Job Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

Job Interview Questions and Answers for Fresh GraduateGot a Job Interview coming up … hmm… I am sure that you would be experiencing a mixed set of emotions from excitement to nervousness; while you are looking forward to your interview date with enthusiasm.

For some it’s a matter of make or break, while for some it is a matter of pride, that’s they take it very seriously. Even for those who are somewhere in between these extremes are keen to perform well in order to make it.

There is a constant thought in one’s mind is – what are questions that the interviewer is going to ask me. How best can I answer them?

Whatever the case be, it is better that you well utilize this time by preparing for certain type of questions which are quite likely to be asked in one way or the other.

Section One: Job Interview Questions for Freshers

Given below are a large number of questions. They have further been divided into certain categories which are self explanatory. To get the suggested answer with tips, you may either click on the question or scroll down to the Section Two:  Job Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

Warm up interview questions (click on each question to go to answer and video tips)

1. Did you have any problem finding our office? 2. How are you today? Preliminary questions to know the candidate (click on each question to go to answer and video tips) 3. Tell me about yourself 4. Why should we hire you ? General Questions (click on each question to go to answer and video tips) 5. Why do you want to join our company? 6. What do you know about our company? Personality Related  Job Interview Questions for Fresh Graduates (click on each question to go to answer and video tips) 7. What are your hobbies? 8. What do you do in your spare time? 9. Tell me something about your values. 10. What are your Greatest Strengths? 11. What are your weaknesses? 12. Do you possess leadership skills? 13. Are you a good manager and a good follower? Tricky Questions for Fresh Graduates 14. How long would you stay with us? 15. Don’t you feel that you’re overqualified for this position? 16. Don’t you think that you’re under qualified for this position? 17. You’ve applied to another Company also a you have apply to us. What if you select both the companies? 18. Why are you the best candidate for the job? Domain Knowledge Related Questions to Freshers 19. What do you feel about the present state of the industry? 20. What important trends do you see in our industry? Experience & Skills Related Questions 21. What did you do in your internship? 22. What qualities do you think are required in this job? Salary / Compensation Package Questions to Fresh Graduates 23. What salary do you expect? 24. We do not offer very high salary at entry level position. Do you still want to work with us? Feedback Questions 25. Do you have any question to ask us? Also watch this video to listen to the interview questions

Section Two: Job Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

Question 1: Did you have any problem finding our office

Suggested Answer: The interviewer usually asks this question to make the candidate comfortable. You can smile and answer this question by saying: “It was quite easy to find this place.”

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Question2: How are you today?

Answer Tip: This shows that the interviewer is quite caring and polite. He or she wants to put the candidate to ease before getting down to serious business. You can politely answer, “ I am very well thank you.”

Question 3: Tell me something about yourself

Understanding the question: Actually this is many questions in one. Also this is a broad based question. Therefore, there cannot be a single best suggested answer. At the same time this is perhaps one of the most commonly asked question in the beginning of any interview.

Keep in mind that your answer to this question will set the pace and mood for the rest of the interview.

Tips for answering: You may begin with the farthest and come to the nearest. Such as briefly touching about your high school subjects or stream you can talk about your graduation and post graduation degree, college and university. Then you may mention about your parents’ profession and family. Take a pause here to study the body language of the interviewers. If they are giving a signal to you to go on then you may briefly talk about your strengths and interests.

Do not go beyond that.

Here is a model answers to help you make your own script.

Thank you for give me an opportunity to introduce myself to you.

I am (Your Name). Currently I am living in (Name of City).

Now about my Education Qualifications….

I have just completed my 4 years B. Tech. Civil Engineering from (Name of Institute, City) with 1st Class Equivalent CGPA. For my internship project, I worked with Larsen & Toubro – construction division and I was put under the Project Manager, Highway Construction.

I completed class 10 & 12 from (Name of School and City), scoring 94% and 95.5% marks respectively.

Now I something about my family background. We are a family of six members in which are my grandparents, my parents and my younger sister.

My father is Electrical Engineer and MBA and he works for Siemens as General Manager Sales and my mother is a medical doctor. My sister is studying in school.

My strengths are Being self motivated and punctual are my strengths. I am passionate about photography so I am an amateur photographer and have displayed my work twice in the photography exhibitions in the city.

Watch this video for Model Answer & Tips

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Question 4: Why should we hire you?

Answer Tip: The recruiter would be happy to listen from you as to how you can add value. You should carefully mention what you bring to the table which matches with the job profile and the specifications.

Your answer point by point answer could be in terms of your qualifications, experience, skills and special achievements which you bring with you.

Draw their attention to how your assets meet what the organization’s needs.

Be careful not to make any direct or indirect comparison with other candidates.

Since you are a fresher do emphasize that you are able to grasp new things quickly and are a good team worker with a flexible attitude. Employers do want to see such qualities in a fresh graduate.

Watch this video for Model Answer & Tips

 Question 5: Why do you want to join our company? OR Why are you interested in a position at this company?

Understanding the interview question:

The hiring manager is interested to check that have just strolled in to his office to sit for the interview and take a chance or you are serious about the company.

