Effective Personality Development Tips

Effective Personality Development Tips

Do I need Effective Personality Development Tips?

Let us try to answer your question by understanding that what is your equation with your friends and professional colleagues? Is it something like this:

  • You feel that your office colleagues or friends don’t give you the kind of attention you would like to have from them?
  • Your boss or seniors at workplace don’t take you very seriously? 

If it so, then it is clear that your presence fails to make an impact when you are with an individual or in a group. Simply put you need to develop your personality to the extent that that there is a marked improvement in your communication skills, body language, attire and level of self confidence.

What does Personality Development mean ?

The key to improving your personality is making certain changes in your external as well internal mechanism including certain behaviour patterns to reinforce good personality traits and remove or reduce negative personality traits. These changes will touch upon many aspects of you such as communication skills, body language, clothing and self confidence etc.

If you feel discouraged or disappointed that how can you work on your own on so many things such as language skills, confidence level, dressing etc. all at the same time, then hang on. There is no need to run away of press the panic button.

This article will systematically share with you the sources of information and also give you very important and useful personality development tips. Get your pen and paper and get ready to take notes.

How to Improve Personality 

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There are two ways to go about it, and you may choose both or either one of them.

Self Help

First is the self help approach. Under this there is no one to guide you. You may do self assessment or go in for psychological testing to pinpoint the areas where you need to do improvement. Even very close and true friends can guide you. Besides your parents, siblings and spouse can also give true feedback.

Based on the feedback and / or self assessment, you may buy self development books. Of course, good articles in magazines and newspapers, blogs like this on internet and you tube videos on the subjects of personality development, improve communications skills, how to improve your level of self confidence can also be very helpful. After you have assimilated all the useful inputs, you have to devote certain time everyday and regularly act on the tips and advice given to improve your personality.

External or Professional Help

The second method is to take the help of professionals and get classes or training in the fields of Personality Development, Communication Skills, Leadership Skills, Time Management and Grooming. The advantages of Personality Development training and taking classes on other related subjects may prove to be more focussed and give the benefits of the supervision of the expert coach.

Also you may do both – self help and getting the coaching. Thus there are 3 options for embarking on the journey of personality development.

Highly Effective Personality Development Tips

Let us now bring to your some select and useful Personality Development Tips and just how you can work on them to improve personality yourself. It is suggested that you take up one topic at a time!

Tip 1: Improve your English 

Since you are reading this blog in English, it should be quite obvious that your official language of work is English. And if it is not then you can work on your language – French, German, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu etc. Bear in mind that the level of success and maturity a person can have is directly in proportion to his power of expression which in turn is dependent on command he or she has on the language.

Thus read as much as you can but it has to be good literature in magazines, newspapers, books and blogs. But be selective and read only the best and do not read trash or substandard. Merely reading is not sufficient. You have to learn and imbibe new words daily and use them in your conversation immediately.

Soon you will find that your communication is making a better impact.

Tip 2: Dress up well

About the author
Sundeep Kataria is CEO of a Management firm ACS Consultants. He is the Chief Coach, Executive Mentor and has been training people since 1997.

 As mentioned in the earlier part of this blog article, improvement in your external looks is also a part of personality development. When a person meets you, he first notices your external appearance before he gets a chance to know you a little better. Hence good and appropriate dressing is one of the most looked-into aspects in a corporate work culture. Also good, clean attire in contemporary fashion helps you look and feel more confident.

Therefore, make it a habit to dress in a decent and professional set of clothes. Make sure your dress is neatly ironed and you wear laced shoes. Ensure that the color combination is appropriate to suit the occasion, fitting is just right giving you an overall decent and professional look. Most importantly you should look and feel comfortable the whole day long. Needless to say that you should avoid flashy attire.

Though proper dressing alone will not improve your personality, but it has a considerable amount of impact on enhancing your personality.

Tip 3: Change Personality Traits and Behaviour Patterns

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As mentioned in the beginning, the improvement of personality or the Personality Development process does involve checking the negative or unwanted behaviours. This is done by identifying and limiting them and replacing them with the desired and superior behaviours. This is a psychological process of self development, requiring a lot of mental efforts too.

So pick any one or two personality traits that you want to change. For example, you may want to be less shy and more confident.

List the behaviours that endorse your shyness such as keeping quiet when in a group, leaving parties early, not taking a stand, not expressing your opinion, avoiding eye contact or refusing to volunteer. Next choose an opposite behavior to take on. For example, do speak up, participate in the chats, have at least 50% eye contact or accept more invitations to social events.

Tip 4: Take up a Sport to improve personality

The physical action through the new activity will give you a work out when you do it regularly. Certainly this will help improve your personality, as the physical action can rejuvenate your body and mind, give you more energy. Thus this gives to your personality the much needed boost you were waiting for.

The more physical fit will make you feel healthier and better. This will improve your body language and you will look smarter even in the same clothes. Is it not taking you towards personality development?

Tip 5: Learn a new hobby and develop a better personality

The pressure of studies and the load of responsibilities in work and domestic life make most of us sacrifice whatever interest and hobbies we had. The monotony sets in, making us boring in the eyes of others and we also take less interest in our surroundings. Suppose you were to take up photography as a hobby, you will become more aware of faces, lights, colours, nature and much more. You are slowly moving to become more aware and sensitive to your surroundings and becoming a more interesting person for yourself and others.

You may like to paint, sketch cartoons, collect stamps, sing or learn to play some musical instrument. Soon others will notice a welcome change in your personality – even before you do.

Effective Personality Development Tips

Helpful Suggestions to make the process of Personality Development More Effective

1. First things First 

Don’t work in a haphazard manner or randomly chose just anything to work on. Assess yourself and identify top three traits that you need to work on. For example, it could be your Dress, Communications Skill and Confidence Level. Thus put Leadership Training on hold.

2. Take Baby Steps

Begin the change or improvement process with one thing at a time. So gain control of one trait, work on it and then go to next. Do not expect to have a dramatic makeover of your personality in one day, week, month or even year.

 3. Have Patience

Rome was not built in a day. Nor can you can change your behaviour patterns and subconscious level programming instantly. Hence exercise patience and celebrate small achievements in the beginning.

4. Remain Vigilant

Review your progress to find positive changes. Reinforce it by encouraging yourself and celebrating it. Do expect some backsliding. When slip-ups happen, don’t brood on them. Just keep moving in the direction you want to go.

5. Be Persistent

Keep at it. If one method does not give great results, switch to second and if that too disappoints then to third and to another. Change the techniques, alter the path but don’t change your goals and your commitment to develop a better personality.

6. Build on Success

As your new habits, traits and behaviour become ingrained identify another new habit or area to work on and keep at the continuous task of personality improvement.

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