Common Bank Interview Questions with Answers

Common Bank Interview Questions with AnswersCareer in Banking

Banking is a very lucrative field to make career in.  Thousands of fresh graduates as well as experienced professional all over the world prefer to become Banker. Banking career has its own charm and style just like any other equally important career line such as Medicine, Marketing and Law etc. Of course, your selection in a Bank is not so easy and it requires right academic qualifications, aptitude, sincerity, dedication and experience (if applying for other than entry level position). In case you are looking forward to make a career in Banking Industry then you will benefit immensely from the following Common Bank Interview Questions with Answers.

Each country has banks which may be regional, national or international level players. For example, some of the well known and large international banks are Crédit Agricole Group, BNP Paribas, Royal Bank of Scotland, Citigroup, HSBC Holdings, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, Bank of China, Barclays PLC etc. These top banks have their asset value in billions of dollars.

A job in banking services demands the very best of you. The job profile in banking sector is not only dynamic and challenging but it also puts you at the very heart of money management.

The finance and banking industry offers a variety of avenues for graduates from various academic disciplines, such as Analyst, Customer Relationship Management, Corporate Banking, Investment Banking Consultant, Researchers Or Tax Analysts, Equity Or Fixed Income Analysts, Financial Planner, Risk Assessment, Credit Department, Loan manager or Project Managers. The line you chose or the option available to you depends on your basic qualification, previous experience, if any and whether you love face-to-face interaction or prefer crunching numbers behind the scenes.

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How to prepare for Bank Interview Questions

Perhaps, this is a regular question asked by candidates after clearing the written tests conducted by banks. Interview sessions are considered tough by many, as it involves speaking out. Here are some commonly asked bank interview questions methods to answer them. Although you would be extensively asked about banking terms & definitions, the interviewer will generally start with the following queries.

This article will take you through:

  1. Common Bank Interview Questions with Answers
  2. Tips for preparing and appearing at the job interview
  3. A number of Videos with specific individual question and suggested answer.

Common Bank Interview Questions

To begin with, you may just watch this video for Common Bank Interview Questions

Common Bank Interview Questions with Answers

There can be many questions of  different types. However, for the ease of understanding let us divide these questions into different categories as follows:

  1. General Questions
  2. Experience Related Questions
  3. Industry Related Questions
  4. Working Style Related Questions
  5. HR Questions

1. General Questions

Question #1.1 : Tell us something about yourself? OR Walk us through your resume?

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Tips: The probability that you are likely to be asked this question is at least 80%. Make sure that you don’t rattle out your bio data. Also ensure you complete your answer within 2 minutes so the interviewers don’t get bored

Sample Answer: My name is Simone Paul and I completed graduation in Economics with Hons. scoring 86% distinction from ABCD College. I have a natural interest in Finance and Economics. As a result I topped in my college in 3 subjects – which are Management Accountancy, Micro Economics and Financial Management.

I have done a project in this field at Ericsson and have attended two seminars held at Institute of Chartered Accountants, which have given me great exposure to current industry standards.

My mother is also a banker and father is MBA and head of marketing with a telecom company.  I am the only child of my parents.

With this background, I am confident of excelling as Treasury Officer in your bank.

The above script is just an example; hence you should make your own answer.

Relating to this question, you may like to watch this video also:


Question #1.2 : After doing your Engineering in Computer Science, why do you wish to make a career in Banking?

Suggestions for Answer:

This is a good question. You have share with the interviewer that the scope of finding a job by an engineer is not restricted to manufacturing or technical sectors only and you are quite versatile.

Sample Answer:  Banking sector has evolved tremendously in the recent past. Banks are no more offering banking services through its branches. Because of a number of products and services being offered by the banks, the bank has reached the home and office of its customers. For example, use of ATM has allowed the customer draw cash from any machine 24 x 7. Similarly mobile banking allows the customers to view the balance and also do the transactions on the go. Hence technology is the need of the day as modern banking rides on IT and future banking will need more of technology.

Also banks need interactive websites and mobile banking which are fast and secure. Marketing of Banking operations now use large social media platforms.

For such highly evolved and booming industry, there is a growing need for tech savvy and enthusiastic professional with strong interpersonal skills. I am happy to say that I match the ideal candidate’s profile very well.

