How to Impress Recruitment Consultant

How to Impress Recruitment Consultant

How to Impress Recruitment Consultant

I presume that you have been successful in getting the list of right job consultants relating to your domain and you have also done your best to grab their attention towards your resume.

So your first step in the process is successful but you feel that the recruitment consultant is not giving you enough attention.

Don’t worry. I have some excellent tips for you but you must first appreciate the –

The everyday scenario in the office of recruitment consultant

“Hello Mr. XYZ, do you remember me? I am John, have you got something for me? Can you please get me a quick change?”

Good recruitment consultants hear a lot of these and such sentences– almost throughout the day. In case his mobile number has become public then his phone starts ringing almost from dawn and our friend keeps receiving the calls well past midnight and holidays included. Believe you me, this is no exaggeration.

The Challenge

This situation gives following information to the job seekers and also who are looking for better career opportunities:

  • A recruiter is much in demand and you are one of the hundreds of candidates in his database.
  • The recruitment consultant works for the client/employer, not the candidate.

Therefore, it is humanly impossible for the head hunter to remember all the candidates.

How to Impress Recruitment Consultant

It is not so easy. To do so we have to understand the priorities and tasks which a recruiter has. Very few people understand the true role and working of a recruiter. So let us spend a few moments to understand his / her role and see how a smart candidate can grab the recruiter’s attention and successfully get his CV or resume forwarded to the prospective employer. It would be extra nice if the recruiter forwards the CV with favourable comments or recommendations.

The talent sourcing firm (search firm) gets paid by the employer who gives a mandate to search the right fit candidates as per the give specifications. These specifications usually consist of:

  • Job Profile
  • Ideal Candidate’s Profile, Qualifications, Experience and special skill sets etc.

It is now the responsibility of the recruiter to search for the candidates who match the given profile. This is done by sifting through thousands or hundreds of resumes in the data base. Thereafter, a few candidates are shortlisted on the basis of their CVs. Now the consultant proceeds to communicate with these shortlisted candidates (over e mail or phone or both) to check if they have those necessary qualifications and experience. Also he checks if they would like to explore the opportunity available.

The pressure on the job consultant is to send the best fitting candidates’ profiles in minimum time. Hence there is always a race with time.

Strategy to Impress a Recruitment Consultant

How to Impress Recruitment Consultant

How to Impress Recruitment Consultant

Now you are better acquainted with the working and the pressures of the Recruitment Consultant. Let us build a step by step strategy to get into the good books of your recruiter and get yourself recommended for the coveted job.

1. Tailor made and customized Resume

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No two organisations same, hence no two jobs could be the same. Therefore, it is a simple logic that your CV too should not be same while applying for different jobs.

Does it mean that you have to re-write your CV every time you have to apply for a job through the recruitment consultant? No it is not so. Read the job profile advertised by the consultant or sent to you. You may have to fine tune your CV highlighting or expanding the points which match exactly with hiring client’s requirements.

2. Good Cover Letter

A consultant after reading hundreds of CVs day in and day out, some kind of monotony sets in his daily job. He would love the CV which has just half a page note on the top of the CV giving crisp executive summary telling the reader that why this CV matches with the client’s requirements. Yes, you got it right. This note is a cover letter which is prepared by you and is addressed to the consultant highlighting main points.

The recruiters love this as it saves so much time. They appreciate the efforts put in by you in studying your suitability for the job. Quite often they reproduce it to their client.

3. Crisp and Clear Communication

The job of a consultant is a high pressure and target oriented job. Thus whenever you see him or speak to him, be clear, concise and to the point. He will appreciate you for this. Some people think that by taking more time, they’ll be able to get over friendly with the consultant and will get better registered on his mind. But the fact is that just the opposite happens

4. Honesty is the Best Policy

Hiding the facts or being over smart does not pay. If you don’t fit the job description then tell your recruitment consultant frankly. May be he has another position for you or he’ll try for you something later.

If you know that you can’t go for the interview, then don’t mislead the consultant. It is he who has to face the music from the client. The ultimate loss is yours, as he would not like to take a risk with you next time.

5. Seek their advice

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Many consultants tend to be industry specialist or domain specialist. They are in a unique position of seeing the things from the point of the industry demand and trends, the specific preferences and recruitment style of their clients and the quality of candidates. Thus it may be worth its while to ask them for their expert opinion when you are applying for job in their particular field. Who knows, just one tip can work wonders and help you get your target job.


Just a little effort and a few minutes spent by you can put you ahead of other competitors for the same job. This also makes you a darling candidate of the recruiter and sometimes when they are in a tearing hurry to fill in a position, they shall always think of you first.

Is it not amazing!

Your suggestions please

These are some of the most important and relevant tips on how to impress the recruitment consultant. Therefore, this list is not exhaustive and it is quite possible that you too have some relevant point to share.
So why don’t you write in the box below and share your experience for the benefit of others.

Also please do share this article in your network and on your social media.

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