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How to improve your interview performance

How To Improve Your Interview Performance

If you are looking for a job or for a better job while already working, you would naturally be watching various job recruitment portals and avenues. For finding your dream job, you send your application and a well crafted resume. Then, one fine day, you do get an interview call....

Careers in Journalism

Careers in Journalism

When you talk of Careers in Journalism, terms such as job prospects after journalism, recruitment opportunities, journalism degree, definition of journalism, freelance writing, purpose of journalism, online journalism degree, photojournalism etc. are likely to come up for discussion. Role of journalism in a country, particularly in a democracy is another...

Professional Skills To Develop For Career Growth

Top Skills You Need To Develop For Career Growth

Most job seekers are invariably looking for career growth once they are hired.   From an employer’s point of view, before he hires you, he would like to ensure that you possess the right academic qualifications that are required for that particular job. You must also possess the requisite technical...

Underpaid and How to do Salary Negotiation

Underpaid and How to do Salary Negotiation

A large number of employees in different jobs in every industry and in every country are indeed underpaid at any given point of time. There is no law which requires the employers to ensure a fair pay to their employees in multiple jobs. But if you look at it from...

High growth careers in finance and investment

High Growth Careers in Finance and Investment

The moment somebody reads the topic “High growth careers in finance and investment”, he is quite likely to think of investments in stocks, stock trading and buying stocks for making a quick buck. Well, that is how things are! There is indeed evidence to show how in the last decade...

High growth careers in accounting

High Growth Careers in Accounting

Accounting is an integral part of any business set-up, howsoever big or small it may be. And there are plenty of high growth careers in accounting. Also please see Career Options after Commerce Graduation If you thought ‘accounting’ is just about simple bookkeeping by an accountant in an office, firm, business...