Relating to this question, you may like to watch this video also:


Question #1.3 : Why do you want to join Banking Sector?

Tips: Talking about why the Banking Sector is the fastest growing sector can help impress the selectors. Therefore, have some facts and figures ready as to why Banking is the fastest growing sector.

Do not give answers like, ‘I want a stable career’ or ‘I want white collar job’, as these things may invite cross questions that must be avoided.

Sample Answer: Banking sector has evolved tremendously along the development of economy and the development of technology.

Role of banking is not just limited to its basic role of lending money and taking deposits. Over a period of time, this scope has been widened. Banks are contributing to facilitation of trade, encouraging the savings, bolstering of investments, transfer of funds, providing financial support to core sectors like agriculture and manufacturing.

This has created demand for adequate professional management who can use modern managerial techniques and practices in banking industry.

Relating to this question, you may like to watch this video also:


Question #1.4 : What made you decide to work for this bank?

Question #1.5 : Why should this bank hire you?

2. Experience Related Questions

Question #2.1 :What did you do in your last job?

3. Industry Related Questions

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Question #3.1 : Please discuss your views about the changes in Banking Scenario?

Suggestions for Answer:

To answer this question, the candidate should have done some serious study about the scenario of banking at Regional, National and International Level. In fact this is not a simple question and it has many hidden questions which want to check the knowledge and level of understanding of the candidate along with his awareness.

Sample Answer:  Banking sector has successfully been adding new products and innovative services to its basket of products being offered to retail customer and institutional customers. I think the banking sector will keep its goal to accelerate the growth. Secondly each bank would like to optimize its costs of marketing and distribution so as to keep its overheads low without effecting its reach or quality of services.

With regards to changes, I feel that there would be marketing strategy which would be “socially engaging”. The leading banks would adopt “Intelligent Multichannel” approach over their brick and mortar branch banking.

Relating to this question, you may like to watch this video also:


Question #3.2 : In the changing Banking Scenario, what are the most important needs of the Banking Industry?

Suggestions for Answer:

This question is a natural extension of the previous question. If the candidate has given a good answer then there is all likelihood of the interviewer asking this question. To answer this question, the candidate should have done some deep thinking beforehand about the Banking scenario, its business practices and the marketing strategies.

Sample Answer:  We are living in a digital age, where everyday technological innovations our style of living, doing the business and even the way we do a commercial transaction. The banks will have to catch up and offer (a) Multi Channel Optimization (b) Digital Distribution and most importantly (c) Effective Sales Efforts.

Relating to this question, you may like to watch this video also:


Question #3.3 : To implement these changes by the Banks, what are your recommendations?

Suggestions for Answer:

To be specific, the interview board wants to understand the future vision of the candidate.

Sample Answer:  Banking sector has to achieve competitive differentiation; banks must define a clear strategy and customer proposition, and then develop the capabilities to reach these goals. Accenture recommends that banks should:

  • Establish an overall strategy that includes the appropriate capability mix and investment choices.
  • Develop an appropriate sourcing strategy to enable scale and deliver required capabilities at higher speed.

By following this next-generation approach, banks can position for growth, improve performance and achieve a competitive advantage—in the near- and long-term.

Relating to this question, you may like to watch this video also:


Question #3.4 : What is the changing role of banking sector?


This is a very commonly asked question and you must be prepared to answer it. The interviewer want to know about your approach and thought process. Your answer should show that you have been regularly following the developments in the banking industry and you are really keen to make a career in this industry.

Sample Answer

In the developing and developed economic system, banks play a very important role in economic development. Commercial banks are an important part of the financial system of the country.

Banks perform a number of important functions. For example, commercial banks encouraging people to save.

Secondly, the banks mobilize the savings of the individuals and organisations for the purpose of investments in various sectors of the economy. Thirdly, commercial banks help the process of capital formation. Fourthly, banks facilitate monetary transactions in foreign trade. Fifthly, banks provide instruments for the money to exchange hands without actually having physical money such as online transfer, Letter of Credit, ATM, Debit card, Credit Card etc.

Overall, banks promote a balanced regional development in the country by providing essential financial infrastructure and funds for economic development. Also you may like to watch this video :


Question #3.5 : What is KYC? Why it is important?


This is a question asked to check about your general knowledge and general awareness, specifically related to the banking industry. Therefore, please provide a crisp and short answer.

