What Executive Coaching can do for you ?

What Executive Coaching can do for you

What Executive Coaching can do for you

In today’s highly competitive industry and business world, where fast pace is one of the essentials, there is a high demand for the leaders who can deliver immediate results. Executive Coaching can help provide that.

What Executive Coaching can do for you ?

In the context of their current jobs, without removing them from their day-to-day responsibilities, Executive Coaching develops the identified leaders for tomorrow by sharpening the required skills of these individuals.

Although the concept of coaching must have started as a tool to help correct under performance, but in the current context it is being widely used in supporting top performers and organizational leaders.

How it is done? By providing feedback and guidance in real time, says Brian Underhill, a senior consultant at the Alliance for Strategic Leadership (Morgan Hill, California). “Coaching develops leaders in the context of their current jobs, without removing them from their day-to-day responsibilities.”

So, should you have an Executive Coach?

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Coaching is an effective tool for middle level or senior level executives who know what their goal is but are not sure how to reach there or what to do to accomplish the goal.

For example, you know that now in spite of your outstanding track record, you haven’t yet acquired the finesse or the CEO’s approach required for leading a team or interacting with vendors / customers with full interpersonal . You know that you lack in rapport building or the art of influence, which is so important in the modern networked organization.

The Executive Coach will help you hone such a skill which might be an appropriate tool in your armory to deliver better or faster at the higher levels of your career.

Although both the organization and the executive must be committed to coaching for it to be successful, the urge to engage a coach must originate from executives themselves. It is a tool for fast movers and executives choose coaching as a proactive move for advancing in their professional life

Executive coaching is not a panacea

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Coaching is not a complete solution for performance improvement. Nor it is a cure all for career advancement needs of an individual. . In other words, don’t seek coaching just because others are benefiting from it or it is a trend in the corporate world.

In spite of its apparently great potential, you have to work hard and dedicatedly with your coach to be successful. You have to be open to make changes based on the feedback and be willing to create positive and lasting changes.

Of course, the sincere and willing executives are most likely to benefit from coaching. They successfully bring a change in behaviour— for themselves and also in their team members.

When is Executive Coaching effective?

There can be many situations when Executive coaching can be effective.

  1. Coaching can be particularly effective tool for change management. Whether is a promotion to higher level of responsibility (promotion) or giving additional responsibility to the manager or lateral shift to another department or location or such similar challenges. The need for executive coaching may be requisitioned by you or by your HR Deptt. or your higher management.  This may be done to ensure that you are successful in the new role that does require skills in which were not required until now or you do not possess them. A coach may teach you these skills or help sharpen them, particularly when you need to do so on the fly.
  2. Another case could where it is felt that that you are need for more motivation and emotional energy. It could also be said that you are now wanted to do some “out of the box thinking”. Perhaps, you are getting bored in your job finding it too monotonous. In some other cases there could be some other negative emotions being displayed by you and noticed by your mentors such as being frustrated or burned out. It is here a coach can help you study the problem, get to the root cause and make fundamental changes.

Advantages of Executive Coaching

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Simply put, the Executive Coaching provides fresh perspectives to the executives, the new alternatives mulled over and discussed give new insight to the nagging problem which can be tackled better and everything else which there to support the executive’s professional development as an individual.

To sum up

Executive Coaching works systematically and it invigorates the budding leader giving him / her fresh energy, wonderful confidence and zeal to perform with excellence.

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    […] Nobody is perfect and nobody has all the knowledge. Therefore, you should take the services of a trained executive coach who is more experienced than you and who has the track record of mentoring and coaching others for a faster rate of career growth. Why do you think even the top players and sports persons always have a coach by their side throughout their career. Even the CEOs / COOs / Managing Directors have begun to believe in the power of Executive Coaching to transform their careers or to turbo boost their careers. You may also refer to: What Executive Coaching can do for you ? […]

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