Career Opportunities After Online Degrees

Career Opportunities After Online DegreesOnline colleges offering online degrees through multiple online courses have been around for over four decades now. Many of such online colleges offer online MBA degrees and claim that their curriculum is designed in a manner that there are good career opportunities after online degrees for the students of their online courses.

Career Opportunities after Online Degrees

The question whether there are adequate career opportunities after online degrees and online MBA courses or not has been on the minds of aspiring students for a long time. Along with finding an answer to this pertinent question, we shall also give a look to many other aspects closely connected with this issue.

We shall talk about the growing popularity of online colleges and online courses, career counselling by online colleges, whether an online degree helps you in getting a job and other related items of common interest.

How popular are the various online colleges, their online courses and online degrees?

The popularity of such online colleges and their online courses, including online MBA courses, had seen a declining trend for a short while a few years ago. However, the very fact that the number of such online colleges offering online degrees has consistently been going up in the last many years (but for a small dip mentioned above) shows how popular they are with the young generation today.

These numbers may also be an indication of the multiple career opportunities that these online degrees offer.

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Online MBA

Online MBA is the preferred choice of many students who are pursuing full time jobs. Online MBA is generally a two year program. Many online colleges also offer one year or 18 months online MBA courses. An online MBA degree helps students find better jobs easily. Just like a regular MBA degree, an online MBA degree also prepares you to contribute to the society and business in a meaningful way.

An online MBA course truly improves your proficiencies in multiple ways. Many online colleges specifically tailor their online MBA courses for working adults. An online MBA degree also gives you an edge in the highly competitive global market.

For online MBA, the popular streams are Accounting, Economics, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Healthcare, Hospitality, IT, Logistics, Law and Tourism.

Does an online degree help you get a job?

As mentioned above, the reputation of online courses, online colleges and online degrees had taken a beating for a short while some years ago. That was mainly on account of a few unscrupulous people and institutions which had sprung up with the sole intention of making a quick buck. As a result, even HR professionals had become a bit cautious.

But the situation has changed to a large extent now. It can be said with reasonable certainty that an online degree does help you to get a job. However, the students do still need to take due care before joining just any online college or online course.

Online Colleges and Career Counselling Services

Today, millions of students are enrolled in online colleges for online courses, including online MBA degrees. Online colleges offer hundreds of online courses and online degrees at bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate levels. Over the last few years, many online colleges have started career counselling services for their students who complete their online MBA course or obtain other online degrees.

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Factors that prospective students should consider before finalizing an online course or online college

If you are an aspiring student, you should consider the following factors while short listing on online course or online college:

  • Your intrinsic aptitude and liking as to which discipline you should pursue as a career;
  • The types of jobs and career progression opportunities that are available in the field chosen or short listed by you;
  • What the employers in the chosen field are looking for
  • The skills that you need to acquire to fit the bill and
  • Which reputed online colleges offer online courses integrating all the factors stated above.

It would be important to note that many online colleges have designed handy tools that help prospective students complete the above mentioned activities online with ease from the comfort of their homes.

Major changes in the attitudes of employers and HR professionals

In a large survey and study conducted by a reputed organization, it was revealed that more than fifty percent of the employers said that if two people with similar experience applied for a particular job, then they did not distinguish between them if one of them had obtained his degree from a brick-and-mortar college while the other had obtained an online degree from an online college. However, the reputation of the online college did make a difference and was a factor considered by many employers. Close to eighty percent of the employers said that they had hired an employee with an online degree during the preceding 12 months.

Problems being encountered by online colleges and online students

Many online colleges feel that they still face many hurdles while convincing many recruiters that the online degrees and online courses being offered by them match the quality and standard of brick-and-mortar colleges in almost every respect. They ask the recruiters as to what specific skills the latter expect to see in the prospective recruits and then impart those to their students of online courses. Such online colleges also consult the employers on curriculum development for their online courses.

The experiments mentioned above have worked extremely well in the case of online courses on nursing where nursing students from online colleges have also been given practical exposure in the field. This was particularly useful as ‘how to touch the patient’ cannot really be taught in an online class. Truly, it has been a ‘Win-Win’ situation for both the students as well as the employers. Employers too get an opportunity to tell the online colleges their specific requirements so that the online courses are designed accordingly to produce candidates who are suitable for recruitment right away.

What are the career opportunities after getting online degrees?

While most employers may not feel inclined to grant equal credibility to degrees obtained through regular brick-and-mortar colleges and online degrees, there is a general consensus that as more and more people find suitable jobs after getting their online degrees from various reputed and well established online colleges, there are sufficient career opportunities after online degrees as well. Further, such career opportunities after online MBA and other online degrees are increasing with every passing day with increase in the credibility of the online courses.

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