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To earn money, you no longer have to necessarily work in a 9-to-5 job any more, as there are innumerable options available for work from home jobs these days. According to a study, work from home jobs witnessed a 115 percent increase since 2005. So this brings us to the subject of freelance jobs online. However for the purpose of this article we shall focus on freelance jobs online for beginners.

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Why this increase in popularity of remote jobs?

At entry level, most skill based jobs today only require Internet access. If you are not required to be constantly dealing with others or machines, being in the office isn’t necessary when you can email, chat, and join video conferences from anywhere in the world.

With high-speed internet and real time communication – many jobs don’t require you to be there in person. You can carry out many full-time or part-time jobs from the comfort of your home, that earlier required you to be physically present in the office.

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What Are The Best Freelance Jobs Online For Beginners?

The fact of the matter is that with most of the online jobs, we trade our time and skill for money. So more specialized and productive you are, the better is your earning from home jobs.

Here are the top 20 legitimate work from home jobs to start earning money from home on your own time. These are more suitable for beginners but others can also take up these assignments or projects as freelancers.

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Freelance Jobs #1, #2 and #3 : YouTube Manager, Pinterest Manager, FaceBook Manager

These jobs are together and yet separate. It would be easy to understand as you read on. These days the YouTubers are becoming bigger and bigger. Similarly the business organisations and rich business owners have also started their YouTube channels.

In either case, it is no more a one man show, where one person does everything. To put together a good video, there is a need for persons with specialized skills such as a good photographer, script writer, video editor, sound recording or audio engineer etc.

So for the busy YouTube channel owner it is not possible to deal and co-ordinate with them all if he is busy. In addition, there may be a need to deal / negotiate with brand owners who would be sponsoring the video.

Hence a need for YouTube Manager has evolved.

In the same way, if you have the experience with Pinterest or Instagram or FaceBook you could offer your services relating to that particular social media platform.

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Earning Potential

If you have the right and relevant experience, you may command a price of anything between $25 to $50 per hour. Mind you, the demand for such type of skilled freelancers is only going to increase and it is quite possible that the hourly rates may also see an upward trend.

Since there is a premium attached to the services of the specialist over the generalist, separately managing of the social media account is seen adding to the fee chargeable by the freelancers.

Freelance Job #4 Content Re-writer / Content Repurposer 

Content is invaluable, while are ideas are limited. Therefore, the job of a content Re-writer / Content Repurposer is to take the content from one platform and re-write it for the other platform. For example, we would like the content of this article to be used for writing the script of a video on the same subject. Now the language and flow of the article may not suit the style of a video script because the script is written in a manner as if the person is having a dialogue with the viewer.

Agreed he can’t hear the viewer but at least the viewer can hear the presenter.

Similarly the content repurposer may be asked to do vice versa also – to convert a video script into a blog article.

The third idea would be to take the pieces out of the large script and write content for Instagram / FaceBook / LinkedIn posts.

Freelance Job #5 Video Script Writer

For example, this article written by me can’t be used as it is for  the script of a video on my YouTube channel on the same topic. The blog article and YouTube Video script are entirely different from each other in terms of flow. Since big bloggers and / or YouTubers have grown in size, writing a video script is an art and skill now.

Hence being a specialised area, you can also command a better price for the services offered by you as the video script writer. Of course, you need to have the understanding and a passion for the particular subject or topic.

Freelance Job #6 Specialized Content Writer for Social Media

The reader may wonder that what is new about the Freelance Job as a Content Writer. Well wait a minute. Yes, writing a blog may be a freelance job which has been around on the internet for quite some time now but have you seen the recent content below the Instagram Images or above the Face Book images?

These posts are now well written and engaging. They are rather long and not that short or just the bullet points hurriedly put together.

Perhaps a regular blog content writer may not be able to write such posts or may be interested in writing them. So here is a unique and upcoming opportunity for you. Just read the posts at LinkedIn / Instagram / Twitter / Face Book etc. If you can do them, you may be able to command a premium price for your freelance writing services because you will be seen as a specialist.

Freelance Job #7 Launch Specialist

This is again a specialized job where a person with specialization and experience in Social Media and Internet Marketing helps the companies market their products or services on internet.

This may include launching of new products and marketing existing products through digital methods such as via e mail marketing, blogging and other different social media platforms. Further, to drive the traffic, the launch specialist may like to use a judicious mix of organic traffic and paid traffic.

To strategize, plan, organize and execute would be the job of launch specialist. Perhaps it may not be possible for an individual to do all this. So you may need a small team to do it all.

Your team may include an e mail campaigns specialist, social media buyer and organic traffic specialist.

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Freelance Job #8 E mail Marketing Manager

There may be hardly anyone who is not using e mail for personal or professional purposes. E mail is now a very powerful tool to reach out to potential customers to create awareness about the company or its product or to launch a product or to sell a product online.

This means sending out a few thousand e mail every day under a campaign for a few days. For this required would be a database, filters to select right kind of people within that data bank besides a good hands on experience on specialized e mail marketing software. The popular ones being Aweber, Getresponse, Convertkit, Sendlane, Mailchimp etc.

One should be thoroughly familiar with at least two of them and have access to a good sized database which can meet the requirements of the client. If you have this, well you are good to take charge as a freelance e mal marketing specialist of work for the company – part time or full time.

If you are able to connect with just a few clients who can give you regular business then you may need to look at any additional line of business – you’ll be so busy.

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