How to deal with Difficult Mental Boss

How to deal with Difficult Mental Boss

How to deal with Difficult Mental Boss

I am often asked how to deal with a difficult boss who is also a mental jerk. During Executive Coaching sessions, my clients often like to talk in great details that how crazy, unpredictable and difficult their boss is.

Scenario of working under a difficult boss

Imagine a special day in your life, may be your marriage anniversary or your child’s birth day or your spouse’ birthday and you could not wait to be with them. Throughout the day you were active, cheerful going about in an organized way to finish off your work. When it is just the time to leave, your boss calls you into his office. He gives you a disapproving look, apparently not very pleased with your idea of leaving in time. This is followed by some critical remarks which hurt you very much. S/he shoots some orders, as a result you are back on your desk and re-start your computer. There goes your idea of a great evening for a six.

Troubles which difficult bosses can cause

Maybe your boss is a micro manager or a tyrant. Perhaps he likes to bully his juniors or he is just an insensitive human being. Or he is abusive also – supervising you on an hour to hour basis.

Is there a way out?

You wish if you could just resign and join elsewhere. Alas, that is not so easy. You need this job and want to have an enviable career. Hence you have no option but to put up with the idiosyncrasies of such a difficult mental boss.

But don’t worry, there could be some hope. Here are a few solid tips on How to deal with difficult mental boss

1. Discuss with your boss what specifically needs to be done by you in the office

After understanding the preferences of your tough and difficult boss with regard to communication, you may:

  • Talk to him face to face with a respectful but firm tone
  • Send an e mail
  • Update him regularly about the progress on some important project
  • Send the MIS relating to your work on an agreed frequency

The whole idea is to establish a better rapport, look at things from the point of the Boss and understand the his priorities, while appreciating his work pressures

2. Speak to your boss with a positive frame of mind

If it is not too risky, you may ask “Sir, you do not seem to be very cheerful lately? Is everything alright? Can I do anything to help the situation?”

Quite a few times, such simple moves of initiating a healthy conversation with the boss are enough to bring to the notice of the boss that his behavior is not tolerable anymore. If the boss is sensible and smart (which he or she should be) then he will immediately work on the feedback and take a corrective action.

3. Try to reduce your boss’s stress level

  • Depending on the office culture, the circumstances and your comfort level with your boss:
  • You may offer to take some extra work from your boss on your shoulders
  • Be proactive: Anticipate his needs, like organized working space, better information flow system, less interruptions etc.
  • Speak to him in calm ways and remain cool, even when he is agitated

4. Learn to Adapt

May be you are more upset that why your boss is not nice to you and less upset with his demands. This will never help improve your professional relationship with your boss. May be his expectations from his juniors and ream members are not unreasonable but it is way of communication which causes discomfort to you. Simply try to change the color of your glasses and you may find that he is not so bad professional after all.

You don’t have to fall in love with the person but certainly if you change your way of looking at the things and try to perform with the skills, talent and qualifications you have, there shall be no problem left between two of you.

This is adapting to the work culture / working style of the boss.

5. What if your boss is still the same or his behavior is getting worst day by day

Dealing with crazy boss

Dealing with crazy boss

It is important that you speak to someone who can help the situation. If your colleagues in the office also feel the same then you are in a better position to seek the attention of your HR (Human Resource Department) or your Boss’s Boos or the Head of the organization.

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Expert Tip

Being a part of the team, you share the same goals and targets. On a personal level, both of you may share the same values, but you may still  have a personality clash which is vitiating the atmosphere. Therefore, try to correct the situation but if there is no improvement then don’t wait till the office atmosphere makes you sick.

In case you have a good boss then you must learn How to get your boss to like you

Your views and Feedback please

Hope you liked this article.

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