10 Ways to Run a More Successful Coffee Shop Business

10 Ways to Run a More Successful Coffee Shop Business
Being a fan of coffee is one thing, but running your own coffee shop is a whole different situation – it’s not about the love anymore, but about business and turning your passion into a way to make money. However, running a coffee shop isn’t easy and you have to invest a ton of time and effort into turning it into a place people are going to visit on a daily basis. If you too are thinking about opening a coffee shop, here are 10 Ways to Run a More Successful Coffee Shop Business that might help you make your coffee shop the most successful one on the block.

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10 Ways to Run a More Successful Coffee Shop Business

#1 Find the right place

Since so many people drink coffee every single day, the number of coffee shops everywhere around us is booming, which means you can hardly find a street without at least three of them. That’s ultimately the worst scenario you could imagine; the competition will kill your business and make you regret the day you wanted to be a coffee shop owner. However, if you think about this for a while and pick the right spot for your coffee place, you could make a fortune in no time at all. So, look into unexplored locations in your area, and open your coffee shop right there!

#2 Define your niche

Most coffee shops welcome all kinds of people, and that’s the best way to make a ton of money, but what if you went the other way? Defining your niche and focusing on just one sort of customers might seem like a huge waste of money at first, but it’s actually a way to maximize your income by attracting more and more people month after month. Keep in mind that the power of word-of-mouth marketing is stronger than we realize, and as soon as your customers realize how amazing your coffee is, they’re going to recommend it to their friends, and that’s the road towards big money.

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#3 Define your goals

Having big dreams and wanting to make a ton of money is quite all right, but how realistic are these plans? Instead of dreaming, you should spend time actually doing something, and defining your short- and long-term goals is the first step towards realizing all your dreams. Knowing what sort of coffee you’ll be serving, what sort of customers you’re hoping to attract and when you’ll be ready to expand are just some of the things you need to be 100% sure of before even opening your coffee shop, so dedicate some time to these thoughts first.

#4 Great coffee before everything else

If you wish to be the best at any business, you have to offer great product; this goes for coffee places as well. Maybe you could attract a regular crowd, but the chances they’re going to keep coming back to you if you have lousy coffee and drink it day after day are slim. That’s why you need to give them the best possible product and build your brand around that. You have to get your coffee only from reliable and professional coffee suppliers who’ll be able to give you and your customers amazing coffee experience every day of the week. Once the people see what an amazing coffee you offer, they’ll continue coming to you and even recommending you to their friends, and that’s the best marketing you could wish for.

#5 Find the right Quality Manager

This is something that separates average and amazing coffee shops – hiring a quality manager isn’t something all business owners do, but it’s a vital step. These are the people who know everything about coffee and what makes it good, but they also know what the customers what and can therefore make certain changes in the menu. They also make sure everything runs smoothly and that there’s always enough coffee before the morning rush, so their role is enormous and the change they introduce is quite valuable.

#6 Loyalty cards for regular customers

Most people don’t know that the success of a coffee place depends on the number of regular customers. In other words, attracting new people is always welcomed, but it’s the regulars that will keep your business afloat in the years to come. That’s why you should reward them and offer them something special. Most coffee places use loyalty cards that are basically the way to get connected to your regular customers on a deeper and more meaningful level. These will get them a free cup of coffee every once in a while and a chance to look good in front of their friends, yet won’t harm your budget too much in the long run.

#7 Local sponsorships

Most small coffee shops usually don’t think too much about marketing, which is why they don’t use their full potential, but if you explore the world of promotions and sponsorships, you might reach more customers than ever. Coffee shops usually sponsor local sports teams, giving each one of their fans a special discount on all purchases. Again, this won’t set you back at all, although it seems that way at first, and you’ll be selling more coffee than ever.

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#8 Start a web page

You can’t run a successful business in this day and age without a proper web page, so start thinking about one as soon as possible. It could be as simple as you want, but keep it visually appealing, intriguing and, above all, informative. It needs to tell your customers where you are, what you offer and what your prices are, and that’s more than enough for them.

#9 Get into Social Media

Once your website starts working and attracting attention, you need to take the next step and get interested in social media too. Connecting to your customers over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is easier than ever, and it’s an amazing way to get feedback and promote your business at the same time. So, start learning what your customers think of you and offering your most active followers additional discounts and promotions.

#10 Update your technology

Making coffee isn’t the same as it was ten or fifteen years ago, and you have to follow the trends if you wish to be successful. Getting new coffee makers from time to time and constantly offering new types of coffee will make you different from your competition, and ultimately more successful. So, don’t be afraid to explore new things, keep on perfecting your skills and investing in new technology.

Running a successful coffee shop isn’t easy and you have to think about a lot of things, but, if you love drinking coffee and exploring various types of it, it’s probably the best job in the world and an adventure of a lifetime.

Article contributed by: Peter Minkoff

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