8 Ways to Prepare your Students for a Career in eCommerce

8 Ways to Prepare your Students for a Career in eCommerceUnquestionably, E-commerce is one of the most buzzing trends of this digital era! People are heading towards it in mass, whether they are the businessmen or the people who love shopping online. In such a scenario, if the millennials decide to opt for this stream when it comes to their career, it seems to be a smart and wise decision. In such a scenario, if the millennials decide to opt for this stream when it comes to their career, it seems to be a smart and wise decision. Hence we share 8 Ways to Prepare your Students for a Career in eCommerce.

Gone are the days when students used to dream of either becoming a doctor or an engineer. The world believes to be realistic nowadays and so does the young generation who prefer to always follow the trends enthusiastically. So, if your students want to step into the world of eCommerce, encourage and enlighten them wholeheartedly.

8 Ways to Prepare your Students for a Career in eCommerce

Now, the ultimate question which arises is that how should you train such students? I mean, being your pupils, they are completely relying on you to become successful. It’s your responsibility to make the right move so that they get in-depth knowledge which they are desiring to attain.

So, here I am with a rundown of such approaches through which you can make them ready to thrive in the smart sphere of e-commerce.

Here I go…

1. Practical Project: Let the Students Work in Shops

If you want to let your students understand the basic know-how of business, you ought to act very smartly! You must be knowing well that practical knowledge always comes prior to the theoretical understanding. Isn’t it? So, all that you need to do is allow your students to have such an experience.

Just ask them to work in any high street brick and mortar for a certain period of time, say 6 months or 3 months. After that, examine them on the basis of their acquired knowledge in terms of customer patterns, merchandising any product, and so on. This is how you let them understand the basics first!

2. Teach Them the Designing Skills

Your students who are interested in the e-commerce business need to know the art of designing various kinds of mobile apps and websites. You have to inspire them to be creative and have an eye for keenness.

However, when it comes to online stores, user experience means a lot! So, instruct your students where to put the boundary when it comes to designing websites and how to understand the customer’s choice. Sometimes too fancy and overly designed websites might repel people!

Just make sure that you are knowing the current trends before teaching to your students. To make the process easier, you can ask them to subscribe to the newsletters of the top-notch e-commerce brands. In doing so, they will come to know what are the standards.

Next, you can set some exercises for them in which let them redesign and play around with the designing stuff. This will invigorate the creativeness in them!

3. Illuminate Their Telephone Manner

When it comes to e-commerce, marketing and customer service seem to be a couple of most important streams. Now, if he or she is interested in any of these types, an excellent communication skill is a must!

So, you need to brush them up on the telephone manners. As most of the problems faced by the online shoppers are usually resolved by these two sections of people, so the professionals need to be very fluent, active, understandable, and soft-spoken while conversing.

Thus, if your students are trying to make an entry to the customer service or marketing team of any e-commerce business, they need to be smooth in all these qualities.

4. Enlighten Them About Internet and Website Traffic

This is where the technology comes into existence! Obviously, when your students are going to enter into the world of online business, they need to be well-versed about the internet.

So, to land your students in the online world, teach them about the online user behavior, what can drive traffic towards any website, how to calculate the time that users spend on an online store and the list goes on and on and on. Yes, there’s a lot of stuff to do for you!

Also, ensure that you are letting them know the basic principles of SEO which will make them understand how the websites rank on Google. Thus, there’s a lot of technical mastery that you need to teach your students to make them competitive enough.

You can set up a dummy website to let your students understand the process in a better way. Even, installing an analytic package would be a great idea! Especially, when Google analytics is absolutely free and comprehensively used!

5. Teach How to Expand their Network

It is pretty crucial for them to identify a referral contact for one or more target companies. So, you must encourage them to expand their network. The process might be quite tedious for them but it will certainly end up landing them a great e-commerce job. A few of the smartest strategies that you can opt for while letting your students expand their network are:

  • Encourage them to go where the people with similar interests are present.
  • Let your students follow a target company online. It might end up allowing them building up a connection to that professional organization. They must join that company immediately.
  • Let the e-commerce aspirants work like volunteers. For example, if they love dogs and there is a CEO of any e-commerce company present as a board member of the local animal rescue group then be a part of it and help them.

6. Show the Real Meaning of E-commerce Presence

If you want your students to land an e-commerce job soon then there have to be a mutual attraction from both the ends. Hence, your students need to showcase their skills in the best possible way to entice the e-commerce companies.

As they search a relevant job, they need do the following things:

  • Inspire them to write some articles in accordance to the job that they want. For instance, one of the students want to become an e-commerce logistics manager. In such a scenario, it could be a smart approach to let him/her describe the zone skipping ideas that he/she is having. The student can write an article regarding this on LinkedIn or Medium. If his/her writing skills are fair enough then your student might try writing a personal blog.
  • You must make your students understand that speaking out in front of a vital audience is always a smart idea to get noticed. They must do some significant research and prepare a solid and helpful presentation to speak out their words at an industry conference. It will boost up their confidence up to a great extent. You can even record your presentation and post it on YouTube or LinkedIn.
  • Let your student be proactive and smart enough to help an e-commerce reporter out there. Just be a part of the e-commerce trade press and that’s it.

7. Let their Achievements Be Recorded

Allow your students to keep a proper record of their awards and prizes all the time. Most importantly, they must include a mention about them in their resumes too. It will give an extra boost to their applications whenever they will lodge them. It should be your responsibility to make your student’s career bright and let them find the right job. For that, making a note of their achievements is pretty crucial.

8. Get Referrals for Them

This is definitely the truth that a referred candidate is more promptly hired when compared to a traditional one. Hence, it is always smart to try getting some potential referrals for your students from some established sources. It is for sure that a referred candidate will come on board before a significant duration of time than the other ones. Also, it is comparatively a cheaper affair for the companies to hire referred candidates. The more it is an appealing thing for the companies, the more is the chance for your candidate to get hired.

Winding Up

Thus, this is how you can let your students end up working with any premium e-commerce brand very soon! What are you waiting for? If your student are urging to become a part of the entire e-commerce ballgame then just follow these tips while you continue with the coaching process. I am sure your students will keep on adding innumerable feathers in their caps with due of course of time.

And, what else! No doubt, you would be a proud teacher.

Article contributed by: Clara Decker

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