Best Freelance Writing Sites To Get A Job

Best Freelance Writing Sites To Get A JobIf you could secure your dream job, what might that look like to you?

When people are asked this question there are similarities in their answers. Commonalities included job flexibility, the ability to be your own boss, choice of work projects and creative expression. Freelance writing is one of those jobs people dream about. It offers the flexibility of projects and work hours. Your office could be your local coffee shop, or a peaceful park.

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Perhaps your ideal job includes sitting at your table, drinking a hot cup of coffee while working on a project. Freelance writers have the capacity to do this and more. They additionally meet and work for people all over the globe. But, the on-line freelance writing community is vast, and often writers may not know where their talents may best be served. There are many opportunities to showcase talent, creative flair and find the perfect place to write.

Best Freelance Writing Sites To Get A Job

Best Freelance Writing Sites To Get A JobBelow are a few freelance writing sites to get started on the journey toward a rewarding freelance writing job.

  • AsiaWriters –  this on-line freelance writing job site has been in business for 5 years. As a paid freelance writer, they offer constant workflow. They provide opportunities to work writing resumes, translation writing, copywriting and other projects. They offer writing support through a 24/7 live chat and resources like blog articles including tips for writing. Applicants must submit the on-line application along with writing samples. They hire writers with Bachelors, Masters and PhD degrees exclusively. Pay varies according to the project. Writers may earn up to $30 per page with bonuses up to 20% depending on client satisfaction. They pay bi-monthly through Payoneer, PayPal, Skrill or wire transfer.
  • EssayWriters – they provide essay writing for college students. Freelancers may apply to their on-line site and choose to write essays, including analytical and research based assignments. They pay according to the number of pages and turn around time. For example, if a writer takes 7 days on a project, they would earn between $4-10 per page. However, if the turn around time is 24 hours, they can earn $7-16 per page. They have live chat support. They require writing sample upon application.
  • – writers apply on-line. They are looking for academic and freelance writers for projects such as resume writing, dissertation writing, technical writing and copywriting. They have a constant workflow, so work as much or as little as desired. They pay bi-monthly at a rate of $7-31 dollars per page with bonuses for quality work. Requirements for application include Bachelors, Masters or PhD degree and prior writing experience.

  • – freelance writers may search this site for available jobs. Clients post jobs and writers apply for them. The client determines payment and rates. This site provides a blog with topics like writing tips and self-editing.
  • On-line Writing Jobs – this site began in 2006 and offers a limited amount of writing jobs. They pay up to $50 per article. They are looking for writers qualified in SEO writing, bloggers around all subject matters, or niche writers including medicine, science, tech, and travel. There are no fees to belong. All communication goes through the site, as client’s identities are protected.
  • UpWork – this site employs up to 25,000 writers. There are thousands of job postings and freelancers search by skill and topics. Writers must pass a skills test before employment. Payment is determined by the individual project.

  • – this site allows clients to post a job for 30 days, at a cost of $50. The site allows bloggers access to job descriptions, requirements and pay. Freelance blog writers apply directly to the client. This site offers many on-line resources and writing educational articles.
  • Scribendi – this is one of the oldest on-line writing employers around. They started in 1997. Job opportunities include proofreading, editing, and formatting. They are highly selective of applicants. On-line jobs and in house jobs are posted when available. Applicants must be able to write and proofread 1000-1500 words per hour. Pay depends on the job. No MAC users, PC only.
  • – this site has been in business since 1997. They employ over 5,000 freelance writers. Jobs include research paper writing, essays, business plans and case studies among others. They have 24/7 staff support. Writers may earn up to $30 per page. Bachelor, Master or PhD required. They pay bi-monthly.

If you are a novice or experienced freelance writer with the desire to succeed, consider applying to one of these freelance writing job sites. These jobs offer flexibility, good pay, plenty of options for work experience and niche writing. Your opportunity is waiting for you!

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