Why The Rich Show Off Their Wealth

Why The Rich Show Off Their Wealth

Most rich people have similar traits or behavioral patterns when it comes to their behavioral psychology such as buying styles or life style choices. Their behavioral analysis reveals that many of them would often like to spend tons of money on buying luxury cars, sports cars, private planes and golf resorts. They would also be keen on buying very expensive engagement rings and costly diamonds studded in platinum. Rich people also spend huge amounts of money on their luxury travel to exotic destinations and other holidays. So any common hardworking individual may ask his friend that why the rich show off their wealth?

And his friend may answer something like this, “Well, when they are rolling in money, why should they worry about their behavioral patterns? Why should they not derive happiness by spending their money on what they like to possess and also show off?”

But let us study this habit or behaviour a little more systematically and try to answer the question.

What does “show off” or “showing off” mean?

Going by the definition, when you indulge in some conspicuous behavior or behavior patterns to seek attention or attract someone or some people, you are “showing off” or are, at the very least, trying to show off. As with other attention-seeking behavior, if you show off, it may make you famous or infamous, depending upon your intent, situation, circumstances and context.

Does spending a big amount of money amount to a show off?

Some rich people may like to show off their wealth by spending lavishly on buying private planes, sports cars or luxury cars for themselves and their families. They may even have a separate fleet of luxury cars for their business use and they may proudly show off the same too. A few of them may not even be very humble in their approach and could boast of how much money or wealth they have and how they enjoy spending huge amounts of money on items such as diamonds, private planes and sports cars etc., which are often ‘out-of-reach’ for the common man.

On the other hand, you may find many rich people who too spend huge amounts of money on buying expensive diamonds, golf resorts, sports cars, private planes and a fleet of luxury cars but lead a very simple and modest life and don’t ever show off their wealth. You will find their humility worth emulating. Perhaps, for them, ‘simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’!

Now, if the second category of people mentioned above use their private planes, sports cars or their fleet of luxury cars for their own or their family’s use, would you call it a show off? Definitely not!

While the rich show off their wealth, what do other people show off?

While a large number of rich people show off their wealth through their private planes, sports cars and luxury cars, it is not too uncommon to find other people too showing off what they have but what the masses may not be having.

While talking of the psychology or the behavioral pattern of showing off, have you not seen a beauty pageant winner elegantly showing off her beauty and style? It is also not uncommon to see a powerful politician bragging about his strong connections, only to show-off his clout. Well, you may even find some intellectual people who either discreetly show off their intelligence and knowledge or even openly brag about it at times.

In the context of behavioral analysis, let me ask you a simple question. If a rich person really earns a lot of wealth but does not show off the same, would you classify it as his stinginess or as his simplicity? We shall try to look at this question and the probable answers as we proceed.

The Psychology of the rich who show off their wealth

The reasons for a rich person to show off his money or wealth will, to a very large extent, depend upon the context.

Every rich person who shows off his wealth or money to the world through his diamonds, sports cars, private planes or luxury cars could have his own reasons for doing so. However, there are some factual and psychological reasons for people to show off their money, wealth, power, beauty, intelligence or any other prowess.

Why The Rich Show Off Their Wealth

Let us give a look here to some of the prominent reasons based on human psychology and behavioral analysis:

1. Sense of insecurity and a keen desire for acceptance

As per human psychology, showing off their money, wealth or material possessions such as luxury cars, private planes etc. by the super rich can be on account of a deep rooted sense of insecurity and a keen desire for acceptance. This would be particularly true for young people who have acquired a lot of wealth in a relatively short span of time.

2. Poor understanding of human relations

Behavioral analysis has shown that some rich people could be showing off their money or wealth through their private planes, luxury cars or sports cars due to their inability to understand the ‘importance of relationships’, including social connections, in the right perspective. Their understanding of the true meaning of life and value systems to be followed in general may also not be quite up to the mark. You may even find many super-rich individuals in the midst of unhealthy divorce proceedings, in prisons or in rehabs for this reason alone.

3. Undue importance to power of money

Some rich people could also be showing off their money or wealth under the wrong notion that money can buy them happiness. By buying or acquiring expensive material objects such as sports cars, private planes and luxury cars etc., they seem to be telling themselves that they would derive happiness by flaunting their wealth through these objects-of-desire. Such behavior can easily take the form of a behavioral pattern.

Also find out:

How the rich show off their wealth

Showing off money, wealth, power, beauty or intelligence cannot, in itself, be termed good or bad. Much depends on how others perceive your act when you show off your material possessions or some other prowess like intelligence or beauty. Your behavior and intentions also play a significant part here. Also you may love to read the detailed article: Why The Rich Show Off Their Wealth

Some of the ways in which the rich show off their money or wealth are as follows:

  • By acquiring luxury items such as sports cars, luxury cars, private planes, a yacht or even a golf resort;
  • By buying expensive diamonds and engagement rings;
  • By sending their children to expensive hostels and educational institutions including schools and colleges abroad;
  • By arranging lavish weddings for their children;
  • By indulging in expensive travel or holidays which may be out of reach for the common man;
  • By spending huge amounts of money on art collections or private museums;
  • By arranging charity events or making huge donations for noble causes.

It would be interesting to note that the rich need not always buy luxury cars, sports cars or a private plane to show off their money and wealth. They can easily do so by letting you know of their latest acquisitions of luxury objects or their premium experiences of any kind which you did not or could not have because of the limited means or money at your disposal. So long as the rich have an intention to show off, there would always be many means of doing so!

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