How to Write A Great Blog – Blog Writing Techniques

To create a great blog you need effective blog writing techniques. Here are blog writing techniques to produce awesome articles fast and you enjoy writing

I recently watched some videos on YouTube where they showed how to write a great blog – blog writing techniques in 5 minutes using 3 websites which are free to use. It was something like this:

  1. Go to a Topic Selector Site and select a topic after giving the subject of your choice
  2. Find one to three articles already written on the internet  on that topic
  3. Take the help of a free article spinner or article re-writer and get a plagiarism free article.

(Hint: you can search for all these sites on Google)

The cons of such blog writing techniques

Sure, this is an easy method. But why don’t big bloggers use it and increase their income easily?

Why then there is a need to hire the article writers at such high prices?

Why sites like Upwork, iwriter, Fiverr are doing millions of dollars worth of business.

Have you ever thought about it?

Well the answer is simple. Neither Google nor the visitors on your site are so naive. Google looks for high quality, original and well written article only then Google will rank your article.

Google is also studying the audience behavior on your site. So if the bounce rate is high or the average time spent on your blog is very short then do you think Google will take that as a signal of good article.

So what is the way out?

How to Write a Great Blog Content – Blog Writing Techniques

Well let me tell you how to write great articles in a short period of time and you will also have fun writing the blog articles. Not only that, if you always write your articles  using the blog writing techniques I am going to share with you, you will reap many more monetary and non monetary benefits in the long run.

Great Blog Content Writing Techniques

This is method is actually a combination of 5 steps.

Step #1 Discover your area of interest

If you are a new blogger, don’t just start writing and publishing articles which you get easily or think will draw lot of traffic.

The best recommendation of any experienced blogger would be to ask yourself that what subjects or topics you like. May be you have a great hobby or are passionate about something. Let us take two examples here – photography and bikes.

So if your hobby is photography then it is safe to presume that compared to a normal person you know much more and in depth about photography.

May be you are crazy about bikes and have all the facts and figures about the latest bikes, best bikes, classic bikes, engine capacity, price etc. – everything is on your tips.

So if you were to be asked to come to an event and share your knowledge about photography, I am sure you would be very happy and perhaps you would not need any preparation. You may deliver a great talk for over 1 hour.

An average human being talks at a speed of 100 to 130 words, since you are very knowledgeable and passionate it would be safe to take 130 words per minute. That means you delivered a talk of 130 x 60 = 7800 words. That is a lot!

Actually it is a material for 5 blog articles, considering the size of your blog to be about 1500 words.

The idea does not stop here. When you are putting down your thoughts, you will need to copy articles or combine 2 – 3 articles and write a new article.

This means you will write your articles very fast and they would be almost 100% plagiarism free, original, authentic and straight from the heart.

Now you may wonder what will happen after 5th article. Where will the topics come from?

Well don’t you worry a bit! I can assure you that while writing first 2 or 3 articles, so many ideas will come to your mind that you will need to take a note of them and write on them as subsequent articles.

Of course, I am also assuming that you will expand your knowledge and experience. You may like to test new bikes, read more technical literature, visit the factories of the bike manufacturers, interview the professional bikers etc.

Similarly, if you are a new blogger, avoid posting articles on any and every subject or topic which you fancy.

In fact, any blogger can try this method.

Step #2 Know Your Audience and Write for Your Audience

It is important to keep your audience profile always in your mind. Everything else will flow easily and naturally. Once you know your audience profile, you will know of their needs, probable issues, interests etc. This is what you need to address in your blogs through simple, clear and friendly writing.

For example, if you like to write about bikes, you may like to keep in mind that your audience is in the age group of 25 to 45, who are able to afford slightly more expensive bikes, they like to go on long drives once in two months.

So if you are writing an article about customizing their bikes, you may share specific tips about making the bikes more comfortable for long drives, fitting with accessories which can be useful for a 4 to 5 days trip like carrying extra luggage, what type of spare parts to carry etc.

Once your article contents are found to be useful by the target audience, you will touch their hearts and they will eagerly await your next blog. This way your blog articles will become more engaging – since they are appealing and useful.

Step#3  Decide on the topic of your blog

Before starting to write the blog, you may like to spend some time to select a great topic. A good topic is the attraction point of your blog, so it pays to come up with a good topic.

If you’re having a difficult time thinking of blog topics, turn to trustworthy websites like Quora or answerthepublic or the top websites in your niche.

Treat these sites as gold mines of great ideas and outstanding information, so it pays to pick up the trending topics from them.

Step #4 Organize your thoughts

Once you have decided on the topic, tens or may be hundreds of thoughts will start bombarding your mind. But you can’t just throw them to your readers in that fashion.

So sit down, capture your thoughts on paper or computer. Take your time. Simply jot down the important points you want to communicate and arrange them in an order. Put aside any ideas that are not directly related to these points.

Once you have finished taking the notes, you shall need an outline for writing the blog.

Outlines keep you focused on the topic. They stop you from writing a blog which is a poor collection of information spread over a few paragraphs. A good outline gives a smart structure to your post. This makes your blog post a delight to read.

You may also call it the planning of your blog.

Step #5 Do Your Research

Let the step no. 4 show you if you have all the information available with you to create a great blog post or you need to collect some more information to fill in the gaps.

Let me honestly share a secret with you. Even the most professional bloggers (myself included) don’t know everything.

Even if you are writing in your most favorite subject domain, it is quite possible that you may need to validate or update some data. So without any shame, do your research, collect the facts from most authentic sources and include in your blog post.

Step #6 Writing the blog

This is the point when the real action starts. You now have the road map of your blog in terms of the outline in front of you. All you have to do is to write or type blog content.

Make sure that you begin with a captivating first para. It is the first paragraph which if written well will decide that the reader will continue reading rest of the blog or will leave your page.

Try to write your blog content easy to read. Write small paragraphs with easy to understand content. Ensure that you never present your readers with heavy dose of information which is not digestible.

Keep your suggestions and tips user friendly. For example, you may like to include a list of tools which a biker must carry with him on weekend trips.

Second tip could be a cheat sheet for getting the best mileage out the bike.

Breaking the contents of your blog into interesting chunks with use of right keywords will help to make it better for SEO.

Video: How To Write A Great Blog – Blog Writing Techniques

To Sum Up

The idea of this article is to give you a framework so that you can write on your own good quality content for an outstanding blog.

These techniques are equally effective for WordPress blog writing, or if you have been thinking of how to write a post on LinkedIn.

If you are planning to become a freelance blog writer also these blog writing techniques would definitely be quite helpful. Also refer to: Freelance Jobs Online For Beginners

Follow the suggestions, tips, techniques and method given here, and you will soon fulfill your dream of becoming a successful blogger.

Dear Readers,

Hope you liked the information given above and found it useful too. You may also like to read following related articles on this website:

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