Interview Questions Answers for Principal and School Teacher

Interview Questions Answers for Principal and School Teacher

The personal interview (PI) is an important part of the recruitment and selection process for Teachers, Professors, Lecturers and the Principals into Schools and University Colleges. Through the personal interview the selection board of the school or the college aims to assess the clarity of thinking process, communication skills, teaching style, passion for teaching and overall ‘fitment’ with the school or college. The selection committee of the institute evaluates your interpersonal skills, communication skills and the attitude. It is needless to emphasize that their decisions depend a lot on how well you do during the interview. Hence for the benefit of all aspirants for the posts of Teachers, Professors, Lecturers and Principals we have created this article on Interview Questions Answers for Principal and School Teacher.

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Interview Questions for Principal and School Teacher

General Questions

  1. According to you, what would be the ideal school environment, and how would you foster that kind of culture?
  2. As head of administration of the school, what do you see as your primary duty?
  3. Upon what basis do you believe school priorities should be established?
  4. What would be your first priority in this position?
  5. What are the most important characteristics of an effective school?
  6. What are the three most important goals you would want to reach in our school? Why
  7. How do you resolve complaints from parents about a teacher – who you know is in error?
  8. How would you describe an excellent teacher?
  9. How would you describe a successful principal?
  10. What is your passion?

Teaching Style related Questions

  1. What is your style of teaching philosophy?
  2. What is your teaching philosophy?
  3. What type of classroom management system would you implement if you were selected?
  4. How have you used, and how will you use, technology in the classroom?
  5. Have you had experience boosting a student’s self-esteem? If so, how?
  6. What philosophy guides your work?
  7. Would you be interested in participating in after school activities?
  8. What are your views about very heavy bag of the students in our country?
  9. What are your suggestions on the Home Work System in our country?

Leadership related Questions

  1. What’s your leadership style?
  2. How would you describe your leadership style?
  3. What do you see as the major role of the principal?
  4. What do you consider to be your major strengths as an administrator?
  5. What do you see as the first step in initiating a successful change in the school?
  6. Why are you interested in becoming the principal of this school?
  7. How would you encourage a teacher who is discouraged? A student? A parent?
  8. How will you motivate teachers so they will want to try new ideas?
  9. What evidence can you give us from your personal experience that you support the goal of proficiency for all students by 2016?
  10. What role do you see for the principal in school-based decision making?
  11. How will you maintain staff morale when “the pressure is on” in a high stakes accountability environment?

 Team Work related Questions

  1. Give your definition of Team Work
  2. How would you develop the team concept with your staff? With the community?
  3. What specific steps would you take to build rapport with staff?

Questions relating to Professional Development

  1. Share an experience of implementing successfully a model professional development project and explain why it is a “model.”
  2. If you want to bring about change in a school, how would you use professional development of students and teachers to help the change process?
  3. What professional qualities would you particularly encourage in your staff?
  4. How have you encouraged professional development in teachers and non teaching staff members you have worked with in the past?

Discipline related Questions

  1. What is your philosophy of discipline?
  2. How do you handle student discipline?
  3. Share your method of dealing with a student who is continually disruptive in class?
  4. Tell us how you would handle a situation where a student has been sent to your office because she has forgotten her homework for the fifth day in a row
  5. What do you do when a teacher isn’t doing a very good job?
  6. How would you deal with a student who is habitually late?

Culture in School related Questions

  1. As the Principal, how would you create a culture of academic excellence in a school? How have you done that in previous jobs?
  2. How would you involve parents more in students’ education?
  3. How do you communicate with parents?

Behavioral Questions

  1. What would you say to an angry parent about their child’s marks?
  2. What would you do if you suspected neglect or abuse in the home of one of your students?
  3. If you receive a report about bullying in a class, how would you deal with the situation?
  4. How would you engage a reluctant student?
  5. What are your greatest strengths?
  6. What is your biggest weakness?

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