Easy Ways to Ruin Job Interview

Easy ways to ruin Job Interview

Easy ways to ruin Job Interview

I am an HR Consultant with more than 15 years and my specializations are Talent Search, Interview Training, Executive Coaching and Career Counselling. We are a well known Recruitment Firm and our clients in different industries are constantly asking us to look for suitable talent for different positions, at different levels in various domains. It is therefore but natural for us to conduct hundreds of interviews of potential candidates every month. From our experience we find that despite very good potential and talent the job seeker do not get through. Why? Well here are some Easy Ways to Ruin Job Interview.

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Attitude before and during job interview

It is my experience that each person looks the interview differently. Even with the same person, the point of view keeps changing with his need of the day, the mood and the age. Therefore, how they perform during the interview is an outer reflection of what is going on inside their head.

Most of the candidates come prepared for the job interview but quite a few are only partially prepared. For the purpose of this blog, they can be put in the category of semi serious or non serious and also over confident. Besides there can be some cases when the candidates do not come prepared at all.

It is easy to spoil the Job Interview

From my real life experience of many years, I can tell you that it takes a little effort to be successful in the preliminary interview and it takes just the same efforts to ruin the job interview.

If the candidate is not ready to invest on himself and consciously does not take just a few steps then he is sure to spoil the chances of otherwise getting a good job opportunity which could help to develop his career further.

English Video: Easy ways to Ruin Job Interview

Easy ways to Ruin Job Interview

1.  Arrive late without any reason

By reaching late you are only showing that you are least interested about the job and you have no respect for the organisation or the time of interviewers.

Suggestion: You are not required to reach one hour or even half an hour before time. Reach at the interview venue just 10 minutes before the given time – if you wish to make a good impression. In case due to some inevitable and foreseen reason you are likely to be late then call them and seek their permission to reach late by certain time.

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2.  Dress inappropriately

Attending the interview in any dress – especially which is not suitable for the position you are applying for is likely to go against you. Even a dirty or wrinkled outfit is a sure sign to make a wrong impression on your interviewer.

Suggestion: as long as you are in neat attire which is well pressed, well fitting and makes you look smart and active is good enough to make a positive impression. Also use neutral and decent colours rather than very loud or dull colours.

Easy ways to ruin Job Interview

Easy ways to ruin Job Interview

3. Using cell phone

While the interview is in progressing and your phone rings or you keep responding via text messages is extremely irritating.

Even if you play with the cell phone or you keep looking at your cell phone – you are spoiling your chance of getting through the interview.

Suggestion: Put your phone on silent or better switch off and keep it in your pocket or bag. Most of the non serious candidates put the phone on the table and keep looking at their mobile phone. This is going to distract both the candidate as well as the interviewers.

4.  Criticizing your Employer or Colleagues

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During the interview you decide to openly criticize your ex-boss or colleague or organisational policies. No matter how genuine and correct is your point of view but you are not supposed to be putting them under the bad light especially during the first round of the interview – in fact never.

This is reflecting on your personality and the interviewer may think that it is your behavior pattern to criticize. The potential employer may think that are you going to repeat the same behavior in the future if you are offered a job.

Suggestion: Let us assume that you have been having a very bad experience in your current or in one of the earlier employment but that does not give you any advantage if you criticize one individual or the organisation as a whole. Give a diplomatic answer instead.

5   Ask the interview tell you about the company

This is the greatest mistake you can ever make to ruin the interview thoroughly. In today’s world almost every bit of information is available on the internet. Therefore the interviewers expect you to do some research at least about the company and know the job profile well before coming to the interview.

Suggestion: ask your placement consultant for the necessary information. Alternatively you may yourself do a little research about the company and what kind of candidates they are the looking for and what is the job profile. Do remember to go through the website of the organisation.

Easy ways to ruin Job Interview

Easy ways to ruin Job Interview

6.  Have a bored look on your face

The organisations would like to carefully hire someone who is cheerful, pleasant and flexible so that he or she can quickly adjust to the culture of the company. Therefore, the interviewer look for such qualities in the person which goes to confirm that she or he is energetic, smart, active and pleasant so that there is any excitement in him or her about taking up the new job.

By giving a bored look or chewing a pencil or looking in the other direction while talking.

Suggestion: Smile often, let there be a pleasant facial expression and your body language should show that you are energetic person who is keen to interact and is excited about the idea of getting a job offer from you. While interacting with your prospective employer make eye contact also.

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It is not always the qualifications or the type of experience or the current employer organisation which will get you the job definitely. In fact, it is your attitude (which is an integral part of your personality) which will first decide if you are suitable for the job or not.

The interviewer will notice your your behaviour within first 10 seconds and decide whether you are being liked by them. Other things will be seen much later.

Therefore, be at your very best on these things and improve your chances of a career development.

I wish you all the best!

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