5 Essential Steps To Your Dream Career

5 Essential Steps To Your Dream CareerThere may not really be an appropriate one word or one line meaning or explanation for what a ‘dream career’ is. Many aspects closely linked to your life, work and personality have a role to play in defining your dream career. The concept of a ‘dream career’ varies from one individual to another. People often associate your education and degrees with your career prospects. Career oriented people have their own career plan based on personal notions of a dream job and a dream career. Whatever is your goal, you will always find the 5 essential steps to your dream career very valid, practical and effective.

5 Essential Steps To Your Dream Career

1. Define your Dream Career

Most people, irrespective of the degrees that they hold or the numerous classes which they might have attended, have a rather rigid set of values which they would like to adhere to under all circumstances. Perhaps their early basic education has a role to play here.

A person who firmly believes that smoking is bad for one’s health would often not like to work for a cigarette company. Similarly, someone committed to fair trade practices will not be too happy if he has to work for a food company which may be exploiting poor banana or potato farmers. The list can go on to be quite a lengthy one.

An individual’s concept of a dream career may have to do with a combination of many factors such as fulfilling work assignments in the job; his keen desire to stay true to his values which he has cherished for a long time; education and degrees that he holds; online classes or learning opportunities in the job; room for expressing one’s creativity and a wish to contribute to the society through his job or make a difference to the world, in general.

When we talk of a ‘dream career’, a handsome salary and a healthy atmosphere at the workplace are really not of much consequence. Even if your job is a well paying one and the work environment too is very good, if some or all of the specific requirements associated with your dream job (as stated above and otherwise) are missing, you can never call it your ‘dream job’ and consequently, you can never have a ‘dream career’ while being in that particular job.

You will do well to pick up some tips on business courtesy from some free online classes or videos on the subject. While there may be many other hurdles as you move up in your career, these two attributes will definitely help you in your endeavors towards achieving success in career as well as in personal relations.

2. Make a career plan and monitor progress

You must set your short-term and long-term goals right away, if you have not already done that. Give it a progression on a time scale so that it becomes a career plan. A well defined career plan will give you a clear direction which you need to move in. Remember, setting ‘time bound and action oriented’ career plan makes it easier to achieve your target of dream career.

As the resources at your disposal at any point of time are only limited, you can channelize your efforts in a more fruitful manner. Monitor your progress at periodic intervals. Evaluate the slippages, if any and take corrective actions in time. This should also provide you the much needed motivation to move ahead in your career.

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3. Be a keen learner, always!

If you seriously want to achieve your career plan, then be a keen learner – always. Train yourself to learn from situations and circumstances; problems and difficulties; superiors, peers and juniors and even from your mistakes. Remember, your failures are your biggest teachers.

Learn to unlearn. This will help you pick up new knowledge faster and easier. Being inquisitive in a restricted way (that is, not becoming a peeping Tom) is also conducive to effective learning in a natural way.

Don’t be surprised when I tell you to explore the Internet to find out if there are any online classes or online colleges which give you useful tips on ‘Simple ways to start learning’. After all, achieving your dream is not going to be a cakewalk and will indeed entail some ‘out of the box’ thinking!

No matter how many classes you have attended or how many degrees you hold or even what level of your career you are at, learning is a process which goes on continuously throughout your life. This applies equally to all disciplines of one’s work life, be it medicine, engineering, finance, fine arts or anything else. With this background in mind, you must always strive to have your dream career by increasing your knowledge base with online classes through online colleges which are most suitable in your specific case.

You can make a career of your choice if you have been able to create a niche for yourself in the organization and have brought added value to the organization that you work for. You must remember that this is an important step which you need to take to achieve your dream career.

Online classes through a host of online colleges found on the Internet are believed to be adding tremendous value to the lives of such individuals. That could well be the main reason for the growing popularity of such online colleges, online classes, online courses and even practical class room teaching amongst the career conscious people today.

If you have no previous experience with the online colleges then try out just once! You will be amazed at their fantastic course content and unbelievably low prices!

4. Hard Work

It is said that “Hard work is the key to success!” The essence of hard work could not, perhaps, have been summed up in better words. Remember, there is no substitute to hard work. Irrespective of what job or profession you are in, plan your day in advance and work hard every day!

To complement the hard work that you do at your workplace, enhance your abilities and skills by joining a proper class; obtaining a higher degree, if possible; joining an online college or taking up some online classes. That will hold you in good stead!

5. Be adaptable and flexible

Adaptability and flexibility at the workplace are two important virtues that you should not lose track of. Use them to make progress in your career and for reaching your dream career. Go out of the way to accept challenges and jobs which are not listed in your job description. Show to your superiors at the workplace that you are indeed a dynamic person who can adapt to any work situation. Remember, work situations are also ever changing and evolving.

Unless you display your flexibility and your being a cut above others, your career may stagnate. Where will then be a possibility of a dream career for you?

As globalization is the ‘in-thing’ today, you may have to take up unconventional work as well in your stride. Equip yourself well by taking help from some online classes or online colleges or join a class room training to get acquainted with unfamiliar terrain. Now is the time to show your class!

Bonus Tip for building a dream career – Be courteous and polite

While we have briefly talked about 5 Essential Steps to Your Dream Career, there still something very important is left.

Courtesy and politeness are two essential qualities of successful people. Be grounded and treat all your colleagues with utmost respect. That is perhaps the easiest way to build mutual trust and a cordial relationship, two pre-requisites of effective team building. Sometimes these attributes are as important as your as important as your college degrees.

You will do well to pick up some tips on business courtesy from some free online classes or videos on the subject. While there may be many other hurdles as you move up in your career, these two attributes will definitely help you in your endeavors towards achieving success in career as well as in personal relations.

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