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Hot Career Options In Media Industry

Hot Career Options In Media Industry

If you are a person who is very creative, has excellent communication skills – verbal or written and loves changes then you must look at the career options which the media and communication industry offers today. With the use of technology in the media industry, there are wonderful job opportunities...

New Trends In Resume Writing

New Trends In Resume Writing

While the economic and industrial scenario is changing every day, new job opportunities are coming up. That means it is time to dust off your old resume and give it a new look. While your basic domain experience and qualifications will remain more or less same, we can always give...

Do interviewers also need special skills to hire best talent?

Interview Tips For Hiring Most Suitable Talent

Do the interviewers also need to make any preparations when they want to hire the best talent? Yes, they definitely do! And for making those important preparations, they too need some critical Interview Tips for Hiring Most Suitable Talent. Most of the people who are sending applications and resumes for...

How to improve your interview performance

How To Improve Your Interview Performance

If you are looking for a job or for a better job while already working, you would naturally be watching various job recruitment portals and avenues. For finding your dream job, you send your application and a well crafted resume. Then, one fine day, you do get an interview call....

Careers in Journalism

Careers in Journalism

These days a lot of youngsters want to make a career in the challenging field of journalism.  Of course, a journalism degree offers lucrative job and career opportunities.  When you talk of Careers in Journalism, terms such as job prospects after journalism, recruitment opportunities, journalism degree, definition of journalism, freelance...

Professional Skills To Develop For Career Growth

Top Skills You Need To Develop For Career Growth

Most job seekers are invariably looking for career growth once they are hired.   From an employer’s point of view, before he hires you, he would like to ensure that you possess the right academic qualifications that are required for that particular job. You must also possess the requisite technical...

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