Sample Answer

K Y C means “Know Your Customer”. It is a process prescribed by Reserve Bank of India. Banks are required to obtain information about the identity and address of the customers.

The K Y C procedure is to be completed by the banks while opening accounts. It is also applicable to old account opened with K Y C. Banks are also required to periodically update their customers’ K Y C details.

The objective is to enable positive identification of customers by their respective Banks; and to prevent money laundering. This process helps to ensure that banks’ services are not misused.

Relating to this question, you may like to watch this video also:


Question #3.6 : What are the documents required by banks for KYC compliance?


This is a question in continuation to the question “What is KYC” and is specifically related to the banking industry. Therefore, please provide a correct and precise answer.

Sample Answer

The documents as mandated under KYC guidelines are:

  • Photograph
  • Proof of identity

The Government of India has notified six documents as ‘Officially Valid Documents’ for the purpose of producing proof of identity. These six documents are Passport, Driving Licence, Voters’ Identity Card, PAN Card, Aadhaar Card issued by UIDAI and NREGA Job Card.

  • Proof of address

This includes Ration Card, Electricity Bill, or any other document acceptable to Branch Manager

Relating to this question, you may like to watch this video also:


Question #3.7 : What are the functions of RBI?


This is a question asked to check about your specific knowledge on the subject and general awareness, relating to the banking industry. Therefore, please provide a crisp and correct answer.

Sample Answer

The Reserve Bank of India was established in 1935 and it was nationalized in 1949. As the Central bank of a country execute multiple functions such as:

  • Regulate the issuance and circulation of Bank Notes
  • Banker to the Government
  • Custodian of Cash Reserves of Commercial Banks
  • Custodian to Foreign Reserve of the country
  • Lender of last resort
  • Central Clearance and Accounts Settlement
  • Controller of Credit

Relating to this question, you may like to watch this video also:


Question #3.8 : What is Fiscal deficit?

Question #3.9 :What is REPO rate and Reverse Repo Rate?

Question #3.10 :What is CRR rate?

Question #3.11:What is SLR rate?

Question #3.12 :What is Bank Rate?

Question #3.13 :What is Money Laundering?

4. Working Style Related Questions

Question #4.1 :  How do you check your work for accuracy?
Question #4.2 : Tell me about a situation where you had to deal with an angry customer.
Question #4.3 : What is the recent skill you have acquired?

5. HR Questions

Question #5.1 : Why are you the best candidate for the job?
Question #5.2 : What are your strengths?
Question #5.3 : What are your weaknesses?
Question #5.4 : Why do you want to join our company?

Tips for preparing and appearing at the job interview

In addition to practicing for the commonly asked interview questions, a few more suggestions should be kept in mind by the shortlisted candidates appearing for the Interview Process. These are:

Interview Tip #1  Reach before time

As a serious candidate you must reach well before time. Make sure to reach about 30 minutes before the scheduled time of interview. Increase this cushion period if the traffic in your city is unpredictably heavy or you are going to a far off location and you are unsure of the location or if there are a few formalities to be completed before you may appear before the interview panel or a combination of these.

Interview Tip #2  Carry all Supportive Documents

In case you have been told then make sure to carry all the original documents for verification purpose as you may not be allowed to appear in the Interview.

In case this is not a requirement then it is still a good idea to carry good quality color photocopies of your degrees of graduation / post graduation, certificates of merit, recommendation letter, certification of participation in sports / extracurricular activities / voluntary work done etc.

Interview Tip #3  Be prepared to be there for 2 – 3 Hours

There could be a number of reasons which may require you to be present at interview venue for more than the actual interview time. For example, there could be certain formalities to be completed, or you may be required to wait for the results of first round and if selected there could be a second round soon after or simply the number of candidates present for the interview may make the scheduling go off track.

So carry some water or sandwiches or cookies – just in case. 

Interview Tip #4  Be Natural, Calm and Composed

It is quite natural that you may be a bit nervous or anxious before or during the Interview questions answers session. But practice deep breathing, take control of your emotions, think positive to put your best foot forward.  Also do not memorize the answers as the interviewers can easily find out if you are speaking your or reciting answers read from a book or guide

Follow the above steps, prepare a good answer & say it in your own words. Good Luck!

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