10 Online Degrees with Good Career Opportunities

Online Degrees with Good Career OpportunitiesThe popularity of online classes has seen an unprecedented increase in the last decade or so. The number of online colleges offering online degrees in various subjects has also been rising accordingly. It is estimated that as of now, around one-third of all college students are enrolled in online colleges with many of them studying for their online degrees. While most online colleges may claim that they offer best online degrees, it is for each student to find out for himself as to what suits him the best. Therefore, we thought of doing some research and putting together information about 10 Online Degrees with Good Career Opportunities. You may read this article along with other useful article: Success Strategies for College Students 

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Advantages of Online Colleges and Online Degrees

Online education has removed the traditional barriers to education. Students enrolled in online colleges do not have to bother about the proximity to their college, rigid schedules for classes and high college fees. Online colleges and online degrees have made it easier for young people in particular to get access to higher education while juggling between jobs and family commitments.

While all online colleges cannot provide the best online degrees, it cannot be argued that online colleges do provide opportunities to students to obtain their online degrees even while they are doing full time jobs as mentioned above or are on the lookout for a full time job. Online degrees other than the best online degrees also provide opportunities to students to get into high paying jobs with job security, job satisfaction and high self esteem.

Which are the best online degrees available on date remains a mute question. While many people may not be able to secure one of the best online degrees, an online degree from a reputed, accredited online college will, in most cases, be equivalent to or very close to a traditional degree from a brick and mortar college. It is important that the students choose a field which is ‘in demand’ in the job market. This will help them a great deal when they are on a job hunt.

10 Online Degrees with Good Career Opportunities

It has always been a matter of debate as to which are the best online degrees. If it be so, then how can anyone say as to which are the 10 Best Online Degrees with Good Career Opportunities? However, an attempt has been made by us to short list the 10 best online degrees with good career opportunities on the basis of input data and reviews available from various sources. While selecting the 10 best online degrees, we have considered factors such as salary at the induction level, growth prospects in the job, satisfaction levels and other relevant factors. We briefly discuss below such 10 best online degrees:

1. Online MBA

A Master of Business Administration is a program of higher education that trains students for careers in corporate houses, multinational corporations and for starting off as entrepreneurs. Various specializations are available in different spheres such as Finance, Marketing, IT, Operations, Human Resources and many others.

Many online colleges offer online MBA courses which are designed for a rigorous experience through a flexible virtual environment. Live sessions for every course give the students an opportunity to attend classes anywhere, anytime.

A good online MBA degree could take about two years of study where important knowledge and experience is gained by the students in the fields of business and management. An online MBA degree is, therefore, at the top of our list of 10 Best Online Degrees.

2. Online Criminal Justice Degree

Online degrees in criminal justice are gaining prominence with every passing day because of the increase in awareness regarding freedom of speech, environmental protection issues, women’s rights, animal cruelty, racial issues and a host of other similar topics. Social debates too are seeing a rising trend. The course can be completed in around 2 years. Thereafter, you move into the legal profession and find a suitable place for yourself in a court room, law firm or a government agency. A passion for social issues will do you much good. All these pertinent factors help this online degree reach the second place in our list of 10 Best Online Degrees.

3. Online Accounting Degree

So long as people continue to earn money, there will be a need for accounting. Accounting has always been a very stable ground in any and every economy. Whether you are a bookkeeper, accountant or a tax accountant, this accounting job is always in demand. At all times, there are enough opportunities for career growth in the field of accounting. Please see: High Growth Careers in Accounting

4. Online Psychology Degree

Personnel and Industrial Psychology is a fast growing field. Efforts are made by psychologists to study the impact of human psychology on the efficiency and productivity of an industrial or business unit for improving the quality of work life of the employees and the bottom line for the business.

Psychologists study the working styles of employees and also issues related to their morale. They also assist the management with policy planning, recruitment, employee training and organizational development. They work towards improving the workplace environment, hiring better employees, increasing productivity and worker efficiency and reducing labor costs. An online degree in Psychology is definitely one of the best online degrees that you can get.

5. Online Marketing Degree

Marketing is a key function in any industry that is producing goods or services or even both. Marketing professionals create a need for these products and services in the minds of the consumers through various means. They use their creativity and knowledge and assist the sales people to successfully sell the product or service to the end user. As any economy or business grows, so grows the demand for marketing personnel. Degrees in Marketing from online colleges qualify for a place amongst the best online degrees. Remuneration for marketing professionals is also quite high in the industry.

6. Online Degree in Education

How to shape the next generation has always been a burning topic for discussion. Education of children is, therefore, of prime importance for any economy or nation. Degrees in education from online colleges are ideally suited to people who have an intrinsic love for children. There are vast opportunities for career growth in this field as well. The satisfaction that you get by interacting with the ever-so-creative kids is an added bonanza!

7. Online Computer Science Degree

In the United States, Computer Science continues to be amongst the fastest growing fields. This is indeed good news for students. Computer science combines the benefits of low unemployment rates; high salaries and earning potential and a vast range of career options for graduates, including those with online degrees. These factors make computer science a hot favorite of students who seek admission in online colleges and also make computer science one of the best online degrees.

Students of computer science learn the basics of software, hardware and the network on which both operate. Studies involve theory, practical sessions and a lot of analytical and mathematical work.

8. Online Finance Degree

Online degrees in finance equip you to ensure the financial well-being of the company that you work for. You prepare reports about long term investments and objectives of your company. Along with ample opportunities for career growth, payments are also good in the sector. Finance, financial advice and finance professionals are always in demand in every economy. A degree in finance too is among the best online degrees.

9. Online IT Degree (Information Technology) 

Online colleges which award online degrees in Information Technology teach you all about computer software, web designing and digital communication in addition to much more. Online degrees in IT put you in a position to get hired as a developer, systems analyst, IT specialist or IT Manager. These online degrees provide good career opportunities as well.

10. Online History Degree

Bachelor degrees provided by most online colleges in History cover notable civilizations, events and people in the past. Online degrees in History equip you to work as a curator, archivist or tour guide. You can also join a monument site or national park as an interpretive ranger. Professional historians also work at museums, heritage sites, research labs and places of historical interest. Many people choose to teach history to students in schools and colleges. There are good opportunities for career progression in this field as well.

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