Best Work from Home Ideas for Housewives

Best Work from Home IdeasAre you an educated lady who does not enjoy going to the office every day or you are a homemaker with lot of free time at hand. Obviously you are looking for best work from home ideas for housewives .

Double Congratulations to you! First you are at the right page and second you are at the right time. Did you know that in America alone, about 40 million ladies work from home. Thanks to the economy and the technology, there are now more suitable opportunities to work from home than before.

Best Work from Home Ideas for Housewives

We list below some practical and simple ideas, which any person can chose and make money online. So even if you are not a housewife or for that matter not a female, you can still make money from home. All you need is some good skills in your preferred area of work and a computer and an Internet connection.

With a bit of determination and motivation to push you, you can get started.

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Work from Home Idea #1: Shoot and Post How To Videos

Shoot and Post How To VideosThink of the areas, you are good at and you can explain it well to others too. It could be improving conversational English (or for that matter any other language) or how to bake cakes and pastries. All you need is a quiet corner of your house, a camera ( even a good smart phone camera will do) and editing skills. This is one of the most popular, worked upon and perhaps best work from home ideas for housewives. In fact, any one like a student, retired person, teacher and freelancer can try it and become successful at making money online.

Write a good script of not more than 3 to 4 minutes, explain well, making the whole thing very interesting and easy to understand. Post a few videos on You Tube (there are other sites too) and promote them on Social Media.

If everything goes well, you may be popular soon. You will know this from your per day video watching statistics and the increasing number of subscribers.

You Tube is going to pay you about US $ 1 to 2 per one thousand views. Before, you raise your eyebrows, let me tell you that there are already a very large number of people who are making at least US $ 500 to 1,000 per month.

Work from Home Idea #2: Multilevel Marketing (MLM) or Network Marketing

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Network marketing — also known as multi-level marketing — is a method of direct selling of products yourself and also by recruiting and encouraging team under you ( called down lines) work within a frame work of structure laid out by the MLM company. The amount of money you make (as a distributor) is from the commissions drawn from the volume of sales generated by you and also your recruits. The amount of sales generated by you every month depends on how good you are at selling products and simultaneously your efficiency at recruiting new associates.

Over a period of time, with your hard work, network and some luck, the multi-tiered nature of a network marketing organization can produce healthy profits.

Some of the well known direct selling companies are Amway, Oriflame, Avon, and Mary Kay. Typically the products are Cosmetics, health related items and wellness products. In USA, about 15 million individuals are involved in direct selling, generating a sales of $29.5 billion in the US and $113 billion worldwide, according to the Direct Selling Association, Washington.

I am sure, this would include many housewives, students, freelancers, and other work from home individuals.

The keys to success in this business are persistence, recruitment and training.

Work from Home Idea #3: Voice over Professional

Best Work from Home Ideas Voiceover ProfessionalA voice over professional is sound artist who lends his or her voice. The voice may be required for anything ranging from audio book, commercials, jingle, narration, animation. That’s not all; the demand for voiceover artists is ever increasing. The other purposes could be phone recordings, virtual answering services, or just a video creation.

Depending on your current location, you can find assignments with professional media companies, non profit organisations and small businesses – which are almost anywhere. Voice artists are paid on a per project or per job basis.

The earnings could range from $50 for a 15 second recording, $200 for a 30 or 60 second commercial to about $2500 for an audio book.

You can do voice recording from anywhere – as long as there is good internet connection and you have a good quality equipment including a microphone.

Work from Idea #4: Therapeutic Counselor

Almost all people have negative or bad experiences. Some take it to their heart while for some it is really a painful or traumatic experience. While it may not give any physical injury or medical problem but it gives a wide range of mental issues and emotional challenges.

Such people need Therapeutic Counselling. This could be in the form of Art therapy/Art psychotherapy / Drama therapy / Music therapy / Hypnotherapy / Spiritual Therapy.

The relatives and friends of the person who is going through the depression or anxiety or stress may not be qualified or have time to deal with such issues. So if you have acquired a degree in psychotherapy and this is the time to use it. Alternatively you may be a naturally gifted or trained as a clairvoyant / psycho. If not, there are many such short term courses. Just google for more information on programs like Theta Healing, Silva Mind Control, Louise Hay Program etc.

This is a perfectly suitable work from home idea for housewives. You get paid per visit or per hour or per healing session and you earn the respect and confidence of your clients too.

Work from Idea #5: Teach a useful Skill

 Many housewives reach a stage in their lives, when husband and kids are too busy on their own and they are suddenly left with a lot of time at their hand. Sometimes, extra money is also rather welcome. So if you have time and are getting bored sitting at home then don’t waste your time napping of watching TV or doing unproductive browsing on Social Media sites.

Think of a skill you have or had and you were proud of it. May be you are some sort of culinary expert. You could be specializing in Mexican or Chinese Food. Perhaps you are too good at baking low calorie cakes and cookies. Wow! You have got yourself a double edged sword. You could collect a few of the ladies and young girls in the neighborhood and teach them the art of baking or cooking the Mexican / Chinese delicacies. Along with that you can also undertake small orders from local residents.

You will appreciate that you do not require any investment or any special equipment. All you need is to spread the word, either by meeting other housewives at a local club, soccer game, or through social media like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram etc.

Work from Idea #6: Online Teacher

If you are from the teaching profession but do not want a typical school schedule anymore then you can skill put to use your skills and experience to earn money. That too, you can do it as per the schedule and working hours that suit you. All you need is to create your own website or publicise through social media or you can use dedicated and professional sites like,,,,, etc.

You can create a virtual classroom at home and can teach in real time via Skype or go in for pre-recorded session. In some regions, you need to be a licensed, so check that beforehand. Since you will be working with children, you can expect a background check before you are hired. The earning potential is anywhere from US $ 10 to US $35 an hour.

Work from Idea #7: Grooming & Etiquette Training Workshop

Etiquette and Grooming is an essential part of the modern urban life. Everyone is attracted to a pleasing personality. Right behavior and style strengthens the acceptability, likability of an individual in the society.

If you are from hospitality or PR background, then you  may find it interesting to conduct Etiquette classes at home or at a rented place in your neighborhood.

You have the potential to train young and old alike from the age of five onward  n the art of business dining etiquette,  etiquette , personal grooming and other social skills.

As a housewife, spending a few hours in a week, this can be a rather profitable work from home idea.

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