10 Trending Careers in Accounting

10 Trending Careers in AccountingEarlier, the trendiest accounting career in India was of Chartered Accountant. Indeed, it remains one of the prized professions in India. However, there are several other trending careers in accounting too, if you are interested. Here we list 10 Trending Careers in Accounting – which are exciting and trending careers in accounting.

Accounting may sound annoying or even scary to a lot of us. Yes. Accounting jobs do require astute knowledge of mathematics and various complicated calculation techniques. A penny lost or unaccounted for due to any error can have severe effects on the finances of anyone- as individual or business. You may also like to refer to: High Growth Careers in Finance and Investment

10 Trending Careers in Accounting

A lot of these jobs are trending nowadays because accounting is fast emerging as one of the most lucrative professions. Not only in India but abroad too. If you are good at accounting, try some of these trending careers. For additional information, also refer to: High Growth Careers in Accounting

#1 Accounting Lecturer

With several private colleges and universities mushrooming across India, there exists a considerable demand for accounting lecturers. In fact, working as accounting lecturers is trending since more students seem to be opting for commerce studies rather than science or arts.

You can easily find jobs as accounting lecturer at any good and established or even upcoming college or university. This profession is very highly respected. If lucky, you can also find placements at a government university.

#2 Risk & Fraud Controller

There are 21 private banks in India which are broadly divided into two categories: ‘Old’ and ‘New Age’. Additionally, the Indian government has also authorized Small Finance Banks while cooperate banks are stepping up operations. Consequently, banks compete fiercely with one another to bag customers for loans, credit cards and other services.

As you would be aware, the Indian banking system is rife with scams. Therefore, banks look for accounting professionals that can correctly identify fraudulent financial statements from businesses and individuals. This job or risk assessment and fraud control is fascinating. You work as a detective and prevent losses to your bank due to bad loans.

#3 Internal Auditor

With new corporate laws coming into force over the last nearly four years, companies are required to report their financial status with complete transparency. While respected auditing companies audit their accounts, the process has first to be done internally.

Working as an internal auditor for a small or large company remains one of the top 10 trending careers in accounting. Here, you will have to audit the company’s balance sheets and account statements, find and report any problems before they are sent to an external auditor. This is also a very respectable and highly paid career.

#4 Financial Reporter

If you are an accounting professional with a flair for writing, join as a financial reporter with any good newspaper, TV channel or news portal. The Indian middle-class, which was once wary of investing money is now on the lookout for ways and means to make their finances grow. They scout newspapers and other media for attractive investment opportunities.

However, giving the right news about a company, economy or financial situation needs great accounting skills. Print and electronic media in India is on the upswing. Hence, working as a financial reporter is a trending career you can find in the finance field.

#5 Fund Raising Specialist

Respectable charities require funds to expand their operations and help more people. To do so, they need people to donate money through fundraising campaigns and awareness programs. As a fundraising specialist, you will have to identify which segments of the charity needs funds on a priority basis and allow sufficient money for activities.

A fundraising specialist draws programs and plans for conducting activities that encourage people to donate for the cause. For this, accounting experts are needed. You will have to identify fundraising avenues and find how much can be raised. As international charities expand operations in India, this too is a trending career in accounting.

#6 Fund Administrator

Activities of a charity do not end with mere fundraising. They need accounting professionals who will identify areas where funds are needed on priority and draw budgets. This is an essential function since a charity aims at reaching to the highest number of people with whatever funds it has.

Accounting professionals, therefore, can find excellent jobs are funded,administrators. Organisations that conduct charity events such as marathons, walkathons and concerts also look for fund administrators. As these activities increase and people get more aware of the importance of giving, fund administration is a trending career for accounting professionals.

#7 Mutual Funds Manager

Surely you must have heard of this ad, ‘Mutual Funds Sahi Hai.’ The Indian government and various Asset Management Companies are promoting Mutual Funds aggressively to the middle class and lower income investors. Consequently, AMCs are also launching new Mutual Funds to woo investors. Hence, they need excellent Mutual Fund Managers.

Now managing a Mutual Fund is no child’s play. It requires astute knowledge of accounting, finances, stock exchanges and stock markets among others. Mutual Fund Manager is a trending and very lucrative career in India nowadays. You can get a job with some good AMC as deputy or assistant Mutual Funds Manager and move on wards to senior positions.

#8 E-commerce Analyst

India is witnessing a boom in eCommerce, according to local and foreign sources. The trend will continue and spill into the next decade. Consequently, an increasing number of companies are entering the eCommerce sector and selling stuff online. While companies like Amazon and Flipkart are well established, they are witnessing a boom in business. New entrants and smaller companies too are making slow yet steady headway.

All these online retail companies need eCommerce analysts to find out various aspects of their operations. Prime among these is the expense of advertising, the number of visitors and resulting sales as well as keeping tabs on money received or refunded. This job can be done only by accounting professionals. As eCommerce booms, you can find excellent trending career as an analyst.

#9 Financial Adviser

Financial Advisers are hired mainly by all good private banks. These private banks enable their clients to invest wisely in various savings products and other schemes. To provide tremendous and proper advice to customers, reputed private banks hire financial advisers. If you have excellent interpersonal skills and are accounting professional, opt for this trending career as a financial adviser.

Private banks highly covet financial advisers since they help expand business and ensure customer loyalty. Other than getting an excellent salary, you also develop a vast social network of people from all walks of life.

#10 Banking Professional

Looking for a steady career in accounting? Go for Indian Banks Personnel Selection (IBPS) and other entrance exams that secure you a position in the top most nationalized banks of India. Banking professional jobs are always in trend. They offer an excellent salary and perks. Usually, nationalized bank jobs provide excellent job security and regular salary, perks and other increments.

Banking professional jobs require accounting experts. Study thoroughly for bank entrance exams and appear for them. With your knowledge about accounting, it can be worth the while and secure you a great career and future.

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In Conclusion

As we have seen, accounting careers need not be mundane and boring. Indeed, some of these trending careers in accounting provide sufficient thrill and job satisfaction. All jobs in accounting help you make a great career. Choose one from the list that suits your career needs.

Article contributed by: Garima Pachauri

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