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Career Counselling

  • I am confused about my career. I don’t know what career line to take?
  • What graduation course should I take? I want a job quickly after completing the education?
  • I am unhappy with my job! What should I do? Can I change my career line? 
  • My career has stopped growing. I am unsure which career path to take?

If you have such questions, then you have come to just the right place!

What we do for you

Our Career Counselling Service is designed to help you chose your ideal career so you can enjoy your work day after day. If you stay in a job you dislike you will not make any progress whereas you will prosper and write your own success story if you work in the domain you are passionate about!

We will work with you to help you find your passion and natural talents. This will help you move forward in your career and achieve your full potential.

Our Career Counsellors

Our Career Counsellors are experts in the field and have a wealth of experience across a variety of industries. Armed with professional and academic education they have extensive knowledge of a wide range of careers, professions, industries and courses. Your Career Counsellor will give you professional, independent of any bias advice on your choice of occupation, course and employment options.

They have a dedication and commitment to client satisfaction and will ensure you receive the best information available to move forward in your career domain.

Our Career Advice is suitable for


  • Class 12 students who are going to choose a career and need guidance on course and subjects.
  • Graduates who are looking for career advice and discussions on suitable employment options.
  • Individuals who are considering Masters Course / Professional Course / Post Graduate study and need discussion and guidance in choosing the right field and course.

Already Employed

  • Executives and Professionals who are thinking of a career change and need help / guidance in planning their next move properly.
  • The inquisitive who are interested to see if there are better career options now or if they are in the ‘right’ career.

How to avail of our Career Counselling

We provide career guidance and coaching services online, over the phone and in person at New Delhi.

The Career Counselling Program

Our career counselling program has 3 step processes:

1. Understanding and analyzing present profile.

We begin by understanding your professional profile better by assessing your education, interests, values and personality. This can also be called career interest profiler.
(Time taken up to 1 hour for fresher to middle level executive and up to 2 hours for senior and top level executive)

2. Survey and selection of suitable career options
The next step is to scan the world of education and occupations in different industries and to shortlist the most suitable and matching further education course and / or career options.

3. Presentation of career advice
A summarized report is prepared and sent to you by email or presented to you in person (as the case may be)
(Time taken 30 minutes)

The benefits of Career Counselling you may look forward to

  • Discover the careers that best suit your interests, values and personality;
  • Explore new career options that best suit you;
  • Learn about your educational courses options at colleges and / or universities in India
  • Develop an action plan to help you on your path to a fulfilling career.

Contact Details

Call us: +91- 11 – 43022692, 43022693 or +91-9873372726 to talk to us and discuss your requirements.
E-mail us:

Our Working Hours

Monday through Saturday, 10.00 am to 6.00 pm

Proceed with the Career Consultation now

Services 0-3 years 3 to 7 years 7 to 14 years 14 to 20 years
Career Consultation Rs. 5000 (USD $83.00)
Rs. 5500 (USD $92.00)
Rs. 6000 (USD $100.00)
Rs. 8000 (USD $135.00)

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