Easy Ways to write Marriage Resume

Easy Ways to write Marriage ResumeA Marriage Resume and a Resume for Job are quite different and in fact poles apart. While most of us would have made the CV for Job and also updated as well as polished it several times over the period, the Marriage Resume or Matrimonial CV is made for a specific purpose and hopefully for a one time use in the life. In the following lines you will find Tips and Easy Ways to write Marriage Resume.

How to write a Marriage Resume ?

Not everyone finds it easy to write his or her Marriage Resume despite having a very well made professional Resume for Job. Perhaps due to this reason, one keeps putting off writing of the marriage bio data or pen down one hurriedly for the sake of writing one.

But you need not bother anymore. You are at the right page. We shall share with you the importance of marriage resume, the components of a good matrimonial resume in a logical manner.

So let us begin.

Importance of writing a good Marriage Resume

Candidly speaking the marriage resume should be give full attention and importance it deserves. Marriage is supposed to be a life time matter where you are chasing a person to share your entire life ahead. Another important point is that it is a new relationship on its way to be formed between two families. Hence if you have a clear, attractive and a precise marriage resume, you are more likely to find a compatible life partner who has the qualities you are looking for and also the potential partner looking for.

Easy Ways to write Marriage Resume

We bring you an easy and do it yourself approach in writing a good matrimonial resume. Follow the steps and the check against the points and you shall end up writing a clear and beautiful marriage CV.

All you need is a lap top or computer and a few photographs of you to begin.

1. Name and Contact details

First things first, so it should have the full name of the bride / bridegroom to be.

Underneath, there should be complete address like house (or flat / villa) number, floor (if applicable), street name (or number), Road, and city with zip or pin code number.

Since we live in the age of information technology, the mention of e mail id, mobile number is sort of mandatory along with your land line number. It is pertinent to mention here that some people create a separate e mail id, dedicated for the purpose of matrimonial match making.

2. Photo

A picture is worth a thousand words. In most of the cases, people tend to look first at the photo even before reading the marriage bio data. If photo is missing or is not a good one, they will most likely lose all interest in reading the resume.

Therefore, do put a good portrait image of the bride / bridegroom to be. Of course, it should be colour and a recent one. To put more than one photographs is entirely your choice and it should be in later sections.

Also do not include a group photo with your friends or family. Ensure you are smiling and in appropriate clothes and accessories. Photos which simply show your face are not ideal. One should never try to edit or put any special affects to the photo.

3. Your Profile – details about you

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Generally after reading your name and address and having a good look at your photograph the reader now wants to know about you ( hence this section comes before the ‘About the Family’  and other sections). This section should include almost everything about you but in brief only.

You may begin by giving particulars about your physical appearance and looks. Hence the headings could be something like the following:

Appearance and Looks

  • Age and / or Date of Birth
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Physical Disability ( only if applicable)
  • Status (only if Divorcee or Widow / Widower)

Professional Status

Here in a few sentences, informing the reader about your employer, your title, place of posting and the date when you began working with them. Mentioning the exact salary has views on both the sides, hence to be on the safer side an approximate figure with perks can be mentioned.

Of course, the self employed like practising Doctors, Lawyers or Chartered Accountants can give information on the similar lines.

Those in own business or family business will have to give different details, which have been discussed in the family section.

Educational and Professional Qualifications

In this sub section give details of your academic in terms of professional and educational qualifications. Unlike the Job CV where the higher qualifications are given more importance, in a marriage CV the schooling does count a lot. The school period is a formative period, hence do mention the name of the school, college and university if they are reputed institutes and you are proud of them.

Of course, you may add / delete / modify any of the headings to suit your personal liking and the needs. Keep in mind that the particulars and the information given in this section are adequate to describe you.

4. About the family

As discussed in beginning of this article, the family particulars are as important if not more. Hence complete information (though in brief) needs to be given here about the members of immediate family. The immediate family means both the parents, brothers and sisters and their spouses (if married).

As a checklist, the information about the family will look something like this:

  • Name of Father, his qualifications and occupation
  • Name of Mother, her qualifications and occupation (if working)
  • Number of brothers and sisters, qualifications and their occupations, mentioning the eldest / youngest etc.
  • Family Structure: Nuclear or Joint

In this section, you can include or rather share the information about:

  • The religion or the belief system
  • Caste and sub caste

Extended family

It is optional to give information about the extended family members. Some people do like to proudly mention about them if they are holding high positions in society or have a great career.

5. Personality – Interests and Hobbies

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Although optional, but this information will be of interest to the future life partner and / or parents. If you want to attract the person who has similar tastes and preferences, you should include these details.

There is a lot you can write here to describe your personality, taste, style and way of looking at life. You may like to mention about:

Eating Preferences: Vegetarian / Non Vegetarian

Similarly mention if Smoker / Non Smoker and teetotaler or not.

Sharing your hobbies, views about life, any special practices such as helping the poor, teaching the underprivileged, knowledge of languages, countries travelled to, type of reading you do etc. will give fair idea of what type of person you are and will help attract someone with similar interests. Having mutual interests and hobbies will go a long way to achieving this and by informing about your interests, you will be more likely to attract the right person.

Ideally, your life partner should also be your best friend.

6. Your preferences – what you are seeking in the potential Life Partner

So far under the previous 5 headings, you were talking all about yourself and your family. This section is a total deviation from the past. In this section, you can describe your preferred life partner.

You need not be a writer or a poet to express your desires and preferences. It is as simple as mentioning that you would like to marry someone who has open to relocation – as you have a transferable job ( for example, you may be in Army).

Similarly, you can make it clear whether or not you would like your bride to work after marriage. Similarly, brides should also clearly state whether or not they wish to continue working after marriage.

Eating habits are often a cause of argument so if you would prefer your partner to be vegetarian or a good cook, then do mention this in your marriage resume.

The world is evolving and people are getting open minded, so if you and family are open to out of the cast marriage then you should clearly mention so that you can receive marriage proposals from other communities as well.

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Having a perfect resume which has all the relevant particulars and which are just presented right in an attractive layout could be a challenge, especially if you do not know computers or are running short of time. You know who you are, but how do you express that in words?

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Do not take chances. Remember the marriage resume is critical to attracting the perfect partner.

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