Common Mistakes to Avoid While Looking for Job


Common Mistakes to Avoid While Looking for Job

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Looking for Job

During my 15 + years of experience as an HR Consultant and Recruiter, I often find that the Job Seeker whether a fresher or an experienced professional make certain mistakes. Not only that these mistakes can cause frustrating delays in getting a job of their choice or sometimes may result into an exercise in futility (although it is an extreme case with a small percentage of probability).

My observation and analysis has helped me to identify some of these mistakes which are common in nature and have been repeated by people irrespective of their education, domain, demographic, specialisation, industry and seniority level.

In brief, these are most common mistakes to avoid while looking for job.

What are these mistakes?

There are mistakes which one commits inadvertently at various stages during the process of looking for job. Such as writing the CV which has many irregularities, corresponding with the placement consultant, communication with the prospective client which lacks in quality, not taking the interview seriously, treating the job offer unprofessionally.

Let us find out those mistakes that any job seeker can avoid to his advantage.

Unclear Goals

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The importance of goals in life hardly need to be over emphasized. In this context, when I ask a candidate what kind of job he or she is looking for the answer may be “I want a good job in a big company,” or “ I want a managerial position” or “ I don’t want a sales job”. Even if God were appear personally, He would not be able to help such candidates. This is because, there is nothing specific about the direction the candidate wants to take and the responses are too vague for the consultant or the potential employer to understand what kind of change is the job seeker looking for.

The example of a better answer could be, “I would like the job of a Manufacturing Manger in a 2 wheeler manufacturing company, preferably in a company in which is one of the top 3.” This is well understood as this person is a qualified Automobile Engineer, with 12 years of production experience in the automobile and auto components industry and he is currently employed as the Production Manger in a motorcycle company which is 4th largest in the country.

Poorly Written Resume

The search for employment starts with the job seeker giving away a printed copy of his resume or sending it via e mail while responding to the advertisement or posting it online on the job portals. If the CV lacks in giving full information or is not well written then it is unlikely to attract the attention of the recruiter. This will lead to the rejection at the search level itself, leaving no chance for progressing further to the interview stage, leave alone getting the offer of employment.

For any job advertised or search mandate given to the placement consultant, there can be thousands of resumes which broadly match the job profile, but only those resumes shall be shortlisted which fit the description very closely. Hence, the CV has to be descriptive, yet not very lengthy or very short; it has to well formatted, grammatically correct and chronologically presented to give the reader the pleasure of reading and ease of understanding. No CV should miss out on the achievements and “what extra” the candidate brings to the table. In short, the CV should make an impact !

Last but not the least, the contact details have to be clearly mentioned and should be double checked for any probable error. Yet a big number of job seekers seem to take these things lightly oblivious of the fact that they are missing out on the opportunities for which they could have been found very suitable.

Therefore, the job seekers must spend good time, energy and efforts to create an impactful resume. A word of caution: do not provide incorrect information to decorate your CV.  It is easy to find out if the candidate is lying on his CV.

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Absence of Cover Letter

Most of the job seekers either don’t know what a covering letter is or attach least importance to it while some simply use a standard cover letter. If you want to stand out among the hundreds of job applicants, you should have a good cover letter too.

For every job application, one should send a customized cover letter highlighting key strengths and capabilities that are suitable to the position he/she is applying to.

No Online Presence

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Online presence is almost a necessity rather than just a recommendation or a mere suggestion. There are two reasons for this. The recruiter or the prospective employer sometime like to check about the reputation of the candidate or if has the recommendations of his present or ex – colleagues / bosses etc. The absence of your online profile such as LinkedIn can be quite discouraging. This may fail to convince the new employer that you an accomplished professional or a leader in your chosen field.

Secondly, these days quite a few recruiters like to go to Social Media sites to do online search for their candidates. If your name does not figure in the search results thrown up by the search engine then you are mostly likely to be deprived of the chance to be considered for that job – even if you could have been one of the most suitable candidates.

Therefore, create online identity and nurture on business and social networking profiles. Make it easier for the recruiters to find you.

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To wrap up

There is always room for improvement, whether it is the quality of communication or the resume or the performance in the job interview. Especially because of the mistakes one makes during his/her interview, employers often reject the person.

It is never too late, if you pay attention to a few points mentioned above, I am sure you too will be favoured with better results than your previous job search exercise.

All the best!

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