Answer Tip:

You should not think of the answer when asked. Before going for the interview with the particular company do some research and gather the information such as: What is the history of the company? What is the position of the company in the Industry? What is the current business and turnover ? How does this company differ from the competition? What are the things about the company that attract you? What interesting innovations has the company introduced in the recent past?

Now you can script your answer somewhat following lines:

I have always been interested to work in the FMCG Sector (or whatever Industry Sector the company belongs to) and one of the best fastest growing company in the country. The general impression in the campus is that the work environment provided by the top management of the company is very encouraging and stimulating. Employees already working here feel proud to be part of the company as company provides full support to its employees in a professional manner.

Hence I feel that I would have good start of my career and also get an opportunity to show my talent.

Watch this video for Model Answer & Tips

Question 6: What do you know about our company?

Answer Tip: This question has the same objective of the hiring manager as the previous question. Hence the same set of suggestions by us hold good here also. Hence do your homework thoroughly before you go to interview. Whether you are an Engineer or MBA; fresher with no experience or having some experience, you should know about the company, its business operations, areas of activities as you are going to work for this company. So go on internet and check if the company has this company been in the news lately? Who are the people in the top management? Look for new programs, projects, new products. Check out any press releases Your background work will make you stand out as someone who comes prepared, and is very keenly interested in working for the company and the job. Sample Answer You are a large conglomerate and respected worldwide. Over the last 30 years you’ve produced award winning products. I have familiarized myself with many of your products, R & D activities, manufacturing facilities by visiting your Web site. I am also very impressed by the corporate goals, mission statement and objectives. Hence I can say without any don’t that there would be no better place to work than Name of Organisation. You are the top telecom products firm in the United States. You ensure that your employees are empowered with the tools they need to stay competitive and sharpen their skills while working in a friendly, team-based environment. I have also learnt that company provides a mentor for all new employees. Hence I would love to embrace an opportunity to work with a great employer like you.

 Question 7: What are your hobbies?


 Question 8: What do you do in your spare time?

Tips and suggestions for the answer

While the first question is straight and when you are asked the second question, you may want to bring up hobbies that will help you succeed at work or enhance your personality.

So you may mention about hobbies that keep you active like cricket, tennis or cycling. From the employer’s point of view, these subjects can be great ways to interact with clients, and it will show that you like to keep yourself physically fit.

You may also mention about any volunteer work that you do. This shows that you have concerns for the society besides yourself.

Of course, never about partying and drinking because this may make you seem too immature for the position.

A good answer to the question may look something like this:

In my spare time I like to make sure that I keep myself occupied in some creative ways. I enjoy playing tennis and going hiking with my friends. I like to stay sharp by reading trade journals, solving crossword puzzles and studying French language. I also like to relax with a short walk after dinner.

 Question 9: Tell me something about your values. OR What are your workplace ethics?

Answer Tip:

It is a simple and easy question and your answer should be equally straight and simple. Tell about your work place values such as your integrity, your character and your work ethic etc. As long as you’re saying something positive, that’s a good and acceptable answer. It would be better to recall your research about the company and their corporate values – so that you can talk about which as your own values that align with theirs. Now, please note that it is not being suggested here that you lie and just tell them what they want to hear.

Sample Answer

I always try to do the very best that I am capable of since my employer is paying me for it. I like to work just like I as if I owned the business. Also the company’s customers deserve the best I can deliver.

Question 10: What are your Greatest Strengths?

Answer Tip: This is your chance to shine and the floor is yours. So grab the opportunity, while staying positive explain that why you will make a great employee. Assess your strengths. Are you someone with: Knowledge-based skills! Exemplary Personal traits! Or having some unique qualities? But bear in mind that the interviewer is looking for work related skills so don’t talk of something else. Sample Answer My strength is my open mind approach while learning something new. I am quite flexible to handle change. As trainee customer service manager at my last job, I was able to turn around a negative working environment and get excellent support from every team member.

Question 14: How long would you stay with us, if hired?

Answer Tip: It is better to be as honest as possible when you answer this question. No one is expected to stay in the same company for his entire life and the interviewers know this very well. At the same time, if you know that you are going to relocate to another location then also you should not mislead a potential boss, as you may need to use him or her for a reference at some time in the future. Sample Answer As a fresh graduate it has been always my dream to work for your company. Hence if I am selected, it will be my pleasure and I assure that I will give you my best. As long as, the company recognizes my work and potential, I will be there with you and as long as you want me to stay in this company.

Question 18: Why are you the best candidate for the job?

Watch this video for Model Answer & Tips

Question 23: What is your salary expectation?

Answer Tips:

No organisation is going to pay you less or more than the salary range they have decided for this position. By asking this question they want to confirm your expectations so that you fit into the salary structure of the company.

Hence it is better to leave to the HR team rather than quote some funny number.

Sample Answer:

I am a fresh graduate and my first priority is to get a good job. Right now learning technical skills and gaining experience while working in your company is more important for me.

I know that you would already have standard packages for your employees. So I need a basic salary which will take care of my basic needs and I can save some money also.

Watch this video for Model Answer & Tips

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