part of who they are.

Video: Give Up These Habits If You Want To Be Successful

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