11 Important Tips for CV Writing

11 Important Tips for CV WritingWhen you decide to change your job or look for a job after completing your education, the most important tool you would require is a good CV or a resume’. If you have never written a resume before or are going to write your resume after a long time then it could be quite a daunting task.

You may struggle about how to begin the CV, what kind of font and different headings to use.

Fortunately, the help is at hand. We have listed down 11 Important Tips for CV Writing to help you craft out a good CV.

Why a Good CV? Why not just a CV?

Before proceeding further, you may ask “…..why I have to put so much time in developing a CV? I’ll put down my name, qualifications, experience and contact details. This shall do the job.”

You could be quite right if you are the only candidate for the position you are applying. There is competition everywhere and a tough competition. Under normal circumstances, your CV shall be read by a recruitment consultant whose primary job is elimination of not matching CVs out of hundreds (sometimes thousands) of CVs. After this the CV has to go through the HR Department, the concerned Department to which you are applying and then the chief of the division or the head of the organization.

In brief, you need a very good CV because:

  • A recruiter receives countless CVs.
  • So don’t let your CV get lost.
  • A good CV gets noticed and it may get you an Interview and the Job.

11 Important Tips for CV Writing

Tip # 1 Make a Smart Presentation

If you plan to give the printout, make sure that your CV is neat and well structured. Therefore, choose a right resume format which goes well with your line of profession, qualifications, level of experience and seniority. Highlight the important things which you would like the recruitment manager to notice instantly. The person who screens the CVs should find it appealing.

Your CV should be laser-printed in black ink using a plain typeface, on good quality A4 white paper.

Remember it is your gate pass to the interview.

Tip # 2 Make your Resume in Appealing Layout and Style

Choose an attractive style, yet be simple: avoid boxes, graphics, funny borders, shades etc.
The information in your CV should be carefully and clearly laid out – in separate compartments under proper headings and subheadings.

The layout or your CV should neither be too cramped nor there should be large empty spaces.

Use simple fonts and size should be 9.5 to 11. Use bold and italic typefaces for headings and important information only

You may like to put your name in the footer area so that it appears on each sheet.

Tip # 3 Target Your CV to the Job Description

A good CV must be tailored to each job’s specifications.

Include in your CV the kind of information that matches the Job Description so that the recruiters find you interesting as a candidate.

This means that ideally you should customize your resume. Read carefully the job advertisement, note down the Job Descriptions and the Candidate’s skill sets mentioned. Accordingly edit your resume. Special attention needs to be paid to your skills and experience to make them as matching as possible to the job description in the job ad that specifically highlights the experience you have that is relevant to the job you are applying for.

Writing a custom resume is definitely going to take more time than just sending your standard resume, But, it’s worth the effort, especially if the job you are applying is your dream job and / or you are sure that you meet all their specifications.

Tip # 4 Provide a Career Summary

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Some employers may spend as little as 30 to 60 seconds on a CV before deciding if they want to read it thoroughly or they should toss it into a waste paper basket. Hence the Career Summary is very important in each resume.

To quickly grab the attention of the prospective employer or the recruitment consultant, the career summary should appear on the first page and preferably in the middle. It should smartly say all about you. This enables the recruiters to decide if they want to call you for an interview.

Tip # 5 Format Your Work Experience Professionally

Sell your professional skills, experience earned and benefits of hiring you.

Simply by prioritizing your information so that what is most important catches attention first. Put it in the chronological order.

Tip # 6 Keep it Short

  • Keep your CV as concise as possible.
  • Leave the details to be discussed in the interview.
  • Try that it doesn’t go beyond 2 – 3 pages.
  • Do ensure that the content are clear, structured, concise and relevant.
  • Use bullet points rather than full sentences to help reduce word usage.

Tip # 7 Use Short and Crisp Sentences

A recruiter is in a hurry, thus long sentences are difficult to understand.

Tip # 8 Avoid unnecessary personal information

The recruiters are not interested to know the names of your family members.Similarly, they are least interested to know about the number of children you have.

Tip # 9 Check Spellings and Grammar

Typo errors, spelling mistakes and bad grammar not only put off the recruiter but your CV may sometimes fail to convey your USP which could have otherwise got you the job. Such errors can also be very embarrassing during the interviews, especially if the interviewer wants to have some fun at your cost.

It is important that once you have finished writing your CV, check and double check your CV and ensure that there are no such mistakes.

Tip # 10 Covering letter

A good covering letter should always accompany your CV.

Tip # 11 Preparing for the Interview

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A potential employer will use the details provided in your CV to form interview questions. Thus be prepared accordingly and keep in mind this when writing your CV that you can discuss and explain well whatever is written there.

 Keep these 11 Important Tips for CV Writing in mind.

This I am sure it will definitely add value to your resume.

You are most welcome to avail of our professional services for CV Writing, Cover Letter Writing, CV Evaluation and Interview Training.

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