How To Introduce Yourself

Tips To Introduce YourselfIntroducing yourself is an art. At every occasion to make a connection, the person needs to introduce himself. The introduction of a person plays an important role in moving forward on the path of progress. Therefore, in this blog we share some useful tips on how to introduce yourself. So read this blog till the end.

As they say, “First Impression is the Last Impression”. Therefore, it is very important to include some of your strengths or skills in a good introduction, so that your skills and your abilities can let you create a great impression. If you follow the tips sincerely, you are sure to impress others when you introduce yourself to someone new.

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Tips on How To Introduce Yourself

Often, we meet new or unknown persons at a business meeting, party, social function or on some occasion. At that time certain things need to be kept in mind and certain rules should be observed at that time.

1. Take the initiative to break the ice

There are many polite ways to start talking to a new person. You may start with a simple ‘Hello’ or ‘Hi’ and a hand shake, if possible.

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2. Greetings

Whenever you meet someone unknown, greet him or her. At this point of time, your confidence should reflect strongly. Confidence is a very important factor. Therefore, be confident about yourself and your personality.

Be confident in your manner of speaking and body language. For example, if shaking hands, hold his hand firmly with your fingertips for about 3 to 5 seconds. Doing this will create other person’s interest in you and he would like to talk to you.

It is really important to greet the other person cordially. On approaching the person give him a smile and start the conversation with a friendly “hello” or a “hi”. Apart from having a friendly manner try to be polite at the same time, remember you are to start a conversation with a stranger, not a lifelong friend.

3. Eye Contact

When introducing yourself, you must definitely look at the face of person. Better make eye contact.  This will reflect your good self-confidence and by doing so, the person you are meeting will get the message that you are paying attention to him.

4. Smile

It is really important to give the other person a smile while greeting him cordially. On approaching the person give him a smile and start the conversation.

Your smile can attract anyone to you, especially if a group of strangers are meeting for the first time. You friendly smile is the best way to make the other person comfortable about you and talk to you. A genuine smile also shows your honesty.

5. Know the Name

After following last 4 tips, know each other’s name.

Here is an easy to follow example:

Molly: Hello. I’m Molly.

(Offer your hand.)

Allan: Hi, I’m Allan.

(Shake hands.)

Molly: Nice to meet you.

After knowing each other’s name, you should smile and say to him, “I am very happy to meet you.”

6. Share information

Maintaining the smile and a friendly eye contact, try to be polite at the same time. To take the conversation forward, you can tell the person in front of you about something like:  Where do you live? What do you do? What is your background etc.

Keep in mind, you are starting a conversation with a stranger, not a lifelong friend. Whatever you ask the other person, your voice must be sweet.

7. Be A Good Listener

Being a good listener is as important as being a good speaker. This is the most important rule of a good communication. Allow the other person also a chance to speak and tell about himself and his interests.

8. While taking leave

After the meeting with the other person is over and when it is time to leave, you must say with a smile, “I enjoyed meeting you and hope that I will get the chance to meet you again”


Knowing how to introduce oneself is something everyone should be quite good at. Whatever the occasion – in public or business meeting or in an interview or just a social function, one must know how to introduce himself. If you learn well and perfect this art to introduce yourself, it becomes easier to make friends and to have a good social circle.

These useful tips will be very useful in making a better rapport with any new acquaintances. And I’m sure you will be able to introduce yourself better and with more confidence.

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