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Key Benefits of the Individual Executive Coaching Program through us

  • Right Perspective: Learn to see the situations, issues, challenges in the right perspective by moving away from them and find most appropriate solutions and strategies to deal with them effective.
  • Self Development: It is very difficult to work on yourself alone. You always need a right professional coach who can instill and reinforce qualities like Better Self Confidence, Positive Thinking, Communication, Public Speaking, Leadership, Team Building etc. to mention a few
  • Goals Setting: Our Executive Coaching Program guide in setting your immediate, short term, medium term and long term goals in a most precise and scientific manner
  • Change Management: Change is inevitable and resistance to change is self damage. You will learn how to anticipate change, accept the change and go with the change to the maximum advantage of self, your team and your organisation
  • Removal of Fears and Phobias: It is quite OK for an individual to be scared of certain things or have certain negative beliefs. But if they become a mental blocks to your further performance then it is very necessary to remove them. Our executive coaching program helps you to identify, remove these limiting beliefs and replace them with positive ones.
  • Reinforcement of Positive Qualities: The personality and working style of a person is a resultant of both his positive qualities as well as the negative qualities. The professional world is highly competitive and complex where just the simple professional degree and sincere working is not enough to survive – leave alone progressing. A number of tips, experiences and strategies are shared. You are encouraged to imbibe the useful and relevant ones.
  • Mentoring: Even the most efficient and talented managers get stuck somewhere on their progress path. They not only find it difficult to come out of such tricky situation but sometimes give up. This is the time you need the support, guidance, motivation and techniques of an experienced and professional coach.

Key Benefits of the Individual Executive Coaching Program

Who is the Executive Coach

You will be personally mentored and coached by Sundeep Kataria

Sundeep Kataria’s approach

Our executive coaching is a five-stage process:

  1. Assessment – he uses a variety of techniques – including personality and cognitive measures over a free and frank discussion – to gain an in depth understanding of each individual’s needs.
  2. Customization – no two individuals are same nor are their circumstances. Therefore, recognizing each professional executive’s individual current needs a unique Executive Program is carefully chalked out.
  3. Conducting the Program – After determining the specific steps and inputs that will improve the performance and help the executive, this is then implemented over a few one to one sessions in a most professional manner.
  4. Feedback – This is a continuous process which gives a clear picture of how the executive is receiving the coaching and what changes / modifications / additions need to be done with an idea to help the executive to realize his or her full potential.
  5. After Program Support – From his long experience of mentoring, guiding and coaching, Sundeep Kataria understands that a few sessions alone are not enough to leave the executive alone in the sea of sharks. Therefore, he is available on phone to quickly discuss any specific issue or for seeking suggestions for a period of 6 months.

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Contact Details

Call us: +91- 11 – 43022692, 43022693 or +91-9873372726 to talk to us and discuss your requirements.
E-mail us: mycvmaking@gmail.com

Our Working Hours

Monday through Saturday, 10.00 am to 6.00 pm

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