New Trends In Resume Writing

Economic and industrial scenario is changing every day, new job opportunities are coming up. So let us discuss the new trends in resume writing.

While the economic and industrial scenario is changing every day, new job opportunities are coming up. That means it is time to dust off your old resume and give it a new look. While your basic domain experience and qualifications will remain more or less same, we can always give it a makeover to attract the attention of the busy hiring managers. So let us discuss the new trends in resume writing.

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New Trends In Resume Writing

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Your resume works like a passport to get your job. You may also say that your resume is like your messenger to the hiring manager who is looking to hire a suitable candidate which is same as your domain or area of expertise.

Yet there are emerging trends in resume writing which may quickly become the rules of successfully grabbing the attention of the hiring manager. It is better to learn about these trends and follow them. If you do not incorporate these tips in your resume,  your job search may crash before it even gets off the ground.

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1. Use Social Media

Social media is fast occupying more and more space in our daily lives. What once started as a cyber fun place for interacting with the friends and relatives, it is now a serious place for the prospective employers as well as prospective business partners to check out your profile.

Particularly, I am referring to your LinkedIn profile. In your CV or Resume it is almost mandatory to include a link to your LinkedIn profile. In case you have not created one yet, then you should get one immediately. Please update it properly – if it is lying incomplete.

It is advisable not to copy and paste your resume on your LinkedIn profile. Rather you should spend some time creating a good LinkedIn profile so that it looks different yet it contains all the important job responsibilities and correct employment history.

Also you should have your recent photo on your LinkedIn profile, which has an air of professionalism about it.

Some industries have specific databases for online networks and you can upload / update your profile there too.

2. Avoid Mentioning Personal Details

Sharing your matrimonial status, gender, father’s profession, name of the spouse, number of children and now the age have become totally obsolete. To keep the resume short and simple, now there is no need to mention personal and private details.

The organizations now have a global outlook, they were concerned with your skill set, domain of experience and level of competence rather than what you do or prefer in your personal life.

3. Visually Engaging Resume

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Our brains catch and process images many times faster than the text.

Just think for a minute about the ever increasing use of power point presentations in the meetings. Also we love to see the info graphics while reading an article in the magazine or the website blog.

The hiring manager is also like one of us – living and breathing in the same society. So why not impress him as he too would get attracted towards the image and visual CV would save his time also.

So when you sit down to write or rewrite your resume, do not use a huge inventory of keywords and often repeated expressions, instead replace it with some graphics.

4. Create an Executive Resume

With the increase in the number of years of experience, it is but natural that the resume will go beyond 3, 4 or 5 pages. Also it becomes increasingly difficult for the candidate as well as the resume writer to chop off the length and bring it down to 2 pages.

Hence, let there be a short version of your resume also – which we shall call as “Executive Resume”. It should be no more than 1.5 to 2 pages so that the hiring manager or the top level decision maker can read it at a glance and then proceed to either discuss with you or ask for a detailed resume.

5. Format Your Executive Resume for Mobile Phone and Tablet also

More and more hiring managers and decision makers are reviewing resumes while on the go. This could be devices like mobile phones, tablets besides laptops, of course.

Hence, there is a need for easy to read resume which does not have too many tables, bullets, different fonts, long paragraphs etc. which make it difficult for the reader to quickly access and digest important make-or-break information about you.

6. No Need to Mention Salary

Candidates and job aspirants, for various reasons like to mention their current or past salary in the resume. According to me, this does more damage than give benefit, if any.

Let the discussion about the compensation package and salary, perks etc. be discussed when the hiring manager asks you or you reach at some advanced round of recruitment process. Salary discussion is more of a negotiation then qualification to be mentioned in your resume.

7. Keep the Resume Short and To The Point

Perhaps this is an evergreen tip from the recruitment consultants and hiring managers alike. Recruiters are already overloaded with work and have targets to achieve. Did not have the patience or the inclination to go through lengthy resumes anymore. Long and essay type resumes shall be immediately kept aside for reading later and that time may never come. Thus you may lose a precious opportunity without your knowing about it.

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