Secrets to Successful Job Search

Secrets to Successful Job SearchTo be successful in your job search, you can’t just depend on your luck. It is said that luck favors the brave. Thus put aside any illusion about yourself and try to know your balance sheet of your assets and liabilities. This is important before you start the job search.

Why you need to know the Secrets to Successful Job Search

Many a times during my career counseling sessions, I find that otherwise a good and talented professional has not been successful in finding the right job for himself. Is it just bad luck or there is some mistake.

Over the years practicing as an Executive Coach, I have found some definite facts which if kept in mind can lead to being successful in your career development.

Therefore, don’t waste your time in learning the secrets to career progression. Here are secrets to successful job search

1.  Have the necessary academic and specified professional qualifications for the job

Prospective employer will take interest in your profile only when you have basic qualifications needed for the job. No matter how good you are but do not hope to qualify even for the first round if you lack the relevant academic degree.

2.  Ensure that your skills and experience match the desired job profile

After ensuring that the person applying to them has the basic qualifications, the employers would now like to convince themselves that they hire someone who already has best skills and experience to do the job well. The idea behind this logic is that they want the incumbent to take the minimum time in getting started and deliver the results.

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That doesn’t mean you should not attempt to take steps towards a better upwards career movement. However a significant change of career domain or department or industry would take a herculean task. Though not impossible, it would require a lot of patience and persistent.

3.  Prospective employer is interested in your recent accomplishments

Next you need to demonstrate the hiring manager that not only you have the relevant skills and experience but throughout your career span you have a string of continuous accomplishments. The recruitment team would be particularly interested in your recent accomplishments so that they can safely predict your success in the new assignment too.

This is one of the reasons that the prospective employer is interested in your recent achievements so that they can relate with it better. To put it more candidly, the prospective employers aren’t interested in what you did 10 years back. They want to ensure that you can deliver results consistently.

4.  You should be capable of facing higher level of challenges

Tell yourself that merely having the required academic qualifications, prescribed skills and experience doesn’t mean you will get the job. Let us see the situation from employer’s point of view. The very fact that there is a vacancy and looking to hire someone from outside means that there is no suitable person within the organization who could be promoted or moved laterally to fill in this position. Therefore, the job is quite challenging. Secondly, if the position could not be filled instantly shows that the employer is doing a careful scrutiny of the resumes and is conducting in depth interviews.

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This also goes to prove that there is high rate of rejection and they have not been able to find the right guy who can fit the bill.

Therefore, throughout the hiring process you have first convince yourself and then the recruiter that you are made of the stuff they are looking for. The right fit means the personality, nature, abilities, capabilities, temperament and being resourceful both within and with out to rise to the occasion whenever there is need.

Otherwise, you too stand to be rejected like others.

Happy job hunting!

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